Michel Foucault

The relation between these, as much the affinities how much oppositions would be the territory where the subjetivao processes if firms. From this analysis, the understanding is possible of that the individual one inevitably is atrelado to the social one. Of which this finishes consequently for being influenced of direct form and having its subjectivity modified for social in accordance with the time where he is inserted. The individualistic subjetivao, in this in case that, he is resulted of Modernity. The Power to discipline, the sprouting of the arrests and the birth of Sciences Human beings inside of this context. Being the individual fruit of its time, Michel Foucault when studying the modern citizen, if comes across with a type of society to discipline. Modernity would be scene, of the predominance of a new type of being able, disciplining, that it would strengthen the way of capitalist production, when binding the man to the production device.

This power is called by Foucault, of panptico, that would be a structure, that possesss the circular format architectural, with the function to watch the biggest possible number of individuals, without they know if she has somebody or not watching them, becoming a power exerted on the individual in form of individual and continuous monitoring. ' ' For the panoptismo the monitoring is not on what it becomes, but in what is. Not of what one becomes, but of that if fazer&#039 can; ' (FOCAULT, 2003, P. 104). Being part of a capitalist society, the individual finishes inside for being educated and of certain molded form of this vision. Learning since very small through a process of it disciplines to obey the rules and to fulfill norms, being that when adult, finishes for already possessing this internalizada idea, becoming something invisible the proper eyes, changedding itself, and generating more mentally ill individuals each time.