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Mobile phones in 1996 during the government of Carlos Roberto Reina was born the first mobile phone company NME Celtel using the 850 Mhz band. In 2001 creates the second largest mobile phone operating Megatel the 1900 Mhz band. Tigo was launched in Honduras in August 2004 as part of a process of integration of the national mark with Celtel International, being the largest mobile operator in the country, with nearly 4 million users, Tigo competition with regional operator America Movil’s Claro networking services AMPS / CDMA and GSM / GPRS, both at 850 MHz has also TIGO 3G on covering 30 of your current coverage been located in agora the cities of the country. Sure, the brand was launched in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua in September 2006 as Call transfer services a process of grouping of brands Digital PCS, Alo, Personnel and Enitel operating in the region.Clara was the first company to launch 3.5G technology with limited coverage to Tegucigalpa, Direct Sales San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba Comayaguela. CLEAR also has GSM 1900 MHz technology and value-added mobile Internet 3G/EDGE/GPRS. Hondutel, in the administration of President Carlos Roberto Reina was given a contract to the company Lucent Technologies AT T (American Telephone and Telegraph), to install the Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) in the corridor Tegucigalpa-San Pedro Sula, without But that year the Sovereign National National Magazine Exchange Congress, gave a private mobile its concession to operate cellular telephony, and is prohibited from selling this product Hondutel Although some government officials and made use of the system State Corporation. This service operates in the 850 MHz band.On 16 July marketing solutions 2007 during the government of President Jos Manuel Zelaya Rosales, the Honduran Telecommunications Company Hondutel, officially launched PCS wireless service in the capital city with the name of Tegucel using GSM technology in 1800 Mhz, that service is the beginning state enterprise in the field of Lead generation services mobile telephony at a cost of one call per minute lempira. Hondutel now has coverage in major cities in Honduras with brands Tegucel, Sulacel, Ceibacel, Olanchocel and Copancel. With very limited coverage. In 2008 the company enters the country Digicel achieving greater coverage than their competition Claro, Tigo and Hondutel. Digicel operates in 1900 MHz band.