Municipal Group

Basagoiti has concluded asking if in some place of the world a municipal group could invite at the beginning of the celebrations to associations of relatives of pederastas or rapists, or in Norway to " friendly association of Breivik" . Journalists " alternativos" Chupinazo that abre the celebrations of Vitoria has been sent east year by mass media journalists different and for that reason the municipal group of Bildu has also invited to the act to " means alternativos" of the city as It hauls Bedi and Geu Gasteiz. Thousands of vitorianos met to six of afternoon in the place of the White Virgin being present at chupinazo and the reduction of Celedn, the doll symbol of the celebrations, from the tower of San Miguel between the traditional one opens of thousands of bottles of digging and the smoke of the pure ones with which six days of juerga begin. UPyD asks that it is acted against Bildu From Madrid, the leader of UPyD, Rose Ten, has assured not to understand to what it is waiting the Government to ask to him to the Office of the public prosecutor that acts against Bildu after this party has left patent of form reiterated, according to her, its connection with ETA. Bildu, it has assured, " I know what they are and I do not wait for anything of ellos" , but of the State " yes that I hope that it defends to us because I have right to ello". " Desgraciadamente" , according to it has indicated, it does not surprise to him how abertzale is acting the coalition since it entered the institutions after the elections of the 22 of May and has erased of " escandaloso" the behavior of its leaders. Source of the news: Bildu invites to several relatives of prisoners of ETA to chupinazo of the celebrations of Vitoria