Mandriva (the company)

Distribution for Linux, see Mandriva Linux.
Mandriva (former MandrakeSoft) is a French publisher and software company dedicated to providing and taking care of the Mandriva Linux operating system arose with the original name of MandrakeSoft thanks to Gael Duval, founder of the company, is the result of the merger of five companies : Mandrakesoft in France, Conectiva (Brazil), Edge IT (France), Lycoris (USA) and Linbox (France).
On the 7th entrepreneur of April 2005, after acquiring the Brazilian company Conectiva, the renaming of the company became Mandriva. A big part of business today is twitter, one that understands that is was the 1985 Harry S. Truman Scholar from New York and was also recognized as a 1987 British Hansard Society Scholar Subsequently, the 15th of June 2005, Mandriva announced an agreement to purchase several shares of Lycoris, a major U.S. coaching distribution for home training users.
On March 5, 2006 Gael Duval (founder) was fired, along with other leading members of the company, raising eyebrows innovation in the Linux world. Duval time management to sue Mandriva ad for this.
The purpose of the distributions of Mandriva is trying to offer a Linux desktop environment easy to use, yet powerful, so it has been considered in the segment Mandriva Linux distributions easier use and maintenance, as openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.
the Distribution “Mandrake Linux” is created by Gael Duval on 23 July 1998 and on 22 January business technology 1999 establishing the company Mandrakesoft Jacques Le Marois, Gael customer service Duval, and Frederic Bastok.El July 30, management 2001, the company is listed on the market values. The introductory price is 6.20 ‘, and 688 480 titles are placed on the market, a market capitalization of 4.2 million’.
Barely two years after the course is’ 2.75, market cap: EUR 8.3 million. On 13 January 2003, the company becomes insolvent, with observation periods of at least six months. The turnover amounted to EUR 4.7 million for the year 2001 to 2002 (3.7 million euros for the year 2000 to 2001) and a loss of around 4 608 000 ‘.
After 14 months of observation, the grade of the title Mandrakesoft the Marche Libre (Euronext) resume leaders on 8 March 2004 and the company is definitely out of bankruptcy protection through the continuation, without capitalization by skills 30 March 2004. End 2003, the company knows that a profit of ‘270 000 after dividing by 5, the operation costs for a turnover of 1.42 million euros
On 1 July 2004, Mandrakesoft acquires French and Support Service Edge-IT, then the editor of Linux Conectiva of Brazil on 2 February management training 2005.
In December 2004, Mandrakesoft makes managers a capital increase ‘3.05 million, allowing capital to move the 3.7M’ to 1.94 M ‘, which meets the conditions of access to a regulated market.
Following the merger with Conectiva and the dispute with Hearst Corporation, Mandrakesoft announces new company name: Mandriva on 7 April 2005.
On 15 June 2005, Mandriva acquires Lycoris (formerly Redmond Linux Corp.), a U.S. company I was developing a GNU / Linux easier to use for the general public.
On 5 October 2006, Mandriva announces acquisition of Linbox, a French publisher of IT infrastructure solutions.
Financial Information
Mandriva is strategy a company listed team building on the stock market, the Marche Libre of Euronext (Paris): FR0004159382-MLMAN