Merchandise Work Force

The work in the current society is a merchandise and as any another merchandise can be bought and be vendido. This is a typical characteristic of the capitalism, form of present social organization in all the cantos of the world contemporary Before arguing more than close this question must remember that in the social formations daily pay-capitalists the work was not considered merchandise, that is, in immediately previous the social organizations to the capitalism the work could not be bought or be vendido. In these preceding formations the artisan work had extraordinary importance in the production of merchandises. We remember that in this type of work all the production process passes for the hands of the craftsman, that is, since the first movements that give form to the object until the finishing, being thus, the same must know all the stages of the production of one determined merchandise. It is important to perceive that after all this mentioned process the end item it belongs to its producer, in other words, object developed for the craftsman belongs to it, therefore it was constructed by it, is product of its work, therefore, its ability, its intelligence, its work, is not a merchandise, however, in the capitalism this equation if it inverts. Let us see to follow the capitalism starts to gain contours when for some occasions it has a concentration of wealth at the hands of some individuals that they look to extend each time plus its richnesses, thus passing, to pressure the increase of the productivity of the work of the craftsman (to commercialize more merchandises) until arriving at the point to promote for diverse ways the separation of the work of the means of production. What this wants to say? It wants to say that this separation disables the old craftsman to produce merchandises or produziz them of income-producing and competitive form. .