Strange we're people. However no, not strange, thoughtful. And about whom we care the most. Of course, about how cool. Well, we all do for ourselves. All for himself simplify. After long been proven that all human izobreteniyasozdany due laziness. Yes, yes, because of her homeland.

Remote for the tv clear tomuprimer. This is the first type of inventions. The second type relates vnedreniepriborov, which improves our with you a comfortable stay. So nazyvaemyeklimaticheskie devices. The first place of honor in this list zanimaetkonditsioner. The need for this device, we could all feel this summer.

made its unscheduled adjustments in our measured life. And we, Ukrainians, people not known to be thoughtful. Well do not think we are ahead. Gotovitsani the summer we have not learned. And it happened that when the anomalous - buy air conditioner has become impossible. All offices have been busy on rabochieraspisany several months in advance and the most interesting prices have soared threefold. Poetomusamoe best time to purchase and installation of air conditioning is late spring (sserediny April) and before the end of October. When buying air conditioner note installation costs. Some firms make the installation for free, others charge for etodengi, sometimes considerable. Conventionally, air conditioners, I would have smashed into three types: low, medium, and expensive. Yes, comrades, we should not think and illusions, chtodeshevy product will be qualitative. We're not so rich that bypokupat cheap things. Air-conditioning is the one thing you'll ispolzovatne one year. Therefore it is better once pereplatitit than to gnaw itself lokti.Kol you have already decided to buy, buy powerful split system. Well nepridumal still no one better. When buying a calculation of the necessary moschnost.Moschnost conditioner depends on the size of the room. Finally, konditsionerymogut not only cool but also heat the room. temperature at which you can use it.

Radio Stations

If you type in a search engine the word radio, you'll see several definitions of the term. For example: The radio - a device that provides two-way communication at a distance. A well-known Internet encyclopedia "Wikipedia" gives the following definition: The radio - portable radio receiving and transmitting low and medium power. You can also find another option: The radio - is short for radio. The term portable radio has a narrower meaning - Under-talkies meant only stationary or car radios and walkie-talkies, receiving and transmitting sound. So what is the radio? The operation is the use of radio waves. Radio waves - is electromagnetic waves propagating through space at light speed. Radio waves carry through space energy emitted by the generator of electromagnetic waves.

And when they are born changing electric field, for example, when the conductor passes through the alternating electrical current through the space, or when sparks swaps, ie, number of fast successive current pulses. Electromagnetic radiation is characterized by frequency, wavelength and power of the transmitted energy. Frequency electromagnetic waves shows how many times per second change in the direction of the radiator of electric current and, consequently, How many times per second varies at each point of the magnitude of the electromagnetic field. The first inventor of the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves (which for a long time called "Hertz Waves") a German scientist Heinrich Hertz (1888). Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), 1 Hz - this is one oscillation per second, one megahertz (MHz) - one million cycles per second.

Astronomy Globes

The Globes are an invention of teaching and education that could not have acceptance and success until it was discovered that the earth was round. After this discovery globes became a very educational support and adequate space to locate places and to enable references to places on the space occupied parts of the world geographically. That is why in almost every house in the world where even minimal interest by geography there is one of many globes have been produced for geographical education of people in the world. Presentations globes come in varieties. Learn more at: Areva. So you can find specialized globes for education, you can find globes are used for decoration or adornment, and you can find globes that have no function. Anyway, you're globes on the market you will notice that there is much variety in this product and if you gain you will realize that is quite useful to achieve a spatial location of people on the planet.

Do not know if many have observed this peculiarity, but have you noticed that the globes are usually based on a man that supports athletic figure with effort? This is a peculiarity of the globes that few are asking where they come from. The man holding the worlds is Atlas, a Titan of Greek mythology whom the gods as punishment left in charge of holding the world. This titan once almost pound of heavy feature when Hercules left for a few minutes sustaining the world, but a trick of Hercules was unable to leave him in charge of such a heavy task. From that moment and always has been Atlas who has held the world for the welfare of all humans who inhabit it. From the history of Atlas is the way to get to some encyclopedias or books that aim to hold all the information that is on a topic, especially Atlas of geography that were first be called that way in the world.

Perhaps one can not say much more about the globes, but since we do not have much to say about these interesting figures as useful for the location throughout the world of people, we can send a question to the Greeks. The question is an obvious question about the globes, but the truth is there to do it "if they thought that Atlas held the world by sheer force of Titan and his athletic body, in turn, that was what was holding Atlas?. The truth is that the idea that the earth just floated it could not happen to anyone. We could see that image through education and know that the globes do not need to be held by any Titan, since the land itself is suspended in space. Even when all that we can observe in the world is that things usually fall. This is a contributor contribute little about the globes, but is that if you were Greek maybe not had been asked the same question?.

Feng Shui Design

In Feng Shui Qi is understood as a pervasive force that circulates in the external environment for man. At home and on ulitse.Na land, sea, mountains. Qi - everywhere. Qi - is the invisible energy that she brings protsvetanime and good luck. A feng shui - the art use to attract and generate the energy. The ancient Chinese believed that Qi - a breathing space dragon. The balance and harmony in the environment, generate copious flows of Qi. The Chinese are correlated nature analyzing processes with mystical powers - Dragon, Tiger, Turtle and Phoenix.

The Chinese believed that Qi creates landscapes - mountains and rivers, hills and valleys. Qi determines the shape and color of the environment, health of plants, all living creatures, including humans. Qi man - a spirit that controls its activity. Excess or deficiency of Qi determines a person's health and vitality .. Ancient sought perfection through balancing the internal Qi.

But a little balance. Man must live in harmony with prostranstvom.To is Qi of the human body should be in harmony with its surroundings Chi. Qi flows should proceed smoothly. Today we know that this is a harmonious interaction between the two types of qi and determines how good Feng Shui will be the place. "A good feng shui" means our compatibility with the environment, good for the area that we call home. feeling fullness of life energy. So, good feng shui - it's abundance and a happy first appeared in Feng Shui "School Forms". She has used animal symbolism, studying the formation of the "Green Dragon" and "White Tiger" and was based on the what is "good" or "bad" feng shui depends on the location of mountains and rivers. Later came the "Compass School". She used the symbol of the bagua (eight trigrams) and the magic square Lo Shu, opened the laws that allow a person in harmony with its surroundings. Masters of this school invented Lopan - Chinese geomantic compass. The main sources of the practice of Feng Shui. This system Ganchzhi, Five Elements, the philosophy of the I Ching, the trigrams Bagua and magic Lo Shu square.

Web Gifts

Any normal person on the planet, has a chance to fully realize his real life and a decent addition, and filled with joy. Explicitly for this is nothing special prodelyvat personally he would not have. Better only remember that really gets positive experiences as an option making all kinds of gifts to others. Fun fact of giving gifts at all times double, because it gets a vivid experience and the man on earth, which itself directly receives any gift. Simply, to make a gift to a man or a woman a gift, you can not expect some sort of excuse in the form of the coming celebration of the day or its birth. Of course with such a method of ordinary life, there is no place for tears, and loneliness. Let's just say as a gift, handed little known person on earth, this is a great option to have a new friend, and in addition, the Either way it is hoped that someone will hand in return, too, in response, whatever gift. However, we must not forget that to whom it would not have thought about what a gift it is in any case must be clearly unique, and it makes no difference who will clearly be the man in the world, corny one, friend, spouse or lover, or colleague. Details can be found by clicking Areva or emailing the administrator.

Picking up any gift, mandatory recommend this to remember about the inimitable. Original gift, absolutely always the best choice would be the most completely regardless of to whom he will, whether it be an amazing gift to man or woman. Currently, it is not necessary to break head, where to find original gift, and how he actually necessarily have to look at. Definitely to be solved with a gift, and, in addition, and buy requires only a connection to the global network. Actually, owing to better network and in addition and the formation of specialized Web sites, it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel and come up with anything. At appropriate sites can always be absolutely buy the most unusual gifts for women or unusual gifts for men.

Naturally, the final choice, this kind of gift to fully be strictly just for you. Of course proper at such sites is that pick up, to sort a variety of variations, and eventually stop your choice on that gift, in fact that, according to your opinion, is the best will love the man. Visit once this Internet portal, the You do not get trouble searching for what you want gifts holiday for anyone. A huge range of products, and, in turn, reasonable prices, but other than that, and of excellent quality, not just a great pleasure to impress, but also this and the most original gifts for women. Definitely so, full surely possible to get a person's status among his friends and a good addition and unpredictable. And yet, to be sure directly to that per se, it still one hundred percent none was presented, and really not give. In the event that real life is boring and besides sulfur, do not expect to recommend changes, you can change it and one, and most available option is to give any gifts, with such a pleasure to receive and present as a priceless gift - a unique joy to others. Do not carry it for tomorrow, to pick up any gifts and handing them worth now.


What is an anecdote, which easily turns the impossible into the desired, relative to the absolute, top to bottom, in the ordinary fantastic, but not to create new hierarchies and myths, and to cast doubt exist? The answer to this question is easy and difficult at the same time. Let's try to understand. At first glance, anecdote - a simple, often primitive short story of everyday life, on the other hand - the subject of Anecdote refuses to turn facts into values, certainly not "appreciate" the object of his story, as narrated neobhodimoimeet some tsennostiimeet some tsennostiigra voobrazheniyaigra imagination. To broaden your perception, visit Western Union. The main task of a joke - laughter and a great pleasure, which he calls, rather than truth itself. Publishers Clearing House recognizes the significance of this. Laughter for a joke - it's his right to a future life. Other rights he does not. The researchers argue that modern jokes historically originated as stories about the funny side of life of the great and famous people.

Anecdote constantly calls his heroes from ordinary people, deprives them of their height, put in place, ie Descends from heaven to earth. Even The gods themselves have lost their status, once in modern anecdote. Heaven and hell have become a common site of action of anecdotes. Anecdote and not think to revive the Gods. God jokes - it's a toy, helping to invent new plots joke. Or label with which the world had grown thematised jokes.

Not surprisingly, the Soviet Union (the main source of jokes - Odessa - was then the Soviet city) polzovalsya popular political anecdote services has been limited by fear of arrest and long detention camp, but the jokes still were written and told by the ear the most loyal friends. It is important to note the presence of a certain type of jokes containing signs of hidden envy of our time - it's jokes, which mocked the "new Russian". It is a sign of social antagonisms, dislike the "new rich". One of the motives of this feeling is probably the envy of the rich life the other, although one should not forget that satirizes social stratum was grateful material for jokes. Further, as a response to the numerous beauty contests, appeared and were actively picked up jokes about blondes, although it is clear that hair color does not affect intelligence. Laughter is also possible in the field beyond a certain morality. Thus, the object of humor in the jokes of our new common is violence or innocent savagery that occurs from a misunderstanding of the moral values imposed on the model of perception, which is torn away by ridicule. The point here is rather in the way of submission and mechanism of action of the story. Absurd and cruel fun of modern anecdote including cases that for a "romantic" are absolutely ridiculous. And there is seen a tendency to ridicule totalization - is absolutely ridiculous, and all around trying to find a calls and asks for nothing. Anecdote is free of any kind whatsoever regulations. The one who receives it, he promises clean, fun game. And this is the main therapeutic function of the anecdote. It removes the fear of the world does not brings people together, removes the alienation between them, preserving their autonomy and independence. Wise parable peculiar anecdotes. It is no coincidence some of the formulas of the jokes went over to the aphorisms and sayings,

Mechanical Lock

When selecting the protective device at the vehicle owners the question arises: what is still better mechanical protection or a car alarm? Car alarm in the main block electrical circuit car, which significantly increase the time to find them. Advantages in installing car alarms a lot of it and autostart engine, turbo timer, the possibility of raising the glass, opening doors and trunk with a remote control car alarm. Only minus the car alarms that developers are trying to do is remove the possibility to scan the code stick, which removes the alarm is disarmed, and therefore no noise when car theft. This loophole and used car thief. All developers alarms constantly change and improve ways to encode the signal stick. The newest way is to make conversational code, it is used in car alarm starline dialog, according to the manufacturer this marking can not be scanned. For mechanical protection of the castle include cpr, the lock on the steering wheel lock on the hood. The mechanical interlocks can not crawl as signaling.

Mechanical locks operated by keys and are protected by various methods hacking (twist drill and larvae). The main disadvantage of mechanical locks is their apparent location. Thief does not need to look for, For example, locking the ppc, it is clearly visible, and to take it off, remove the console and make some noise grinder or drill. The best way to protect your car, it is to combine mechanical and electronic lock device, such anti-theft complex several times reduce the risk of stealing your car. You still think it is better to set the lock cpr or alarm? Install anti-theft complex. This article was prepared by

Reservations Car

(Function lock all doors, feedback, autostart - it is for your convenience), 2) Reservations glasses. Book glasses - it's actually the same tint, but the film is much thicker and break the glass improvised means (motorcycle helmet, such as usual), it becomes impossible. Protection against 'hijacker layman "with them harder, they are not just stole a car and already know what's what. So how can we resist them? What they are doing or trying to do, to steal car? 1) Breaking Glass. Defense: Book of glass, alarm system with siren, which will attract attention until the thief tries to break the glass, and 2) Open the hood. Defense: mechanical lock on the hood, and 3) start the car.

Defense: immobilizer (with an identification mark, or fingerprint reader), 4) To go by car. Defense: mechanical lock the steering shaft and / or mechanical locking gearbox. Perhaps check out Nigel Butcher for more information. Protection from 'professional thief' How sadly, but such does not exist. "Masters" of his case will be within a month to track down the car and pick a convenient time. Typically, such hijackings occur on demand and in the quality of the work is not so good doubt. But they can interfere, thus increasing the chance that your favorite car will be in place, the truth means to do so is not cheap.

What can I do? Any remedies car - this time for professional thief! Means necessary to put that protection, which takes the most time at the intruders: 1) All the above funds, 2) a satellite tracking system for the car, 2) Manual alarm system 'Tehnoblok. What to choose? Adding a bit of concrete, based on our experience we can advise: Alarms Star Line, in particular Star Line Twage A9, Star Line Twage B6, Star Line Twage B9. Alarm 'StarLine "refer to systems of high technological level extensive protection, anti-theft and service capabilities. Well as to the merits of these alarms can be attributed the relatively low prices. Immobilisers: Black Bug Super and Black Bug Biocode. Mechanical anti-complexes: Dragon, Mul-T-Lock, Garant, Tehnoblok (TECNOBLOCK). Gsm-ins: Reef GSM-2000, Reef GSM-3000 satellite tracking systems: Cesar Satellite, CobrConnex All of the above remedies can and should be combined and then choose what you like, but remember that the best protection - complex.

Positioning Methods

The main application of these systems - integrated provision of vehicles, provision of search for stolen vehicles. Methods for locating radio frequency. The location of the vehicle is determined by measuring the difference between the distances of the transport means of three or more relative positions. This group of methods can be divided into two groups: methods that implement the computation of coordinates on the results of the special reception of radio signals on board rolling stock object (the methods of direct or inverted radio navigation), and methods that are generally called for in this Article means Radiodirection an absolute or relative position of a moving object is determined by reception of radio signals emitted by a network of stationary or mobile receiving stations. Radio direction-finding methods using distributed through a network of finders, or using mobile direction-finding tools possible to track the location of objects, equipped with radio transmitters, beacons. Navigation methods are implemented on the basis of pulse-phase ground-based navigation systems (such as 'Loran-C "-' The Seagull") and medium-satellite navigation systems (SRNS) gps navstar - glonass. The best accuracy and performance now have satellite navigation systems, in which accuracy is achieved Positioning in the standard mode is not worse than 50-100 m, and the use of special methods for processing data signals in phase-detection mode or differential navigation - up to several meters. The advantage of data methods are a global positioning, it can be used on virtually any territories and lines of any length, good accuracy, the ability to determine an object's position on the map areas, the ability to determine not only the coordinates but also the height, speed and direction of motion of an object, a high degree of compatibility with automated information processing systems.

Hybrid Supercar

After winning the 2002 West Philly Hybrid X Team to race Tour de Sol, the team asked the question: 'Why hybrid cars are not very popular? '. This question has generated a new idea - the creation of the world's first hybrid super car - fast, environmentally pure hybrid sports car. West Philly Hybrid X Team began exploring this issue during the summer research program. The team concluded that hybrids require considerable fuel savings, but boring and monotonous. Modern supercars now have very powerful engines that are necessary to disperse the car to a speed that is breathtaking. Students found the car in which a motor increased efficiency in conjunction with a body of lightweight materials, can exceed the speed all the modern performance supercars. To achieve this effect in the K1 Attack used: Platform - 816 kg, W-shaped turbo diesel capacity of 112kW, driving the rear axle, electric AC Propulsions - 149kW, driving the front axle. To save a lot of small new supercar was powered electric motor capacitors discharge from Hi Tech,

Maintaining a Battery

On most modern cars set of lead-acid batteries. This is due to their relatively low cost, ease of use, reliability, frost and other factors. The battery is composed of 6 separated from each other batteries. Each "slot" produces 2B. On average, the battery is 2 to 5 years. The service life depends on battery care. Battery terminals are often covered corrosive coating, white or green. This can lead to a breach of Dielectric contact.

What would prevent his education on terminal must wear antisulfatnye washers. To eliminate this fault have a sharp object to remove sulfate crystals, clear out the battery terminals and lugs. Remove contaminants from the top of the battery, it can be done easily with a brush, not metal, to avoid short circuit. Before installing the terminals should be put on antisulfatnye washer or apply a coat of grease after installation tips should also lubricate them, because sulfation does not occur without the air. It should be very carefully monitor the level and density of electrolyte in the battery, when laid bare plates on them will be formed remedied sulfate, which will lead to a drop in battery power, and high content of acid will harm an active mass of the battery. The electrolyte level should be 1 cm. above the plates, if it is not enough, you must fill with distilled water.

The battery must always be charged, the charge can be checked krutanuv engine starter, if not cool or twists slightly, the battery requires recharging. The frequency of servicing the battery depends on the operating conditions, the more often the battery is in operation, and the higher the temperature outside, the less need the intervals between maintenance. When driving should follow the ammeter reading. To charge battery chargers are available ustroystra that convert ac 220V to dc voltage with an approximate 14-16B. Why with an estimated? In while the charge current and voltage vary depending on the battery charge. Normal charge time - 8 hours. Recommended for many battery charging mode: voltage 14.1-14.2V, the current strength - 0.1s. Where "C" battery capacity. When charge is necessary to open the lid for easy exit of gases, as necessary to monitor the temperature of the battery - at 45 C, the charge should be immediately discontinued. Especially strictly enforce rules charging for maintenance of the gel battery. Devices for battery maintenance are necessary in every garage. When servicing the battery is necessary to observe safety rules. All manipulations with the acid should be done with glasses and gloves. When mixing the electrolyte should pour acid into water receptacles shall be of not reacting with acid substances. Ideal - glass. If you are not operating the vehicle in the winter, the best solution to be asked to enter the battery home, it will save it from being damaged by frost. But still, sometimes it needs to be recharged. When you perform these simple requirements your battery will last for many years.

Quality Wheels Replica

The main tool in the fight to the road in winter is winter tires. The need for winter wheels in our climate zone is more than 150 days a year when the roads covered with ice, rain, and the air temperature does not rise 7 degrees. This period of about 5 months from November to March. Unlikely to need someone to persuade on the impact of winter wheels in the cold season, as they provide a better grip, reducing the braking distance compared with a summer tire, and also increases the safety of those present in the car. To replace the tires you can go to any tire.

In contrast to the summer tires, winter tire is adapted to the respective action at low temperatures, and its composition is based on another formula. Putting winter tires, you can be sure of a good handling car at temperatures from +20 degrees to -25 degrees, as it is softer. However, it should be noted that the bus, which is used in the winter, at about 7 degrees erased more quickly, which in turn leads to a reduction in tire life. Tread is another factor that impact on improving the tires. Winter tires, compared with summer, have equipped the wide grooves, and they are perpendicular to the direction of driving. With these elements of the tread a lot of water and snow through the bus absorbed more efficiently, as they at the time of contact with the road is increasing. Winter tread promotes better riding in mud or snow. Some manufacturers of winter tires offer a bus with three-dimensional lamellae, which contributes to better braking in winter.

Thanks to the great flexibility of winter tires, its contact with the slippery conditions better, resulting in the acceleration of cars easier, safer, and the stopping distance is shorter. Need remember that winter wheels have a lifetime limited. Bus, in which the tread depth is less than 4 mm, to be replaced. Also in no way winter tires should not be used in the summer, as they are designed for ride only in the winter. Of course, to determine a specific time to replace the summer tires for the winter difficult. It all depends on air temperature. If the temperature is below 7 degrees, it is necessary to put winter tires, if higher, You can ride the summer. And another important point. Install winter tires on both axles to car, especially if the road is slippery.

Italian Espresso

In this case, and pots, and the press, and Hot Spring coffee very time-consuming and does not make life easier. But the electric drip coffee maker or machine for the espresso - it's an excellent option, saving you time and effort. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages, so the choice here depends on your personal preferences. Drip in the Republic of Belarus first appeared drip coffee maker. Sometimes referred to as filtration.

Their work is quite simple. Milled coffee beans are placed in a special filter (it can be made of paper or metal), located inside the funnel placed over a glass or ceramic container for the finished beverage. Cold water is poured into another container, in which it is brought to a boil and gradually droplet enters the funnel. This is the essence of the "drip" method. Initially, such models are not very fast process, but today most manufacturers switched to an accelerated method that allows make coffee in minutes. Capacity for the finished beverage produced from various materials - plastics, glass and ceramics. Many manufacturers include in their models the opportunity to put a pot of coffee in microwave.

Main advantages of coffee - they are easy to use and such coffee makers can be bought quite cheaply. The second type of device - is "espresso". Contrary to popular belief, do not call it because of the speed of coffee, but because the essence of the method - cooking under pressure. Incidentally, the first coffee "espresso" was a mechanical, invented it in 1901, the Italian engineer Luigi Bitstsera. Feed pressure with a special lever that had to be lowered manually. And here are the first semi-automatic models have appeared only in 1947. Buy coffee "espresso" can be not only the birthplace of this remarkable invention, but also in our country. True, those who want to buy this model, it is worth considering a few important points. First of all, for espresso, you need to buy coffee especially finely ground (usually indicated on the packaging). In addition, coffee espresso are two basic types, the advantages of each of them can talk a long time. However, experts say that for home use are more suitable so-called Steam-Espresso. However, temperatures in these aged less than in more expensive, but more sophisticated and Pump-Espresso, with an electromagnetic pump. Some manufacturers produce combined machines, basically a coffee maker "2 1, combining the best features of drip machines and devices such as "espresso". Our online store offers the widest range of quality espresso machines of all types. Let your every morning will begin with a small taste of the holiday!

Honda Accord

And all this accompanied by constant slip! Wagging tail Hch-QO miles shows that we can not feel the full potential of the motor, but even so everything is clear. Departing in Tyagun after sandwiched CEC, Neil is with great pleasure drift. In this machine does not give the slightest reason to doubt its predictability and stability, which is perfectly fine-tuned suspension illstriruet., So how does all of this was achieved? Experience something special guy was not, and go and look for the necessary Soup! Neil with pleasure and even pride explains: 'This half parts of Cosworh. They are a hundred times easier to find. When you say 'Ford', for you can find any piece of iron! And a lot cheaper.

That's why most of the motor parts - from the Honda Civic or Honda Accord 2008. 'The valves would have to make to order, so I just picked up from the Pinto, at 12 pounds apiece. All other 'glands' just fit. Neil self-polished head, wasted channels simultaneously by setting a more aggressive camshaft. Our hero urges to get a forged piston, if you plan to get to such facilities, as native pigs - a weak spot. Naturally, he found racing - from Honda. Turbine and intercooler also once have been created to work on the 'Kosi'.

'All that was invented so that' Ford 'go faster, modified and Used here! " (And, incidentally, very good work, because the motor works in race conditions for 2 years and only requires an oil change!) The problem with traction Neil decided the old fashioned way: most vkoryachiv wide wheels possible. 'It is inconceivable stretch wide enough for slicks native' shestnashki ';, so I switched to 18 inches. Now rubber survive the whole season. " Believe it or not, but on a machine with limited slip dif! And this native of differential, only the highly 'pursed'. What is truly impressive about the transmission, so it's own box Ralliart. 'Mit subisi' doing a small amount of transmissions to rally 'Straionov'. It is a native housing stuffed with enhanced detail from the famous firm Quaife. 'She stood with me for 4 seasons, and I do just oil changing. No bearings or synchronizers, the butter! " Suspension components, surprisingly, for the most part standard, but the lion's share of RC joints replaced. Bilstein coilovers provide the required number of adjustments, and most importantly - can put a lot of different types of springs. 'I can not even remember what I have now is ... 700 pounds - in front, in my opinion, and 350 - back. " The brakes were taken race - AP Racing - and installed with homemade clips. 'Before I changed the pads before each race, but now you can use one almost the entire season. The thing is, that the pads are no longer heated and, accordingly, the longer walk. " Neil was able to do it all himself, thanks to a great racing experience and a minimum service. 'Stariony' weigh sour - 1300 kg, and had to work hard to make cars lose weight. In the first place, some body parts replaced with fiberglass-Vym, including bumpers, made by Neil. This year he plans to again win the championship and not going to feel sorry for the car, especially if the route be straight and wide!


Now is the time to worry about skiing. Especially because now is the time to buy them, because in the middle of the winter season will be in stores and worse choices, and prices will rise slightly. A buy-skiing - it, believe me difficult. Skiing is adjusted depending on height, weight, and even sex skier. But above all, the purchase of a pair depends on where and how they were going to ride them, because there are ski downhill and cross-. To the winter develop in the near ski park, you will need cross-country skiing - are relatively soft, with long toes and sharp and they are called "classical." But supporters of so-called "ridge" of a course - a particular style of riding reminiscent of slipping on the ice - prefer a bit shorter and more rigid skis. But in any case, for those who are not planning a trip to the mountains, suitable usual classical skiing.

Modifications to the mountain ski, there are many - a classical model for the usual ride down the slope, and there are for carving - the descent from the "turn", there is a freestyle, is for extreme, etc. In addition, there are several types of skis, for example, fishing, travel, baby, so before you go to the store, it is best to consult a specialist, or if you are just starting to learn this kind of entertainment, buy a classic model. And the mountain, and cross-country skiing made of two materials - wood and plastic. Today in great demand the plastic and wooden skis have little where you can buy. The fact that plastic skis have many advantages over wood.

For example, they are much stronger and more durable - one pair will last for many seasons. When purchasing skis you need to carefully inspect the sliding surface: there should be no external defects, cracks, scratches. Another is to draw attention to their length. Thus, the length of the cross-country skiing should be 10-15 cm higher growth skier, a mountain - in less than 20 cm of growth for new and equitable growth - for those who feel confident on the slopes. The cost of skis varies on average between 100 up to $ 700 for imported models and from 1500 rubles - for the domestic. By the way, skiing in the world is entertaining high society audience, but because many companies manufacture skis, poles and boots to the spirit fashion. So last year's model often sells ski brand with significant discounts, which can reach up to 50%! Honestly, vendors and say, "They went out of fashion ...." The kit for each model makers Ski offer. They must be properly installed and adjusted to fit the shoe, the growth of the skier and his weight. The cost of good shoes is often equated to the cost of the ski, yet save this part of the equipment should not - depend on it not only easy to slip, but the security skier. No accident that some fans are buying branded shoes, skis and take the rent. Shoes must be seated at feet firmly, but do not reap. It remains to buy ski poles (150-450 rubles from the Russian-made and imported $ 15) and can say that the minimum set of equipment for skiing you have and can start site selection of skating.

Crushing Equipment

It may be noted that the construction industry, along with the area of production of building materials, today expanded particularly active. And in the manufacture of a variety of materials, in particular - aggregates, is involved extensively all possible crushing grinding and sorting equipment. Fully with crushing equipment allows you to process natural materials for practical stone for construction, gravel, sand and concrete. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nigel Butcher by clicking through. In addition, a significant enough popular offshoots such finishing construction materials such as plastic foam processing, plastics and polymers, and various construction debris. Use of such equipment makes the industrial production of optimally profitable and productive. If in the construction industry used crushing equipment, it is sometimes allows virtually completely abandon the cost of removing debris from the production, because all, without exception, rubbish again processed and again come into commercial production. For this need to install on-site production of conveyor belt, which will send the waste to the fragmentation and secondary processing. This technique provides an opportunity to do much more significant efficiency of production, making it much more efficient, reduces the total time of production processes.

The most important thing that is required when installing such a system is functioning, this conveyor belt, you'll need to change from time to time, particularly if the production system is based on the processing of very hard materials. While the conveyor belt provides an opportunity to apply various kinds of materials for further processing. For example, construction companies and firms for the manufacture of building materials can often do well and demolition of dilapidated houses. The resulting disintegrated may be sent to landfill, and can be process and obtain a functional gravel, cement and the foundation for many other necessary construction materials. Using debris of construction, and in addition obtained by dismantling the old structures can actually increase the financial capacity of a specific production, create it more productive. In this case, the buyer selected construction materials received by the newest technologies on the basis of secondary processed raw materials, acquire quality products at affordable rates. Such production can be called truly effective, and in terms of economy, and in terms of conservation environment.

International Women

In anticipation of any important dates, including International Women's Day, in the minds of people start flickering eternal question: 'what to give? " In our case, even this: 'what to give your favorite woman on March 8? " And once followed by a question in the mind emerges hackneyed phrase that is important is not a gift, and attention. For even more opinions, read materials from Western Union. Gross error of many is that they understand this phrase as follows: no matter what to give - if only to show attention. But in fact, a gift must have utility for the owner, even if the utility is simply the pleasure of seeing things. Besides being useful, the gift must have a few more properties. First, it must be socially approved, that a woman could, for example, boasts in front of them friends or colleagues.

This property is inherent to any jewelry and expensive gifts, which are both or otherwise demonstrated to the public and highlight the status of the owner. Second, the gift must show the woman that she is loved and desired. For this reason, best not to give a set of saucepans, a set of lacy bottom clothes or expensive perfume. Third, the gift should be expected. Yes, yes, women like 'predictable surprises' and before the holidays begin, as a rule, actively hint as to what gift they want - a man remains only to hear these insinuations. In addition, the gift should not be drastically different in price range from that which was presented last year. After all, if the past 8 March were given slippers, and this - necklace with diamonds, then a woman can smell a rat (even if there is no real reason). Finally it is worth adding that the gift should always be accompanied by a ceremonial greeting, because women love beautiful words in the address, and here is just better to show some originality and not repeat the same words every year. And do not forget the flowers!

Russian Wedding

In addition, the toaster can act in the role of the actor. Toastmasters in Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian and Russian toaster - it's like they say, "two big differences." If the hero of this article led to a wedding, then above all it is worth mentioning that the Russian marriage has traditionally been accompanied by crying, but the Ukrainian is not without reason called "vesllyam." During a Russian wedding in the old singing about how well the bride lived in the father's house, and What a hard life awaiting her groom's house. Publishers Clearing House is full of insight into the issues. Therefore, in Russia, the toastmaster at a wedding sometimes spends a lot of rituals buy to offset the financial burdens of the future bride and groom's ransom for druzhek right to ascend the threshold for pass to the bride, bridesmaids at her ransom for the right to display the bride of his parents' house, buy guest spoons, towels and other items and, of course, the bride herself with her toilet things during the wedding. Ukrainian Title Wedding - vesllya, derived from the word "veselitisya." Ukrainian brides position has historically been more independent. Nigel Butcher is often quoted on this topic. Marriages are usually committed by mutual consent of the bride and groom, so the Ukrainian toastmaster as typically spends less rites of redemption. (In particular, a modern city weddings - auth.) But in Ukrainian (as well as in Russia), wedding, often the emphasis on rituals, checking the readiness of young people for the joint life. For example, the toaster can beat about half the pot with corn and coin, and then hand the bride broom.

Template Installation

After creating the site, you decided to publish it on the Internet. As you probably already know you need hosting (space on a server for your site). See more detailed opinions by reading what Western Union offers on the topic.. I will tell on what parameters vybiraetsya tariff hosting plan. 1) Place on disk. One of the most important parameters.

Accordingly, the more disk space you predostalyaetsya, the more information can be stored. For the average site enough to 100mb. There are currently hosting companies offer from 20mb to 100gb. Although you can find even more. 2) Traffic. Hikmet Ersek is actively involved in the matter. A very important parameter. The more traffic predostavlyaetsya per month, the more information can users download from your site.

For frequent enough to 10gb of traffic month. 3) The presence on the server PHP, Per, MySQL databases, CGI-BIN, PHPmyAdmin now just need to serious functional and user-friendly site. 4) The number of sub domains, web sites, FTP. Each host in different ways. The more the better. If you purchase a hosting service I hope the example you understand what a subdomain. 5) Number of E-mail. In principle, you may need and a large number of addresses on that is worth paying attention to this parameter. 6) The administration panel. Most izvesnye cPanel and DirectAdmin. About them More details can be found about the hosting panel. 7) A very important parameter yavlyaetsya Data Backup (backup). Ie your site several times a day sohranyaetsya on another server and in cases not desirable Template Installation, you can always restore your site. It is very convenient and useful. In principle, the basic parameters on which is always obrazhat attention. More details on this topic can follow any responses chitatat Online All about the world of hosting.

Same Colors

But here's room, the walls are painted in saturated color, unique, cozy will not. Another interesting question is: what goes with what must be accompanied by color. Choose whether the curtains in the color of the wallpaper, furniture or the color of the carpet? There is probably no clear rules, most importantly, that one room should not be expressed to attend more than three colors. As for colors of the surfaces, then there exist a few rules. For example, almost any man will be with wary of colored pink floor. Visual stability gives the interior a light color overlay (the ceiling, the upper part of the walls), and the dark color in the lower layer (floor, lower walls).

But reverse combination can cause psychological discomfort. For even more details, read what Western Union says on the issue. Ceiling light in combination with dark walls visually reduce the room. Light walls, which expands the volume of the room and can hide to correct deficiencies lay. With regard to lighting, then you need to remember that all artificial light sources distort colors. Since warm light bulbs make warm colors of light, and cold at the same time give gray shade. Cool fluorescent color, on the contrary weakens the warm colors and cool colors makes more saturated.

Natural light, ie sunlight does not distort color perception, so one of the main problems with the interior design is the preservation of natural illumination. The main role here played by curtains, as it was with curtains may adjust the intensity of the penetration of sunlight into the room. If the room is on the shady side of the house, then the window decorations do not have to choose the fabric drape dark or saturated colors - they will pick up too much light. The window itself is better not to cover with a cloth or use a transparent fabric such as organza white or milky color. If the room windows overlook the sunny side, you can choose opaque fabric with rich hues, the main thing to remember that the curtains in day will be the brightest object in the room, and would therefore be perceived one of the main color accents. Human perception of color can change over time, and has a number of specific features for each individual. Therefore, based on the generally recognized rules of interior decoration, first of all, it is worth to listen to their inner feelings of a particular color. And already the basis of these sensations to plan the design of your home.

Western Georgia

Lobio - is the Georgian national dish of beans. There are many recipes lobio, however, one of the most common choices - typical for the region of western Georgia Samegrelo (also known as Megrelia, Mingrelia) and other areas (Aphazeti, Imereti, Guria, etc.). Lobio mushy. Dark (red, purple, speckled, but not white), haricot bean moved, rinsed and filled with water. There also put onions and sometimes fresh and dried chili peppers. After 2.5 - 3 hours of cooking beans soften, and most grains fall apart. To give the dish a paste-like consistency, knead it further.

At the end add the seasonings and greens - adjika, hop-suneli, leeks and fresh coriander. Properly prepare lobio outside of Georgia (eg, Russia) is not always easy. Often lack the most basic ingredients. For example, a factory flavoring hops-suneli, produced in Russia, often contains completely irrelevant components, such as bay leaves or basil. Is not it easier situation adzhika - Russian producers, far from seeking to preserve the authenticity of cooking, add to it then the tomato paste, then starch, sugar, etc. Therefore, these ingredients are sometimes replaced with a more affordable red pepper and coriander, and add more garlic. Another very common in western Georgia lobio recipe red bean is qualitatively different from the already mentioned that, thanks to roasting has a different texture: grains of beans in most retain their shape, so this is called lobio "Lebiya harkaliya," which means "pebble-lobio", which is connected to an external resemblance to the rocks, turned in the sea wave.

In Georgia, the cook and other lobio, including, from green beans. Lobio household has two functions. On the one hand, it is commonplace dish that is served with the Georgians anciently hominy, corn porridge thick, which often replace white bread. Other culinary companions lobio - snack mzhave (cabbage in Georgian) and fried pork, as well as a variety of fresh greens. On the other hand, lobio - a ritual meal, which is always present at the wake and funeral. However, one must bear in mind that little Georgia is extremely diverse. In one of its region one rule in the other, just ten kilometers - more ... That is why the Georgian cuisine is so diverse and so produces interpretations and variations of recipes. And lobio no exception: many regions, so lobio species. Well, we, gourmets, from this one benefit.


Of course, a momentary solution to the problem is obvious, but what awaits us next? Consider not the most optimistic, but, unfortunately, fairly common scenario. The child becomes a slave of habit, which undoubtedly will affect his future mental development, memory and perception of the world. He was, incidentally, is not easily give up this addiction, what to you and me from eating at night or lying on the couch (instead of jogging to cool Park). The situation is complicated, if mum and dad include a TV in the morning, a familiar gesture, so to speak - and it works into the night, even as many explained, not for the attentive viewer, but just for background. Especially undesirable if the background! After all, it means that he works all day, pouring in child streams of information. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Greenwich Village Art Fair by clicking through. How often do we show the good news? That our child will be considered the norm after the story about the everyday And if it is accompanied by a detailed demonstration on the way, the flickering screen? Features of this children's perception characterized by the fact that often the child remembers the information unconsciously.

And parents then wonder where those words in the lexicon of offspring (in the house, nobody does not swear obscenities), and a similar outlook (mom and dad about the "good and bad "does not explain very, but do different aunts and uncles from the screens. See more detailed opinions by reading what Western Union offers on the topic.. By the way, is not always dressed and sober). And then, and then more difficult to overcome ... There are many things loading the child's psyche. Bright flashy colors and increased memory snatch only fragments, and this in turn will lead to what will be violated causal relationships, because the child did not get the connection between two events (phrases, actions). The specifics of child cognition is that it is best at an early age to gain knowledge of direct communication, seeing how the world of relations, participating in establishing contacts with adults and peers. Development of the child is guaranteed suffer if the attempt to replace real people with their emotions and experiences the TV.

A commission of activism? For the baby NATURALLY run-jump-jump, walk on grass barefoot, riding down the hills, swim in the summer and throw snowballs in winter. But this requires us parents to get up off the couch, get dressed and come up with a child on the street, tore himself from his status screen plasma TV or a small kitchen. Why? Help open he world! Become an active participant in this process! It is a pastime and not a joint review of another "soap", helps to build trust with the child. In addition, spending time with baby, you invest in it, and in the future. Needless to say that the quality of your life at some point will depend on whether the person became your son or daughter? Tell your treasure on the stars, trees, flowers, birds! Read, sing, draw, jump in puddles. Put the physical, moral, educational goals and in front of him, not only to him. Tell him about other people, how to live in peace with them ... And then, including therefore, your child will understand what is happiness-happiness of human communication.

Car Prices

Nothing so mars our lives as unjustified price increases. When you feel that you have collected the necessary amount and are ready to buy a car, but in the salons of a new round of growth, and you can not make his long-awaited purchase. However, this process has a downside, as with the price on a new car, creeping up and the price for a used, so the car becomes a means of investment. However, be aware of what cars can be put capital without loss. For this purpose the most suitable year-old domestic car or a three-year foreign language, as after buying a car showroom, it loses 15% of its value. You buy a car in a year when he take a few thousand miles, prikataetsya, so the price is appropriate, drive another year and sell for the same price. Thus, wake skate almost constantly on a new car for the money ....


Look at the pictures, which give the search engines to search for "fireplace and design houses of St. Petersburg" to see how differently might look like fireplaces, made in different styles. Despite the fact that the classics combines many areas they have in common one thing: the shape of the fireplace is simple and elegant, harmonious proportions are respected. The furnace is opened and the portal has a U-shaped. It's believed that Hikmet Ersek sees a great future in this idea. Marble, onyx, jade and dolomite - a very popular content to the classical style. English fireplace often made of wood, it is obligatory mantelpiece. Baroque involves the mosaic or carved decoration, a widely used combination of white marble and gilded bronze.

Marble fireplaces in the Empire style differ pomp and monumentality. Country style to the north of the capital - rather exotic, but nevertheless the case that the interior design of St. Petersburg includes the "rustic" fireplace. Under his furnace is a niche for firewood over the fireplace - a decorative beam on each side - banquettes, and cute knick-knacks on the shelf. Popular materials for lining of wood, neotesany stone, brick, coquina, sandstone, tuff. Fans of luxury and old can stay at the royal tiles. Several centuries ago, these fireplaces decorated palaces in Russia and other countries. Tile fireplace spreads even during its construction: brick wall tiles are fixed using pieces of wire.

Professionals, for whom the creation of interior design and cottages of St. Petersburg - the main area of activity, usually work in high-tech style. Extravagant, non-traditional forms (prisms, polygons) that intersect at different angles of the line, high-tech materials (fire rated glass and special types of plastic, stainless steel) - all signs of fire hi-tech. Certain types of fireplaces can be installed in the finished building, but if you provide for the establishment of an interior element still under construction, the choice of shapes and designs will be much wider.

Global Business Issues

Russia turned towards the West, foreigners willingly take on state service, first erected in Moscow, the Lutheran church, built plans of dynastic marriages with European monarchies. But at the same time a new king begins to reduce scores with opponents, especially members of the old nobility, which never recognized the Godunov match for himself, and thus, it is making more and more enemies. And suddenly - Uaynaputina. It's like Eyjafjallajokull, but much worse. Volcanic eruption in what is now Peru was silsheyshim the history of South America for several years and changed the climate around the globe and in Russia in particular.

But only if China's problems with fruiting trees in Germany has fallen almost all wine-making, but in Russia ... Then came the three hungry, when summer frosts struck such that the Moscow River was covered with ice. Famine, has grown a hundredfold in the price bread, there have been cases of cannibalism. Boris responds to short-sighted and somewhat hysterically, first trying unsuccessfully to control the price of bread, then distributes the money to the poor than is tremendous inflation, then open state granaries are full and the capital thousands of starving, many of which, exhausted, dying on the streets. The only thing that does not dare to make the king - a force to know, monasteries, etc., to sell surplus grains, their barns were full, despite the prevailing famine everywhere, that has not escaped the attention of the people. Needless to say, guilty of all seen it with his terrible Godunov (according to public opinion) and the sins of the royal rating fell to a lower limit.

Borisov government obviously was not pleasing to God, and therefore, the population twenty provinces with a clear conscience have taken part in the uprising Cotton (1603-1604gg.). Cotton defeated and executed - and here the news that the Tsarevich Dmitry alive and moving with his army to Moscow. The king understands that whoever this man was, he - contender for the throne, if only because of the hatred felt by the people to their present king. And that means death and Boris himself, and his family. And although the army will be divided into the Pretender in January 1605 and back down to Putivl, Boris Godunov is not recovered from the collapsed on him trouble and died April 13, 1605 (conspiracy theorists of the time will tell - poisoned, unable to bear the pangs of conscience). His son for a short time become a king, but it will be poisoned with his mother, beloved daughter Xenia, who only a few years ago, intended to become a Swedish princess, becomes a concubine vpuschennogo boyars in Moscow, Dmitrii.

British Cabs

The world famous black cab, black cab - the official taxi in England. That is the London taxi, which from the beginning of the century was the same attribute of London as Big Ben or red double-decker buses. The story begins in ... 1639, when Kouchmenov Corporation was established license carting. Western Union often addresses the matter in his writings. First, crews were by four - they were called Hackney (hackney - itinerant horse). And in the years 1840-1850 have entered into use more agile two-wheeled open carriage - convertible or in short cab. One hundred years ago, the decline of the era of horse-drawn carriages - on the streets of London left 70 elektrokebov Bersey, travel at a speed of 15 km / h.

However, all elektrokebmeny in the same year went bankrupt, and the last horse in London kebmen surrendered his license until 1947. V1907 was begun Taxi boom, many have begun to develop cars specifically for use as taxicabs. Incidentally, the English today are reluctant to recall that one of most popular London taxi at a quarter-century (until 1932) was a cab Unic, produced ... French firm Georges Richard. Now in good old England, there were three firms that built taxi cabs - London Taxi International, Hooper and Asquith, known their replicas. The design of these vehicles remains as conservative as they are not changing for decades appearance. In kebah driver certainly sits behind a partition, bags are placed next to the driver. Still more recently, the taxi had to be necessarily black, which symbolizes the honor and dignity. Today the streets of the capital of the kingdom and beyond are increasingly found a taxi most unbelievable colors, carrying mostly on their bodies, billboards. Taxi

Media Advertising

In the case of advertising in the media play the role of specific editions, its frequency and location of the advertisement and its appearance. It is important that the publication of advertising was not disposable. That is why most effective will be advertising in the press, which has a low frequency. Although in this case, the effect of advertising may be short, because dailies are released frequently. That is why it is necessary to publish advertisement were durable. However, in some cases it may be an effective and advertising published in the monthly magazine, or yearbook. In this case, the decisive factor will be the location and appearance of type of advertising. First of all, advertising is desirable to have value-stopper, but if the ads will only be surrounded by the editorial material, it is not necessary.

Generally it is desirable that an ad does not was in the midst of other ads. Do not place specific advertising messages in newspapers and magazines, which reads most people because it's just pointless. This advertisement is simply incomprehensible to almost all readers, and the likelihood that your ad gets to the eyes interested specialists, is small enough. These ads are better placed in specialized publications. The advertisement must take into account the size, color appearance, as well as the content and design. Hikmet Ersek is a great source of information. Of course, the big announcement will attract more attention. But a small but well decorated and well-ad can be quite effective. Here, all depends on the skill of the creator of advertising, which aims - to make the ad different from the other, to make him stand out.

For print ads include booklets, leaflets. Dissemination of advertisements of this type should accompanied by a certain type of presentation, although it is possible, and their binding, such as a bulletin board. In this case, anyone interested can get access to information. Your ad should stand out among others, attract attention. Effective way of placing print ads is to place it in vehicles. During travel in taxi, bus or other form of public transport many passengers, if not all, just look out the window or are considering traveling companions. Very rarely they are busy with something can completely occupy their attention. Advertising is placed on a wall or a glass of transport has attracted the attention of virtually all passengers, regardless of whether they are interested in directly Information. And for one fare ads usually read by several times, even if it is not enough attractive appearance. Adverts placed in transport can create a double effect in the morning and evening hours. In the morning, many passengers are not yet fully awake, and therefore strongly absorb information at an unconscious level. In the evening enhancement of perception is associated with fatigue after working hours. It is widely known that the sleepy state of fatigue and increase a person's susceptibility to information.

Advertising Agency Celebrated

In June, an interactive advertising agency ErstMedia celebrated its first anniversary. Starting work in a crisis, the company has a good start and managed to take a unique niche by developing the concept of "new marketing" and offered clients a comprehensive approach to promote the Internet. Over the past year the company sold a number of major projects, partners and customers ErstMedia became internationally known companies. In the spring of 2009 started new website agency (, presented in four languages. One of the main principles ErstMedia - never stop in place.

Therefore, the agency is building bold plans for the future, working with new clients, while continuing an active and fruitful cooperation with existing ones. In June ErstMedia received an invitation to attend the annual conference of the "SPIC-2009", held in St. Petersburg. In the near future will start a corporate blog agencies, where regularly appear on news the company, announcements, discussion of topical issues go online industry and marketing. Static and boring sites belong to the past, advanced users want interactivity. Therefore, modern companies need for developing an Internet resource of the new generation with lots of interesting "chips" that can attract and keep audiences. One aspect of this work is to develop ErstMedia concepts and the creation of these unique sites.

In addition, the agency specializes in advancing ErstMedia brand in social media: blogs, social networks, thematic communities, using their own methods of work. Another effective "skate" the agency ErstMedia - contextual advertising, which helps as accurately as possible to find a target audience and potential customers. During this year the company has a lot of experimenting, developed and tried various techniques of internet marketing and ultimately chose the ones that really work effectively. A comprehensive approach and conduct the campaign on their own, without involving third-party contractors ErstMedia distinguishes from other companies. This approach not only saves time, effort and money the client, but also allows the best use of all elements of the campaign, providing a consistently better result.

Corporate Advertising

Corporate advertising is not generally required to promote products and to create a company image. Many domestic companies are ordered to promote the creation reklamnyhrolikov own products. To do video requires teamwork of the entire team, which requires the costs. However, not all companies find it necessary to spend money on corporate advertising, believing in it, that they do not get it, as they say, neither pair nor a gain. Nevertheless, corporate advertising contributes to solving many problems. First of all, it helps that the company enjoys wide popularity. This helps to significantly raise the spirits collectivism among staff. Indeed, much nicer to give all the best to achieve a common goal, when working in the company, which knows everything and everyone.

Fame gives the company something called the "name". And it is much facilitates the search for customers and improves chances of winning with the participation in auctions and tenders. Corporate advertising helps to attract the best professionals to work in the company. And the customers, partners, government officials and members of the press refer to the company with a name much more loyal than the company, which no one heard. Another important factor is that corporate advertising company facilitates the interaction with the financial and investment community. In addition, according to studies by American experts, and it helps to increase shareholder value. How much time does it spend, to make a commercial? In answering this question, we give some examples. The company "Dupont", one of the world's largest industrial corporations and research, promotes itself about 60 years.

The world famous "General Electric" - more than 70 years. "Y. Es. Steel Corporation, "one of the largest steel companies engaged in corporate advertising for over 60 years. Advertising OAO "Gazprom" in the late 90s became a mandatory part of television commercials. The same can be said about the Railways. David Ogilvy, world famous advertising agent, believed that short-term corporate advertising campaign will not be able to bring tangible results. After all, in order to turn in their public opinion and raise the value of assets will take time. Inconclusive and will be a campaign that was launched without a clear understanding of goals and objectives of the enterprise. Video about the company should focus on long-term goals and objectives, although many local businesses rely on immediate effect. Corporate advertising needs constant analysis of the performance. This helps avoid errors and inaccuracies in the campaign. Conduct a corporate advertising campaign, you can use any media. However, none of them had to reach an audience, no performance can not yet compete with television.

Metro Advertising

Metropolitan - a broad space for promotional games. What is an ad in the subway? What are its pros and cons? Because of what the ad so appreciated? In this article we analyze the possible topics mentioned. The first is in the underground during the entire period of his work is a large number of passengers. As state dummies in the underground metro area, many people begin an acute shortage of information. So the ads in the subway has more opportunities to be perceived than advertising somewhere on the streets or on the roadway. Passengers with nothing to do on the road.

Indeed - in the subway is not too many options to pass the time. So most nothing left to do but to "catch" eye for an interesting promotional picture. A special item - advertising on billboards. Transplantation between stops and Kupalovskaya Kastrychnitskaya - the most visited place in the Minsk metro. It follows from this sign on the billboard, located on the stairs and escalators transplant, will be seen the largest number of people. But the sign on the boards, as well as any other advertising in the subway, is useful only when uncertain conditions.

In the first place - this is the correct audience. People metrometropolitena - part of some different masses, for which the advertising some products and services which may be simply not interested. However, in many situations, the information in the underground works quite well. Advertising on billboards - not one kind of advertising in the subway, which is enjoying success. Should use the advertising poster in the newspaper, in the space above the door wagon, in separate leaflets on the walls of cars, in the subway. Advertisement in the metro - it's a coup on the way to the masses. Advertising in the subway - an effective way to advertise products or services. Metro - a measure of development of the city, sign engineering center. The largest and one of the most visited places in Belarus - Minsk Metro, which offers good and comfortable conditions for passenger transportation. In terms of transport infrastructure and congestion with taking into account the time savings when moving along the central thoroughfares, many residents of Minsk forced to use the subway.

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