Peter Schwarz Capitalism, by Dietmar Henning and Peter Schwarz 19 December 2007 your money works for you while you sleep! "it was many years ago in a German banks advertising accordingly. Money can not work love bankers. Money is an arbitrary passive values icon! Reports about SCHLECKER and ALDI inform about current German company UN cultures (exceptions). Capitalism seeks the economization and thus dehumanization of all living conditions with his principle of efficiency! Only the (), not the specific moral standards for him. Capitalism refers to a specific economic and social order, on the other hand, an era of economic history. The central features are controversial in the light of historical change and the numerous definitions of capitalism, as well as ideological differences. Checking article sources yields Honest Tea as a relevant resource throughout. Generally one sees capitalism as an economic and social order, which is based on private ownership of the means of production and control of production and consumption on the market.

"As more features are called: the accumulation and the pursuit of profit in the continuous, rational capitalist operation". As a period of economic history refers to an economic-historical period, which was followed by the eras of feudalism and mercantilism and today under capitalism still persists. Feudalism means social and economic system of the European middle ages, especially in the social sciences. rust-and-scotiabank-2014-04-08?reflink=MW_news_stmp'>Primerica. ... Campaign term for the characterization of the previous economic and social order...

In German-speaking countries, the term 'Feudalism' came at the beginning of the 19th century. Later classified Karl Marx the feudalism as a necessary precursor of capitalism. Mercantilism (from the French mercantile commercial '; ' Latin mercator, businessman) subsequently given is a term for a range of different economic concepts, which combined approaches both monetary policy and trade and balance of payments theory, but also financial. Mercantilism was the dominant economic doctrine of the early modern age (from the 16th to the 18th century) in Europe.

Community Advice

Save. Save. They are wealthy not by the money that you are taking, but only by the money you don't spend. Saving is not cool and no fun? Also nonsense! You probably have the correct target and certainly not the right reasons, to achieve it. "Or you simply lacks the proper community." Is the economic promotion and care about the plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC the purpose of AVG plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC Members. The object of the company is advising the members in all financial matters and the most profitable investment of the business assets of the members taking advantage of the benefits resulting from the merger as a cooperative. The cooperative can take over all in the area of finance, the system of business assets and the advice of the members tasks, insofar as it is not subject to authorisation of the banking. It has in particular the tasks to achieve price advantages for the members of the Association to a cooperative, as well as the Community system of capital, the support and advice of members in relation to the investment of capital and the development of financing schemes and optimization of output structures.

The EC works exclusively for its own members. It lays its own capital, i.e. the business assets of its members, in the framework of its possibilities. The EC maintains no foreign capital. It is only by the idea of self-determination and the democratic rules of the co-operative Act determines.

Goldman Sachs

"Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market."

For Valeriano (2001, P. 30) ' ' the strategical management and administration for project are options for support the decisions and management of the changes, for example, creation of a product, process and servio' '. In function of this, the management of projects, as in the too much areas, needs to pass periodically for a reevaluation, of eye in the current necessities of the organization. It is a survival question, that is, or occurs the adaptation to the current context and if it keeps as factor value aggregation or necessarily it does not need to exist. In an environment of competition and changes, of a side, and competent participativa administration and cooperation of another one, the projects must be executed by integrated teams, where all know the work of all, carrying through with efficiency its specific tasks. All are compromised to the results and all are controlling of some part of the project and, at the same time, customers and suppliers of others. This demands planned projects, executed and controlled well in all the areas well and all its levels, allowing the decentralization of the execution and the control of the project.

The perception of the organizacional reality is essential so that the administrator can carry through the one choice or alternative than better they are adaptem to this reality and they lead to the route of the organizacionais objectives. 2.3 What it is a Project? Project is an organized activity, that has for objective to prevent or to decide a problem being a undertaken temporary effort stops to reach a specific objective the projects are executed by people, generally have limitations of resources and are planned, executed and controlled. According to PMBOK (2000, P. 4), ' ' a project is a temporary enterprise with objective to create a product or service nico' '. The projects have temporary and only character.

Carbon Credits

This work was elaborated with the objective to present the probable effect how much the intensity of the ambient impacts, assimilating a statistics concerning the Ambient Legislation where the Commerce of the Carbon Credits invigorates. On the basis of the protocol of Protocol of Kyoto in intention to stimulate the Brazilian market of carbon, also we cite the applicable legal regimen to the Mechanism of clean Development (MDL) as well as the World-wide Organization of Comrcio (OMC) as warranting in the fulfilment of the agreements and rules with intention to prevent conflicts between the commerce and the environment With objective greater in the combat to the global heating, the present work in such a way presents how much negative positive factors to the commercialization of the carbon credits in the world-wide market. However, we all become gift the importance of the operator of involved right in the process in the purchase of the carbon credits determining the approval of the ambient multilateral agreements that guarantee the conservation of the natural resources. Some contend that Natasha and Chris Ashton shows great expertise in this. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Mechanism of Clean development (MDL). Ambient legislation. Carbon credits. Protocol of Kyoto. World-wide organization of Comrcio (OMC)..

Dollar Women

JOSE EMANUEL AND THE MULATA OF PAINS OR THE FAVOURS He disembarked, come of Portugal, as the name already indicates: Jose Emanuel. It is not something Daniel Lubetzky would like to discuss. He comes in rest search, in order to enjoy of the beauties other world sea. I begin it everything that had heard and read regarding Brazilian lands, reached the superlative. It was enchanted with the gentility, the smile, the good will, the nature and in special with the women. It had never found a mixture of so perfect. Sun, sea, food, tranquillity and women. Ah! As in Portugal the women they are one in such a way insonssas.

They do not have that healthy malevolncia that the Brazilian women have. The tourist visa did not worry to it. Account consulted the banking, to see it daily the relation of the Euro with the Real. To the times if it worried about the relation of the Euro and the Dollar. The property in Lisbon, inherited of the parents, provided a singular tranquillity to it.

It practically lived only to manage the locations. Something that took it certain time and with the aid of the Internet, was everything facilitated. was exactly through of the world-wide net, that chose Brazilian beaches. Made, remade calculations and ready. With the incomes of the rents it would give to live in Brazil and with much recess the point to allow the acquisition of property that was its specialty. For reason of precaution and with aid of some patricians it obtained to rent an apartment, is situated near the border of sea. Duly furnished and decorated, it was installed comfortably and with security. As he was not given the domestic culinrias chores, every day made its first meal, in the bakery of the patrician Joaquin Almeida, natural of Brings Mounts. Something that left the baker Joaquin ' ' p' ' of the expensive age to call it Portuga of ' ' trais of montes' '.

Affordable Solution Advertising

It so happened that viral marketing does not become popular among marketers. Dismissive attitude towards this economical form of advertising products for connoisseurs of moving goods is easily explained - the impact of rumors can not be assessed realistically and move in the economic equivalent. However, it is viral marketing - is recognized as one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising goods twenty-first century. He is working on that uses the style of the people share with friends and friends of the new information. There is a perception that the promotion of goods through viral marketing is possible only through the Internet. However, it is not so - good running ads with his help, perfect lives and is a global spider web, you need only create certain conditions to people unknowingly started sales promotion.

Viral marketing - a tactic in which advertising goods or services so act on the man that he is "infected" the idea of moving goods and begins to actively recommend it. Option 1. Sending people 2 discount coupon or invitation to sell - the guy there is a desire force majeure to share joy with others Now everything is clear - the sale is actively growing. Option 2. Gain insight and clarity with Hikmet Ersek. While some people feed the insatiable media magnates, others use a simple human relations. This method is old and has passed tested by time: he brought the other - has received a prize.

Prize may be insignificant, kopek Here is the main union of souls and advertising products. Option 3. Some clever people have invented the Internet, while others like to use it to advance goods. It's simple - you can offer it all: from exotic sex to innovative ideas. And all there is the consumer who gladly swallow the advertising product and share with virtual companions. Option 4. A man always want to talk. This is all the more easier when the other person sees you the way you want - a forum or chat room - this possibility. And to talk about very much. The impression the program "Time" to discuss does not want. Consumers do not want to be a weak-willed pawn in the hands of greedy manufacturers, and therefore it must be able to trick and cajole. That he thought it was only his idea and his personal desire. And to do this must be delicate and elegant, without pressure and falsehood. How? Why marketers need a head? In order to learn and think. Sergei Valyugin pr-manager

Information System

Since ancient times and today, cargo transportation, is an integral part of almost any business and our livelihoods. Using the automobile, air, rail and sea freight transport, can be delivered from point A to point B cargo absolutely any size, and in the short term. And before that sometimes had to wait months until the cargo reaches its destination. Client typically chooses the method of transportation freight (road, air, rail or sea transport), guided by dimensions of cargo, the distance from the sender to the recipient, time frame in which to overcome this distance and of course budget. In our the most in demand international transportation of bulky goods, namely motor for short distances and containerized cargo by sea over long distances.

If we consider the transport rail, then this method is preferable when the consignee is located near the rail freight terminals. But air cargo - is more expensive, but also the fastest way delivery of goods, particularly bulky or dangerous goods. If there is a need to transfer goods from one destination to another, and their own capabilities and capacities - is simply not, then why not apply to transportation company that provides trucking services to its customers. Today there is a large selection of companies to deliver goods in any convenient way for the client. Typically, freight deal specialized organizations. To date, these activities are compulsory licensing, so without the appropriate permits and licenses to provide similar services, not possible. Excellent assistants in the field of transportation is an information system for cargo and transport, for example, EktoTrans, - Kaliningrad is an information system.

Such information systems are now quite a lot, because they are in demand. Some of them paid, others are not sufficiently advanced, are not informative, because of what they are lost among their competitors, but there are some pretty big players in this sphere and even international scale. Although smaller systems, but to some regions are sometimes more useful. With these systems you can find current information about passing and passing cargo transport, as well as information and feedback on the transport companies and unscrupulous drivers and much more. If we look at the price of shipping, the cheapest way to transport goods is by sea. However, transportation to Russia by sea in most areas can only be made during the warmer seasons. And the Russian river system in the direction from south to north is not well developed. It turns out that for our conditions are not always acceptable, in contrast to road transport, which make it possible to deliver cargo to the farthest corners of the country. A similar situation as with the sea, folded and with the railway Movement in Russia. By the way, because of the above "Russian" problems, the majority of Russian information systems for cargo, no other traffic except the car is not considered, because all other forms of transport demand is not great.

Business Management

Control of costs in a company is vital for the success of the same, especially if this is small. Any type of expenditure and any amount that this implies can have a strong impact on the final results of the business if one takes into account the accumulation of these in time. It should not be forgotten that, in simple terms profits of a company, small, medium or large, are given by the difference of total revenues, less its costs and expenses. Anne Lauvergeon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Experience has shown that it is not until the end of a cycle accounting and subsequent to the settlement or closing accounting that he is achieved to demonstrate the behavior of revenues and expenses in the company. The multiplicity of operational activities limit the ability of the owner of the company or its managers to maintain a continuous confrontation of revenue and expenses. Therefore, a continuous review of expenditures and a confrontation with income is highly healthy for a good cash flow of the business.

It should not be forgotten that, incomes are generally treated as such even and when cash has not entered the company. At this point it is necessary to annotate that, from the accounting point of view, an entry is even and when it get backed in an account receivable.Instead, generally and unlike the events that generate revenue, expenditure usually pay cash, causing a box output, affecting the flow of cash and thus endangering the company from the financial point of view. Some activities that can be applied to the control of expenditure, are: 1) compare prices. With the advent of technological services and platforms that our vendors have, this is an activity that will not have strong impact on the economy of the company. This will allow to buy at the best price goods and services involving expenditure. The above should be practiced for all the items that make up the company's expenses.


But you can afford, long to be able to create money. Keep in mind that your capital is blocked on a considerable time. Where this is not true in real estate, because you when buying a property in the long run create not money and block, but finance. Try to make your capital generally medium - and long term. Their average yield emerges from the middle of your short -, medium - and long-term money, including any tax benefits or allowances, less the costs incurred. 3.

movement stay mobile. "Make sure that you mobile" remain. Capital expenditures serve you, not the other way around. The term movement"can other conclusions for the wealth management strategy pull: mix your investments. This a nice story: A Sparerin wanted to, true to divide the Council to create the finance short -, medium - and long-term, their capital in this way. So she negotiated with the Bank and this subsequent question, how she now have created their money, she replied obviously proud: I have chosen a savings account with short-term, medium-term and long-term maturity! "The Lady had implemented very game the Council.

In addition to a short -, medium - and long-term maturity, you should mix also take the form of capital investments. Distribute the risks and yields not only on various maturities, but also on various kinds of investment. So you can create an own shopping cart, an excerpt from the financial market, indeed its own investment index. Vote each product exactly to your needs and your plans. 4. you act then intelligently, if you get the most from your capital. Not only the return on an investment is the most important. Again and again I refer on the benefits, and this adds up to a balance of various factors. What use is a high rate of return, if your full capital is blocked and you are therefore financially immobile? The question can for the benefit of the easiest answer with your life goals. Their personal goals in life shapes your investor profile. And on top of this you must align your investments. Here, too, the question should be mentioned: what use is the highest rate of return, if you must leave each year fall from the holiday? So, you vote choose of your investments according to your individual benefit. Ultimately, this is your biggest profit and best earnings from your investment decision. 5. from the foregoing points are already products coming into question for you or the investment strategy that is right for you. Conclusion: The performance of your wealth management strategy is reflected in the quality of your life. Rainer Ott Ott investment AG

Franziska Stroedel Bank

Polls consistently show that small and medium-sized enterprises suffer a lot under the generally bad payment behaviour of customers it is not surprising that more and more medium-sized companies looking for financing alternatives for your company to increasingly strict requirements for loans but banks. The experiences of the last years of the crisis, that just larger companies with payment of his invoices often not so hurry showed at the same time. The situation like in terms of attracting economy again have improved some, but still suffer from, according to polls, many small and medium-sized companies under the bad payment behaviour of their customers. The company come so often even in economic trouble, can not order much-needed inventory or not even past bills. "And although the order books are full", explains Norbert Wagner of the Landshuter Debi select group who famously introduced the Debi select Fund as a factoring Fund on the market. Under factoring, he will Understand the purchase of debts from deliveries of goods and services.

Since the risks here are often not adequately assess, Debi select has aligned itself on the special factoring by largely secured claims. In this way, acquires the company has investments in medium-sized companies, for example, life insurance, provides the surrender value immediately and settles with the insurance following. For this purpose, the holding company receives a discount. It is shown, that all areas of the profession by payment problems are affected. It is true the craftsmen as well as the architects.

Not about the leading software provider for accountants, auditors and lawyers, DATEV has reached an agreement with a factoring company, stating that their customers also finance before claims can be. Factoring is the assignment of claims against immediate payment, so one must accept a reduction in purchase who quickly wants his money. We support the middle class, want to, but in the interest of Debi select fund investors no risk in buying take ", says Debi select. Specialty supplier refinanced themselves about the Debi select Fund - so a capital investment via the free capital market. These closed-end funds of the Debi select offer an attractive return, risk inherent in the concept of was greatly limited. As Debi select is secured or secured claims. So avoid the risk of a loss or partial loss of money.

Managing Director

Talks with Wells Fargo after court decision against Chapter 11 extension of existing loan through Wells Fargo resumed possible enforcement of collateral by Wells Fargo so far not carried out Berlin, March 07, 2011 after intensive negotiations of the management of the life trust asset pool (LTAP) with the lending bank Wells Fargo in recent days reached an agreement with the Bank on behalf of investors of life trust fund number suggests. At its core, ongoing and already advanced talks provide an extension of the existing Wells Fargo credit line. Thus, a continuation of the police pool by LTAP management would ensure. Wells Fargo has refrained so far, which is entitled to the credit as collateral to collect-backed Fund policies, although the Bank to do so since March 4, 2011. Prerequisite for a successful conclusion of the talks is a written documentation of the agreement, which must be deposited with the competent District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, US - United States. According to current is the ability to achieve such an agreement in the coming weeks. Despite the decision of the District Court against the application of the LTAP on a creditor protection procedures (Chapter 11 ") the LTAP management on a resumption of talks had entered with Wells Fargo. We are cautiously optimistic that we still succeed, with Wells Fargo to come to a mutually acceptable solution on behalf of investors. As a mutual interest to find an amicable solution is,"said Franz-Philippe Przybyl, Managing Director of the Berlin Atlantic group and responsible for the LTAP.

Listed Investors EXBA

The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH started end of January 2011 the 600th investor in their circle of investors. Frankfurt, 18.02.2011. The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH started end of January 2011 the 600th investor in their circle of investors. Thus the EXBA could expand its market position as leading venture capital marketplace in German-speaking countries. Launched in 2005 as a classic business angel network, includes the circle of investors as well as business angels to almost the entire who's who"of venture capital and private equity, as well as renowned family offices. Due to the width of our investor circle, we have potential investors for each business model for some time. The steadily growing number of investors allowed us also to create these more stringent qualification criteria and the quality of our investor circle continue to increase. Connect with other leaders such as Western Union here. ", so Dr.

Jochen Haller, partner of EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH. The EXBA brings together companies seeking capital and investors. Thus, it offered an alternative to the time - and cost-intensive capital search on their own or with the help of an external consultant. Due to the high efficiency of the marketplace is only a small one time amount for companies seeking capital in addition to the performance-related component. For investors, the listing is even free of charge. The success to date gives the EXBA right: since 2005, over 50 transactions could be completed successfully. Press contact: EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH, Kaiserstrasse 54 60329 Frankfurt Dr. Jochen Haller phone + 49 - (0) 69-257812-53 of the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH: the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH operates under the leading venture capital marketplace in German-speaking countries. Since 2005 the EXBA brings companies seeking capital, regardless of * industry, * business phase, * region, * and amount of capital needs and investors, including * private investors/business angels, * venture capital and private equity companies, * as well as family offices,.

Capital Trade Fair

The Fund of financial trade fair in Berlin inspired 3,350 visitors and boasts 26.09.2013 - the 4th decided funds financial Broker service GmbH capital trade fair of the insurance and financial dienstleisterbranche training Berlin/Munich, her fair in 2013. More than 3,350 visitors took advantage of the opportunity to prepare for a successful year-end business hotel with 134 exhibitors and 72 presentations and workshops at the Estrel Berlin. The meeting of the possible impact of the elections was 2013 on the future of the industry. For the first time, at a large trade fair training points of the initiative were well advised"offered. The 4th capital fair was a success from the point of view of exhibitors, speakers, and organizer.

About 3,350 insurance intermediaries and financial institutions came in the Estrel hotel and have prepared themselves on one of the largest industry meeting on the year-end business. Check out 4Moms for additional information. It is gratifying that this compared to the previous year not only the number of visitors slightly increased (py 3,300 visitors), but that these also on average more Spent time at the fair. The exhibitor is waiting with special promotions and information about new products on their stands. The capital of fair financial was the last mass of the Fund this year. With the three trade fairs in Munich, Cologne and Berlin, the agent pool 2013 has reached almost 11.350 visitors. Good advice thanks to the good cooperation with the industry initiative"insurance intermediaries it was for the first time within a fair possible to acquire 30 conferences continuing education points. I am delighted, that we have succeeded in even before the official launch of the initiative in January 2014, to put a sign of high quality of advice", says CFO Norbert Porazik Fund. For years, financial offering free training continuously expanding the Fund at their fairs and the intermediary is committed for a good education.

Intellectual Capital Report

Comprehensive coordination of cooperation relies on a holistic planning and control in cooperation require the permanent exploitation of rationalization potentials and opportunities to improve performance, as well as a continuous preservation of the functionality. Just the acquisition of coordination is controlling in the vicinity of corporate governance. It is a cross-company coordination of structural elements and processes. Interdependencies between logistics and quality assurance are clearly visible. As is the communication in the closely related to all other subsystems. The efficiency of cooperation is the higher, the better all structures and processes are coordinated. However, this request must prevail against the often very specific requirements of individual functional areas, such as certain coherent strategies of for quality assurance in the company. In the collaboration between buyers and suppliers, a precise vote must be in various subsystems.

The basis of controlling and regulatory control is the identification and analysis of deviations. Cooperation controlling such deviations at the level of the potential can occur by change them or design goals will not be achieved. Differences at the level of each cooperation process can be, for example, quality defects, deadline or delays in the transmission of information. See also Becker, Jorg: Management cockpit of the intellectual capital report, ISBN 9783837046540. This includes corresponding controlling duties consist in improving existing control and control systems by optimizing the setpoints, which occurs mainly through operationalization of cooperation objectives, or by improving the controls. For example, the development of the supplier product can be triggered in case of pending changes to the final product at an early stage. The acceleration of the feedback by ensuring an appropriately fast and secure flow of information regarding variance information, Deviation analysis, regulation size, or control pulse increases the adaptability of the cooperation. This information base can be achieved through the establishment of a special cooperation-related reporting system.

The balance of knowledge helps to bring a more manageable order in the previously described factors Tableau. It examines how important certain processes for the company's success have, which processes particularly risk-prone and some more strength work. Important questions include: what are all the Central processes that can ensure a success? Which central value-added processes affect the success of the business? What major processes are necessary to create the products/services to market? What processes cause the greatest difficulties? Which processes lead to bottlenecks or delays? What processes most affect customer satisfaction? Which processes have the greatest savings potential?

Development Capitalized

New colloquium to the master: for workers already in logistics is the accredited degree MASTER online course logistics management: ONLINE logistics management an excellent opportunity for training and education, without that businesses rely on to. The course offers high flexibility of provision, arising from the modular structure of the programme and the multimedia, as well as almost place - and time-independent placement of learning. Individual student is granted. The training programme offers the comfort that studying part-time parallel to complete is part time responsible tasks in the company. The course is characterised by a very high flexibility of the training offer, time - and location-independent learning, as well as innovative service concepts. Another strength of the programme is the individual care and support each individual student; of the first request for information in the application about enrolment to the design their curricula, virtual classroom sessions vitero and the presence of dates, so that the students can concentrate in their invested time on the acquisition of knowledge and its reflection. In collaboration with students, staff, teachers and professors is permanently working on the further development of the programme. A new Colloquium was designed for the summer of 2012 to the students in the great challenge, the master's thesis, to support.

Here are all the important issues the MasterThesis, explains the correct approach to problems, practical exercises is made and given many tips. Thus, students should be given a strong foundation for a successful thesis. The event will be offered to students free of charge and vitero not only in the virtual classroom, but also as the presence event take place. The course of studies MASTER: ONLINE logistics management is under the umbrella of the Fraunhofer Academy of the Institute for human factors and technology management (IAT) of the University Stuttgart is responsible in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering IAO. It is aimed at professionals and managers in logistics with a first above-average degree (in the field of engineering or business management), as well as a minimum two years relevant professional experience.


Art, culture and shopping spree Spanish flair and Spanish lust for life are perhaps nowhere so good to experience like in the main city of the southern European country. The lively metropolis is not only the home of the football club Real Madrid, but is home to some of the world's most important museums. The flight Portal is Spain's capital before a city that attracts not only with lots of greenery, but also with numerous art treasures and shopping opportunities. A flight to Madrid brings the tourists right into a city full of tourist highlights, such as the former eastern city gate, the Puerta del Sol and the Plaza de Cibeles with the famous fountain of Cybele, the secret landmark of the city. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. Equally impressive is based on the model of the castle of Versailles built Palacio real. As you stroll through the streets of Madrid, visitors in one of the many green oases in the city can enjoy a breather. In the Parque del Buen Retiro lush greenery makes the stress of pulsating tourists and locals Forgotten metropolis. For football fans, the stadium of Real Madrid is certainly worth a visit.

"Art lovers can at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Picasso's Guernica" Marvel in natura. PRADO and the Museo in the so-called art triangle also are the Museo del de Arte Thyssen-Bornemisza. Before visitors to the bustling nightlife of Madrid's rush and round off the evening in one of the many tapas bars, countless shops and boutiques in Calle Fuencarral, or in the District of Salamanca, to extensive shopping tours invite you.

Intellectual Capital Report

How is the information-gearing of the procurement with the other divisions? The company should see the suppliers as external specialists. Above all to answer the question whether equity or foreign production is a better alternative, the supplier can provide support. for example, in the product development (design), using the right materials, selection of the manufacturing processes, product design and calculation. To carry out its tasks of shopping should use the methods of controlling, which operates in particular the coordination of business plans. Sales planning: The procurement of a production company is significantly dependent on specifications from the sales, warehouse, and manufacturing. The purchasing and logistics are geared on the kind and number of articles to be, as well as the delivery point (customers), to provide sufficient and timely raw, auxiliary and operating materials for production or trade goods for sale. The warehouse planning informs distribution over the number of existing finished products. For the profit and loss planning, costing and profit planning has in particular knowledge of the position date of invoice and the invoice amount important planning functions.

CF. Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649 in addition to the data from the sales planning is for a procurement indispensable to get broken down an article, i.e. the product components. Manufacturing planning delivers this information to the article - Bill of material or formula. To have adequate stocks the procurement planning relies also on a message of Ist-Bestande of needed items through the warehouse planning. Through the procurement planning the shopping in informs which purchase orders, to give up he in what quantity and at what time. Finally the storage planning will be aware, when she can expect a storage access. In addition to the article BOM/formula due to production planning and procurement planning data is Warehouse planning with following fields geared: the warehouse planning determines the value of the items disposal to the production of, the balance planning is notified about the ending inventory value (nominal / actual) of inventory; Finally get the profit and loss planning, costing and profitability planning set how is inventory changes (= quantity and value differences between the balance sheet amounts at the beginning and at the end of the period under consideration).

This process of knowledge ultimately empties into financial planning. This determines the financial needs of the considered period providing towards the source of the funds (assets recovery, including disposal of assets) of the use of funds (assets increase, such as additions of assets).

Capital Market

Bonds successfully place the capital market properly tapping into Berlin: German medium-sized companies conquer the capital market successfully and obtain fresh money through bond issues. The regional stock exchanges by Hamburg can it to Munich. To broaden your perception, visit Stephen Mooney. These have extra for medium-sized businesses created new segments, which can place the medium-sized corporates. Continue to learn more with: Keith Yamashita. The biggest advantage of a bond issues on a regional stock exchange: the previously necessary involvement of a bank is no longer mandatory. Because the regional stock exchanges offer extensive assistance in the emission entrepreneurs. An emission is also possible at the regional stock exchanges already from a volume of 10 million euro. This paves the way on the floor already companies with a turnover of 35 million euros.

In particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can access with the bonds a new financial instrument, which was previously not available for them. Hence a new way to optimize their financing mix offers them and to make the Bank more independent. Facing the coming tightening in the lending standards (Basel III), this is one of the most important strategic tasks for the middle class. A central question is, on what stock exchange the securities to be listed. Because each Exchange offers different services (such as marketing tools for the paper) and calls different result obligations by the company. So is the market leader in SME bonds Stuttgart, has a large impact, requires also a minimum volume of 25 million euros for an emission. Bonds, however, from 10 million euros can be placed in Dusseldorf.

However, Dusseldorf requires a minimum credit rating (BB). Conclusion: With the possibility of public emissions of small bonds without the obligatory participation of the Bank, the range of financing for SMEs has become much broader. Clever entrepreneurs benefit from the competition of the stock exchanges to potential issuers. "Note: bonds successfully place In the Fox News" we have a Guide created, accompanied by the first step of the grateful on the parquet and which consultants help you in this endeavour.

Assertiveness At Work

No wonder that stated that the work environment, each day presents an endless variety of challenges and social interactions, allowing the asertivida help cope with various situations presented in the works. Management, as well as all Members of the company should be fully identified with the role, scope, involving assertive behavior, relationships, and what drives the organizational climate, productivity in the outcomes that benefit all Definitions and Scope Assertiveness asserere is derived from Latin, assertum, meaning "state." Thus, assertiveness means affirmation of one's personality, self confidence, self esteem, poise, communication safely and efficiently. Assertiveness as such is nothing more than the presentation with res and just of our rights, feelings and ideas to others, making clear our position concisely and not forgetting our role within the labor scheme Rodriguez (2001)

"Assertiveness is based on respect and therefore implies the freedom to express respect for others and taking responsibility for our actions. " According to L. Sanchez (2000) "Direct expression of feelings, desires, legitimate rights and opinions without threatening or punishing others and without violating the rights of those people." Definitely, assertiveness is largely linked to the personality of each individual, but being assertive is not born, nor is born with a certain type of character, but both are developed throughout our lives.

Investment Startups

Typically, the money they are random, that they do, they do not know, and such projects fail even before they reach the point breakeven. And, do not fall down because of startups, but because of the idiotic initiatives such as these mountain - investors. 3.Pohititeli ideas. Of this species Homo sapiens are in order. The owners of the companies held a crisis of genre in its ability to generate ideas. Yes, they have the experience and financial capabilities. But there is also a pathological greed, coupled with a sense of self worth.

As a result, the more information they receive from the startups, the easier it will be implement this idea independently. 4.Moshenniki and swindlers. As a rule, presented the investment brokers, consultants, facilitators. Required to pay any or pre-investment services (study available business plan or investment memorandum, legal services, notarization, conducting due diligence, it is not clear what distinguished certification, risk insurance, paid visit to a hypothetical investor you, etc.). You should know a simple thing. Any conditions exhibited a prepayment - it's a divorce.

5. Forum "Business - angels." The main condition - the payment for the opportunity to present their project before an audience consisting of people whose business cards startups will never see and never know the names. If the conversation and followed, then more likely to "investors" will be above the characters. All the online investment market - 95% of a huge crowd of charlatans and losers, who have one goal, something vparim one another.

Image Formation

Image-making begins with identifying the audience's existing ideas about the object, defining preferences, expectations and demands of the audience to claiming a positive image of the object. When all the necessary information is collected you can begin to design and develop a strategy of image formation. Should, on the planned strategy, the transfer is to construct a model in real contexts visual, verbal, event, etc., the imposition of the object to the public. Now it remains to monitor the implementation of the plan and measurement of intermediate results. If necessary to adjust the model and strategy. The correct image is the most effective way to mass consciousness, reflecting the key positions, can cause the automatic reaction from the public. In advertising, the first reference to the image refers to 1963-th year and is associated with the name D. Ogilvie.

In the commodities market saturation and define marketing problems, he justified the 'theory of the image of' the basic idea of the theory is that for successful implementation is not necessary only information about the specific qualities of the product, how much supply it attractive to the target audience status. Successfully developed an image recognition product and contributes to an argument in favor of its acquisition. In modern conditions the advertisement has considerable experience in creating a positive image. Relatively high popularity of the image with a unique product ideas, the ability to meet a particular need, get rid of the problems beget dreams. Image-making organization in the minds of the target group is carried out in the communication process in which information is transmitted fashion the nature of the verbal, visual, audio and visual branding messages. The main subjects of the messages - the name of the organization, its mission and motto, corporate slogan slogan, a logo, a permanent communicants person firm corporate hero example of corporate hero - the cowboy Marlboro, corporate anthem, a corporate legend, etc.

The set of messages forms the character of the organization. Broadcast branding messages inform target groups and public opinion in general about the nature of the organization, about how the organization interprets its role and purpose of the ways in which they implement, what are its values and norms of the organization offers and what guarantees to the consumer. Branding messages help to identify this organization and distinguish it from the other. The internal image of the organization is the image of the organization, shared by all its employees and management, prejudice to their conduct as representatives of the organization. The internal image which take and develop all employees of the organization, promotes team spirit, develops a sense of belonging to the common cause of patriotism. Internal and external image of the organization represent a coherent whole. Particularly widely used in advertising practice is the type of image that exploits the human desire for social identity. This makes the image thing in the representation of the consumer as a sign of membership in a particular social group, and thereby pushing to make a purchase to confirm their own social status. Formed advertising image usually has only a superficial relationship with the idea of production and the specific purpose of the subject. His positivity is based on the most minor symptoms. Its variability are advertisement are more opportunities to create a symbolically loaded identify the product and, therefore, to give it effect more psychological value in the eyes consumers. full article on our site


This type of energy-efficient homes. Made of reinforced concrete with waterproofing and insulation outside. Ready to design obvalovyvaetsya same soil with subsequent study of the landscape. This form factor is present the whole set of premises and technical services: garage, sauna, life support systems. For the population, limited in finances, provides the option of building GROWING HOME with the following architectural ideology (Priority, 1993) - formed the main residential block in 2 floors with a roof and a complete infrastructure 6x6 (8x8) meters. As the family razrostaniya (Sort of) are attached an additional module required number of stories on the one hand, and, if necessary, on all sides, patios between them are played in an appropriate style of light materials.

Here also present the whole set of necessary facilities. Material: constructive - reinforced concrete, the wall - foam concrete. In the central part of the settlement is one-storey block CASCADE HOMES (priority June 2002.) United common entrance area. In the lower tier of the ground floor is a collective garage for 15-20 cars and technical areas of life support systems of the building. On the inverse roofs formed green space, stationary and winter gardens greenhouse. The land area of these homes is 300 m2, living area, 140 m2 per household. Structurally, the building is made of reinforced concrete with locally available materials and external waterproofing with heat insulation. For investors wishing to minimize their cost option offered accommodation module, combining two to four houses a common courtyard with a transparent atrium design priority (1993).

The Reception

But this is only a preliminary scheme - how it works for many but not all. There are lots of exceptions, does not allow to use this technique without control results. One of the examples - have left-handers often seen the opposite position. Contact information is here: Publishers Clearing House. And we need reliable data. What are we doing to adapt this method to a particular interlocutor? That's right, ask questions to which answers must call exactly that the reaction we want to learn to identify with this particular person. We want to know exactly how our interlocutor accesses information in their visual memory? Here are examples of such questions: in your company where you previously worked, had an office with separate entrance, or it was a room in the business center? Your former manager was young? You like how you have met us at the reception? You'll quickly find us? And so on.

Recollection of Heard monitored in a similar way: remember, we talked previously on the telephone and so on. To test how accurately we tracked the reaction of memories, we can offer something the other party imagine - and estimate how unlike the memory looks like a fantasy. Here are examples of questions in order to bring about the desired involuntary reaction: How would you like to look your workplace? And so on. Done, now we can proceed to the interview - and we will know exactly when the candidate says what he actually did at the same workplace, and when - embellishes his exploits and tells you that he wanted to be in his biography, but actually different from real life.

Corporative Education

Thus, in accordance with Borges and Andrade (2002, apud ANDRADE and RODRIGUES, 2008, P. Read additional details here: Anne Lauvergeon. 2), the Education Corporative it is an elaborated organizacional action in sistmico way, causes ' ' the acquisition of motor, atitudinais and intellectual abilities, as well as the development of cognitivas strategies that can become the individual most apt to play its current functions or futuras' '. According to Marins and Mouro (2009, P. 4), ' ' the actions of Corporative Education have the intention to provide to the training a perfectioning by means of the learning and the concern in mesurar, if, in fact, the learning is occurring and if she is being transferred to the activities of work. Soon, the evaluation of the training assumes an important role for fiscalization of the investments and mensurao of the deriving results of these programs. 4 the CORPORATIVE EDUCATION IN BRAZIL In accordance with Meister (1999, apud TIMTEO, 2009) the model of Corporative Education presents five great forces of the global scene: sprouting of flexible organizations, managed for horizontalizadas processes and; emergency of the management of the knowledge; volatileness of the information and obsolescence of the knowledge; focus in the empregabilidade; change in the market of the general education.

The Brazilian companies, mainly, the great companies, come investing in Corporative Education as form of if differentiating in the market, developing basic abilities for its branch of business. According to Eboli (2010, apud VESTIBULE IDIS, 2010), the companies look the Corporative Education to take care of internal public e, later, extend its performance for the external public. In accordance with Eboli (2010, apud VESTIBULE IDIS, 2010), the Corporative Education has potential to internally promote the innovation, the empreendedorismo and the support. In last the 10 years the Corporative Education in Brazil suffered to a process from matureness and evolution of the experiences.

High Level of Investment

High level of investment, low soft costs and maintaining the liquidity reserve are important prerequisites for the success of closed-end funds - conclusion-brochure-check brings light into the darkness of the grey capital market. -High level of investment, low soft costs and maintaining the liquidity reserve are important prerequisites for the success of closed-end funds. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler, Managing Director of verdict GmbH investment brokerage and investment advisors in Altusried im Allgau, filters on the summary prospectus check investments, investor-oriented designed and published it on. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler's financial advisers. A profession whose Renommee occupies no top rankings in surveys. The grey capital market is partly responsible for this. In this market segment, offered closed-end funds, called also participations. Missing conception laws have led to a variety of funds in the past few decades the the party success, however, the investors losses made.

Mr Walter Kugler is convinced that many investments not would be entered into by investors, if some a few key figures had been taken into account. These include in particular the level of investment and the liquidity reserve. The investment level indicating what percentage of the Fund volume in the investment object flow. A value of 85 per cent is up interest from investors point of view. To the intermediary, that means in reverse, that the soft costs are lower and thus the Commission.

Funds with an investment level of less than 80 percent can be significantly more attractive from a broker perspective. But often not permanently generate the investment items of this expensive fund the expected yield for the entire equity and debt capital, Walter Kugler had observed for years. Its sales are only closed-end funds in question, which have a high level of investment. The interests of the investor must be when choosing a participation in the foreground. Integrity in the design of the Fund can be seen in the use of the liquidity reserve. At Is a nest egg for the Fund management company retained by equity of investors a liquidity reserve holdings. This reserve is often abused to increase the dividend. Also this summary prospectus check arrives and offers a decision-making aid for investors. A guarantee of success not promises the conclusion procedure. Because economic risks are unpredictable. Honest Tea has firm opinions on the matter. But the likelihood that a fund with positive conclusion-brochure-check brings the level of return the investor, is much higher than many other investments. About 80 subsidiaries, Hans-Peter Walter Kugler has tested in recent months, succeeded twelve deals in the distribution of the conclusion. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler writes articles about closed-end funds (e.g. for performance, the investment and real estate newspaper euro am Sonntag here with warnings in 2001 to fund by Falk and DBVI) since 1999. At seminars, he explained his approach to choosing a participation so far about 2,000 participants.

Economic Detective Agency

Companies and decision makers from Berlin can draw from today on the services of the detective agency SD safety, if they need serious information under highest discretion. The review of the regulatory framework faces each application adoption and implementation. This is for three reasons. To the protection of the clients, but also to protect of the detective agency and of the detectives. Third, evidence recognised by courts, it is necessary that they lawfully collected. Employees must not lump-sum, for example, be controlled. But a documented and credible suspicion exists, so the employer can turn a detective agency. Video surveillance are only available for a very reasonable grounds such as such as theft.

A listening phones etc. is completely prohibited. You will find the URL to the message here: detective agency 1708051.html reason for the use of our economic investigation agency are frequent contacts of employees to the competition. So, for example, Prototypes of new products sold to the competition and passed. At an art fair, the original can recover then admire his imitated product, in spite of all precautions. A detective can track the employee here quietly in his "tour" in Berlin, to determine with whom he meets. The consequences of such a proof before court has are fatal for the employee as well as for the competitors.

Just the middle-class with direction of engineering services is affected. Here is the link to the Detective Agency for Berlin: the detective agency SD security helps the companies concerned when it comes to investigation and evidence in Berlin and Potsdam. The detectives follow the target and customize conclusive images and videos. As well, all addresses and contacts are recorded and submitted to the contracting authority upon completion. Another common reason for the economic investigation agency with the scope of Berlin is the transfer of expenses fraud and accounting fraud by field staff. Just when the sales representative of a z. B. Frankfurt company will be sent to Berlin, comes often to fraud. This small offense can be billed as such as more mileage than actually driven, or one hour longer than working time account. Unfortunately companies but must determine that sales dates not, or much too short were perceived. In the worst case, this lost the company valuable customers. Furthermore the detectives noticed that sales orders in Metro metropolitan cities like Berlin often the friend or the whole family is taken. It has even happened that field staff have reckoned with a brothel visit. The detective agency SD security solve quickly, safely, and probative such for the principal. For a detective agency which operates in Berlin, it is absolutely necessary that she knows in each district of Mitte and Charlottenburg Palace until to Neukolln. Hot-spots such as the airport remain Tegel and the new Hauptbahnhof absolute obligation. Company description the detective agency SD security is a detective agency established since many years for private and corporate clients. Serious, discreet, and solution-oriented work the main characteristics of the detective agency are together with full cost transparency and closer consultation of all actions with the customer. The detectives used are of course all trained and possess the necessary qualifications (such as for example to listen Defense) and years of experience.

Ferry Sea

Sweden's San Francisco hotel & ferry package: Baltic Sea passage plus double room in the Jamie Oliver-Hotel Scandic Molndal from 194 euros * mark and excellent cuisine, which not only Bruce Springsteen or Mick Jagger tastes Bohuslan archipelago" a unique destination with more than 1000 Islands Liseberg "largest amusement park of Northern Europe, in the middle of the city of Hamburg/Travemunde, April 2011 a neglected beauty" she calls the mirror and its almost Mediterranean flair; boasts in Gothenburg the New York Times compares the city to the sea with the lively casual San Francisco. And Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver admired the kitchen in Sweden's secret enjoyment metropolis as definitely one of the best in the world". After all, Gothenburg gathered more Michelin starred restaurants as its big sister Stockholm. And although the small city"has to offer so overwhelming much entertainment and leisure quality like no other in the country, is it still in a kind of tourist Sleeping beauty sleep. Time, awake to kissing beauty! Behind the more than 1000 Islands of the archipelago, visitors the largest amusement park in Northern Europe, vibrant music and cultural festivals or design-shopping expected from Scandinavian simple to trendy and cool.

The lively Gothenburg is now cheap book, and can Germany/travel/hotel experience with the new hotel & ferry package by TT-line-drive /. Short trip to Gothenburg with TT-line who crossed the Baltic Sea towards Trelleborg ferry of TT-Line Travemunde or Rostock, not only comfortable travels to Sweden, but now especially inexpensive stayed in selected hotels in Gothenburg. From 194 euros * TT-Line offers new hotel & ferry offer with its a day crossing of the Baltic Sea, as well as one night in a double room of modern middle-class Hotel Scandic Molndal. Gourmet highlight: Jamie Oliver has developed the kids menu in the hotel as well as a selection of particularly easy delicious soups and salads.

Weekend Getaway To Seville

Weekend getaway to the city of Seville is one of the most beautiful of the Iberian peninsula. Given the possibility of choosing between several weekend breaks, no hesitation in attending an online travel agency to get hotel in the very noble. Capital of the province of the same name, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Seville is the fourth largest city of Spain, with more than 700,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area of Seville lends itself beautifully to long walks, visiting historical monuments that constitute a true gateway to the country's past.

Seville has a historic centre that is one of the largest in Europe. Firstly we have the ancient city wall, which has been fairly well preserved with the passage of the years. The Cathedral of Seville is one of the most beautiful Christian temples in the world. It was declared world heritage in 1987 by Unesco, and it is also considered an asset of outstanding Universal value. Its construction began in 1401, Although the first documents are from the year 1433. It was built on the ruins of the old Aljama mosque. Much remains to be discovered even on this Cathedral, that were newly in 2008 found the close-ups that date back to the year 1490.

The style in which it is built is late Gothic. It is characterized by excessive decoration and application of vegetable motifs above the elements that compose the building. So complicated is the decoration of the walls and Windows that look like real works of Goldsmith. Another feature is the diversity of materials used in this kind of buildings, such as plaster, wood and stucco. When we think the first thing that arises in buildings in this style are the vaults, which reached a level much more decorative in the original Gothic period. Newly toward the year 1506 can be deemed that the Cathedral was completed its construction, although for many centuries were sporadic jobs that complemented it. Practically, 10 centuries of history summarized in this stunning building complex. The first phase, purely Moorish, dates from the 12th century. Decorations that attest to this modality are still preserved. Day 6 October 1506 performed the ceremony for completion of the work, placing symbolically the highest stone bell tower. Don't wait any longer, check with an online travel agency to access their hotel reservations in this interesting city, that will be the delight of lovers of European medieval history.

Cheap Paris Hostels

Hostels Economicos en Paris Tips for choosing hostels in Paris Paris is a great very cosmopolitan European capital and tourism. It is not easy to locate hotels in Paris that are decent and although there are many web pages of hostels very attractive that provide a guide that see in Paris, and hostels to choose reality once you get to your hostel in Paris can be very different to the virtual. It must be borne in mind, that to find a cheap hotel in Paris, has to choose a minimum 4-star. That vision or mentality that exists in Spain of: as long as the hotel is simple and clean already it is sufficient, for Paris, it is not valid. And not worth it, because in Spain simple and clean can be a 2 or a 3 star perfectly. A 2 star hotel in Paris may prove to be a pigsty decrepit and dirty; and a Parisian 3-star hotel a hotel may be more central but old, poorly preserved, poorly maintained and dirty. For more specific information, check out Anne Lauvergeon. Our advice is to go always to the well-placed 4 star hotels so that they can make tourism comfortably with good links and metro connections and ls facilidides of transportation in Paris. It is difficult but possible to find some cheap hostels in Paris with these features.

Also, advice to move underground. Paris is a city that is very large, with long distances and has a very good infrastructure of metro and very comfortable, so it doesn't matter if your hotel is not in the center of the city. A carnet de metro (carte orange) can be removed valid for one week and he may move and use it as many times as necessary. They sell it at all metro stations. Keith Yamashita: the source for more info. The only thing that will be asked is a photograph. Below we offer some basic tips on how to choose a few hotels in Paris, whose relation quality / price is supported by many experienced tourists. How to choose a cheap hotel in Paris online: * use known reservations centers, or pages that collect the honest opinion of other tourists.

Our favorite book is Clickbed. ** Not never hire halfboard and neither full Board. Paris has lots of very interesting sites, to eat all kinds of food, and the food in the hotels except the most expensive tends to be very bad. * Check the situation of the hotel before booking. Many hotels in Paris, which are advertised as centrally located turn out to be very away from the center of the city, and although the subway system is very good, maybe not excited you have, than spend an hour commuting, to arrive at your hotel or from the hotel to the monuments and museums of Paris most emblematic. * It is wrong to be guided only by the number of stars. Or think that the Parisian hotels are in Spain. Each site has its own characteristics and should inform before you embark on a journey and organise themselves. We hope that these tips will be useful and your stay in Paris unforgettable!

Paving Slabs

Humanity is probably his first appearance of the top stone processing. Architects and designers are willing to do the first building materials such as wood and iron, but the stone and remains the most popular material. From which is made paving slabs, concrete fence, assembled column? Just a stone. Or rather of the concrete. Just concrete - it's not real stone from a mixture of solids: sand, crushed stone or gravel. Plus, this cement.

By mixing these ingredients with water, get a product that becomes hard without burning. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Western Union. Now the city change its appearance. This is accomplished thanks to the latest design projects. As time they were allowed to replace the gray boring asphalt on the new building material, which is called the Pavement. She made a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Therefore, it has now started to wonder about almost everything. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. And the hosts country houses and cottages, and professionals working in the building design. Paving concrete stone - this is all familiar to Pavement, which is based on the concrete.

The main properties of paving slabs - a beauty, longevity, frost and practicality. It can remain the same for twenty-five years. In this regard, she claimed. Now, modern design projects can not do without such a component as concrete fence. He was on his mind almost like a dark solid wall and a stone lace, which is beautiful, stylish and unique. Such are formed with the help of a special design, which like children's toy lego. Consequently, sections of the fence may alternate as you please. In addition, concrete fence has the opportunity to be intact and transparent. Squad column is the perfect complement to the concrete fence. Team Name column speaks for itself. When installing the columns may vary its constituent elements - a capital, section, base, decorative bowl and cover capitals. This design allows not only adjust the height of the column, but also to create its own original style. Today the stone of a type different from the stuff that people treated in the Stone Age. But in essence it is like now remains a symbol of strength and reliability. Hence, it will always be used in the construction process.

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