Nathalie Turk

Many mobile CRM programs focus primarily on the acquisition of new customers. The L mobile system, however, focuses on the daily bread of stock customer service. With the CRM iPhone has the sales force at any time within a few seconds all the information about customers and customer’s situation, can immediately clarify open questions and online to enter new orders within 3 minutes. This eliminates time – and cost-intensive feedback to the control panel. The work processes in the customer management are slim, at the same time increasing the quality of care. NT: That sounds like lot technology and training seminars for the users! MF: The L-mobile CRM solution for the iPhone is not withdrawn application for techies. We have taken during development to tune the application perfectly on the user interface of the iPhone. And anyone who ever had an iPhone in your hand, appreciate this intuitive manageability.

A training effort is thus virtually non-existent. NT: And the investment costs? MF: We have both investment and implementation costs fair to the requirements adapted to medium-sized companies. We have disclosed the interfaces to the ERP and CRM system. This means that the customer decide whether he would like to independently provide the integration or takes our service. We offer to each customer to test the application before. Click Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. For the amount of a symbol, a test version on the app store down can be loaded and later as a cost-friendly month license acquired. The system is bound within a few hours to the ERP system and loaded as an app on the iPhone in minutes. NT: Mr Friday, thank you for the friendly conversation.

The interview was conducted by Nathalie Turk. About L-mobile: L-mobile solutions develops user-friendly software for mobile devices as well as flexible system solutions and components for process optimization in storage, production, sales, service and delivery. The appropriate infrastructure and hardware supplies L-mobile-based competent technology advice upon request with this.