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Explain why you move, assuming it is positive, and explain that it leaves something very good. 3. Give easy access to your home when several of its neighbors are also selling, it is best to be prepared to show the House or apartment quickly or unexpectedly. If there are many offerings in the neighborhood, you may have many impulsive and unannounced visits. Buyers may have seen his house while visiting a neighbor's and decided to also see theirs this time.

It is reasonable to expect that people make appointments to visit properties, but don't do that your potential clients is much complicate to visit yours. Restrict visiting hours can cause you to lose valuable opportunities. 4 Accent and enhance your home or Department accentuate your home means to decorate it in a way that you like and call attention to potential buyers. Julia Dana writer's Guide to accentuate your home for sale suggests: Make sure that the numbering of your House or building is the correct and very visible. Otherwise the buyers could go to the neighbor's House by mistake. More information is housed here: Hikmet Ersek. Add lighting to make your House look very well at night. People often go for a walk in the afternoon or evening before requesting a visit. Clean and organize your House or apartment.

Organize the bathroom and arrange children's toys. Despersonalice your House. The details that make a House a home can prove to be distractions to potential buyers. Styling your home to fashion. For even more opinions, read materials from Hikmet Ersek. A cover on an old sofa can much enhance a room. People have tighter budgets, and lenders have larger loan restrictions, so buyers do not necessarily have the additional $2,000 to invest in small repairs, places seen as they are in condition of habitation immediately will be more attractive. 5 Ask for the right price for your House or apartment. Since prices are falling in some markets, it is difficult to know what price ask for their property.

The Sugar

They are able to satiate rapidly, inexpensively as well as on a chilly day that will make you feel warmer. If you choose exercise to lose weight, bear in mind something you aspire to eventually do. Don t concentrate on your present inabiility to get it done, but imagine what it might be prefer to really get it done. Was there something in your last vacation you did not possess the stamina to complete? You may did not trust you to ultimately go diving. Think about something you want to do in a place that you simply vacation regularly.

Integrating more wholegrain to your diet will help you slim down. (A valuable related resource: Western Union). You are able to sprinkle some oat bran or wheat germ in your regular cereal if you want. For more information see this site: Mikhael Mirilashvili. Ideally, your whole wheat toast ought to be cup of the low sugar grain with 3 or more grams of fiber. If you re a large fan cherry2012616 of eating fried meals you have to cut these from your diet completely if you wish nhl jerseys wholesale to shed the excess weight. A more healthy choice is to bake such things as chicken and fried potatoes. Seasoning them after baking them until they could be just like satisfying crispy re which. If you re searching for a sweet treat without all of the sugar, then you should attempt adding a dash of cinnamon for your favorite fruit. This provides the fruit to wealthy desert feel without all the sugar.

I have your cake and eat it too whenever you help make your fruits to desert. It reduces stress if you wish to lower your waistline. Encourages the discharge of the body s numerous stress hormones and chemicals within your body which make your body believe it is entering an emergency situation. At these times, body fat burning systems within your body shut lower.

Francisco Alonso

The Spanish physician Francisco Alonso-fernandez speaks even psychological iatrogenesis, caused by the attitudes of some medical professionals. Among them are the lack of empathy, emotional blackmail, and stimulation of hypochondria. Phrases that deny the discomfort or disease diminish the confidence of the patient, elemental to re-establish the organic balance. There are also cases of abuse of jargon incomprehensible to anyone with no medical training, therapeutic and tips difficult to follow, even for professionals who use patient as a means of proselytizing work. That is why many patients are left with face blank when a doctor asked do you have? in place of how are you? Actually a sick person goes to the doctor because he feels bad and does not know what has.

Not happy that a technique, apply on the affected organ as if it were a car that mechanic is going to change a faulty replacement. Even so, the social role of doctor does not relieve people of responsibility of seeking its own equilibrium in their habits. Some of the diseases of the 21st century such as cervical problems and premature osteoarthritis, migraines, anxiety attacks, depression and stress are product of the reaction of the person to the social environment that surrounds him. Own health care is a way of ensuring a healthy environment, mechanism that also works in reverse. Improve the diet, exercise, take care sleep, manage stress and have no abusive conduct leads to health improvements, without having to resort to vegetarianism, asceticism, or the teetotal, but learn to enjoy things with balance. Society and the people have found that balance where the natural is the general welfare as it happened in ancient China, where paid the doctor while the family enjoys good health.


Thanks to its rich history, Sevilla is full of important buildings and monuments. Also, as it is the cradle of bullfighting and flamenco, there are many activities related to these topics throughout the year. Inside, put Sevillian culture of tapas and ceramics, becoming an important component of the city. Sevilla this full of things to see and do, so it is important to consider what are the main tourist attractions in order to be sure to visit them. In the heart of the old city, would tourists visit the Cathedral and the Giralda tower. The huge Cathedral is located in the ground where a mosque was carried out in the 12th century. It covers an area of 11,520 square meters with a nave that rises 42 metres into the sky and side chapels as high as a common church with monuments of the successive centuries.

The decor is simple and there is a perfect balance between their parties. The Giralda tower is the Minaret of the previous Cathedral mosque, and as the Lonely Planet in his Spain guide accurately describes it: its proportions, its delicate decoration with bricks with drawings and colour that changes with the light, makes it perhaps the most perfect Islamic building in Spain. There are some additions made to the building by the Christians, and opinion is divided on whether it has improved or spoiled the tower. Another important sight is the Patio de los Naranjos, which was once the courtyard of the mosque and it is so called because it has a more than 60 orange trees plantation. Nearby is the Mudejar Royal Palace, known as the Alcazar and the Santa Cruz quarter.

In regards to the Alcazar, there are several versions of the history of this place. Some claim that the fortress was built by Muslim rulers in the 10th century and others say that it was the cruel King Pedro using worker Arabs. Contact information is here: Mirilashvili. Anyway, it has been adapted and expanded many times depending on the monarchs. This beautiful place with its rooms, can surely not be lost halls, courtyards and gardens. On the other hand, the Santa Cruz neighbourhood was the medieval Jewish quarter of Seville. It's a picturesque neighbourhood with narrow streets and whitewashed houses. The archive of the Indies, is also a very important place because it is the main file of conquest and colonization of America. It houses more than 40 million documents dating from 1492 until the end of the Empire in the 19th century. The Casa de Pilatos is also a very interesting place, the first Marquis of Tarifa tried to make it seem this building to the Palace of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem. Subsequent owners have contributed to the construction in the medium term which has proved a nice mix of different architectural styles. Finally, the walls and gates of the city, as well as the Maria Luisa Park are unmissable. Sevilla was formerly a fortified city. The walls were designed not only to defend the city, but to prevent the flooding of the river Guadalquivir. Since the original of 166 towers of surveillance and 9 gates, only 3 of every one of them they remain. In terms of doors: door de Cordoba, Macarena door and Postigo del Aceite; and torres: La Torre de Oro, silver tower and white tower. The Park is a paradise within the city, is full of Palm trees and orange trees, ELMS and Mediterranean pines combined with ponds and pavilions.

The Lever

To be in contact with water also lime affects you. If breaks down the thermostat or its probe, we replace the two since they are joined forming the same piece. How to fix a washing machine if the motor does not rotate or patina but less current, can also have a fault in the main engine. If it burns it is more cost-effective to replace it with a new one that winding it. When belt is slipping on the motor pulley, we loosened one of the two screws holding it and pry on it, stretched the pulley. Without releasing the lever tighten the screw again. If the belt is worn, change it with a new one. How to fix a washing machine if not the dirty water is evacuated remove drain plug to verify that any object in the blades of the Circulator is not obstructed.

We will review the engine of drain that is located at the bottom of the washer attached to the rubber that we mentioned earlier. We can apply power directly to verify if it works. If it is wrong, change it. How to fix a washing machine if it does not load water review that power to the solenoid valve, which is connected to the water inlet rubber. If it is not receiving power, fails the programmer. If you do receive, the fault will be in the solenoid valve and you will have to change it. How to fix a washing machine, if not charging enough water or charging more this regulates it a pressure switch at the top of the washer and is connected by a thin rubber at the bottom of the drum. This device comes with factory settings so it is not advisable to change them.

If necessary, because the washer load little water or much spilling by the detergent drawer, we can adjust it using the screws takes. When regulated, we miss a bead of caulk so that the screws are not loose. If it doesn't work, we'll change it. How to fix a washing machine if it doesn't work nothing will check that power cable transmits power to the machine and that the safety switch that is in the lock of the door is not broken.

Carola Del Bianco

What actually happened is that that time had known one of the first cases thicknesses of government corruption of the 1990s, the case of the famous pouch of Amira. Well, this was not another thing that one Hun, with Diego in cane curtain, everyone forgot of Amira. That drove the press very well, but unfortunately with that were account that work from the top was easier than it appeared. River afano him a cloth of 50 meters to Racing with an infiltrate in his puffy about 8 years ago in a match. This bar simply got into the Racing Gallery, asked the flag to the lacade, and was walking to the River Gallery. Pele debuted with kid.

Doping of Riquelme against freedom, was covered by twine that put that inoperative incapable of Lacri, Godfather Grondona and CIA. You know why they sent him to control, because how in that game he ran were fanned. They say that Passarella is garchaba Carola Del Bianco. (I have my doubts, note (M. a. Castro loop) Principi and the Bambino enfiestaron Pata Villanueva.

The Comiso nene is garchaba the wife to the Galician Tolo. Perico Perez this half crazy, anda footwear down the street. Romagnoli is a fan of hurricane. Lucho Gonzalez has a tatoo of Racing. When River was to play at Mar del Plata against Hurricane de Tres Arroyos, closed a puterio for Maxi Lopez campus is religion. Cagna is River. Cat Sessa is garchaba to Rocio Marengo. The ball was the cyclone. Beto Alonso is Racing. Julian Maidana has AIDS. Aguilar Lopez is staying with 2 million from the sale of the pipita Higuain, style. Scaloni moved to Jessica Cirio. Gerlo is garchaba Pamela David. The Pocho Lavezzi each both are garchaba to cereus when I was in Naples. The bare Ischia is terrible horned, but returned with the Lady, wanker.

The Independent

Why I think that it will continue rising Gold 7 October 2009 the price of gold returned to their highs, reaching a new record: this time reached USD 1.036,6 per ounce.Although for some upward outside driven mainly by a then withdrawn version inevitably arises the following question what can we expect for the price of gold from here until the end of the year? The version released by the British newspaper The Independent approaches that of the Gulf oil countries were evaluating abandon the dollar to set oil prices in another currency (or promptly, with reference to a basket of currencies), faced with the weakness of the greenback, was the trigger of the rise in the price of gold. Who has been running this version has generated substantial benefits for those who could anticipate the movements of the market. According to these versions (with valid for be spread foundations?), the Gulf States were in negotiations with Russia, China, Japan and France to replace to the dollar for a basket of currencies. As a result of this, as well as the price of gold was he fired, as if outside a UPS and low on the other side the dollar fell strongly, although he then managed to cut losses as a result of the denial by authorities of Saudi Arabia and Russia. Anyway, the impact was strong and the dollar remained weak and wobbly. The credibility of the version of a possible replacement of the dollar is supported by the strong questioning that is having this currency as the leading global currency. Kuwait country liberated by U.S. For even more opinions, read materials from Nigel Butcher. forces of invasion carried out by Sadam Hussein in the early 1990s, already decided to become independent to the kuwaiti dinar from the US dollar towards the middle of 2007, compared with high and unjustified inflation that was importing the country by pegging its currency to the currency of the United States.

Castilla Number

The market is shown sensitive to the effectiveness of a formula that allows you to stand up to the current situation and that only needs financing, that today the banks are not giving, in order to recover its expansive thrust. Establishments and jobs u according to the data from the study, although the number of flags has grown, the operating establishments, as of December 2008, has been diminished: 58.901 in July 2008 has decreased to 58.305, 596 fewer premises. u as a consequence, can be observed that this decline in retail outlets has influenced job destruction that has taken place according to the figures from the last year: 4.946 jobs, generate 240.875 jobs have been lost, the number has dropped to 235.929 people who work directly in this business model, and that 169.019 make it in local franchisees and the 66.910 remaining in its centres. Hikmet Ersek may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the opinion of Xavier Vallhonrat, these figures indicate the importance that has been the growth in the number of flags that has compensated some fall spectacular, as it is the case of the real estate agencies that reduced their networks in more than 50% of establishments for reasons which, as you know, are not attributable to your franchisor model, but the deep recession suffered by the sector. The franchise, by autonomous communities and the report prepared by the AEF provenance also distinguishes the Central franchise operating in different Spanish autonomous communities. Thus, there is that Madrid still in head, with a volume of turnover of 11.441 million euros (up 1.5%), and in addition he has seen increased the number of power plants in operation with a total of 288 12 more than in July 2008; follow Catalonia, with 236 6 more than in the previous study, whose turnover has also grown by 11%, with 7.285 billion of euros; Valencia, with 92 companies franchisors adds 4 more; Andalusia, with 82 5 more; Galicia, which incorporates 2 Central and goes well to the 32, and Castilla y Leon, 24 3 networks rather than the revision of July 2008.

Network Marketing

Welcome to all experiences. Now I want to ask the utilities are better than wages? Truth with the salary we earn livelihood, with utilities we won fortunes.! Then what we can do to achieve this? How we can work in both? livelihoods and fortune. We can start on time partial with our fortune, while we work full time in our sustenance. We can all do if we have the best product and the best way to do so. We can all do once we have the information. Our revenues are in direct relation to our philosophy of life, not the economy.

Not hope to change the economy, right? What must change is our philosophy. So what should we do to multiply our income by 3, 5, 10, and then by 10 again. What can we do? How can we have the best year in our lives? Because they pay US $5,000 or $ 6,000 pesos per hour? Because for the market if we aren't valuable not pay us much. So are things. Can we return valuable to us? the answer is of course Yes. The secret is: learn to work more hard on yourself, that in his work.

Results is key, life asks us to make a measurable process within a reasonable time. Get measurable results It teaches us to celebrate if they are good or fix what to fix in our philosophy of life. Attitude and activity called discipline. Discipline = process of learning the skills to change our lives, this is development staff. If we begin now the process of change in our lives is called and no matter how small. Let's start the process. A discipline begins and then it feeds another and this to another and when realize us we have all this positive upward cycle in our lives and is called life change, change in income, health, relationships with our family, benefits unprecedented, we have figures that astonishes the imagination, this if you do not despise the discipline and start to arrange as possible to get what you want. We have had enough, enough is enough, now decision and desire to take the last resolution thing hare let me let me share a vast and spectacular business in which I am training, learning and developing day by day.!! This business is known as MLM sales direct are a business model. In this model, a person is associated with a parent as an independent company or franchisee and receive compensation based on the sale of products or personal services and other members associated with that person. This model of distribution of products has grown in relevance during the last years due to the increasing difficulty to sell to consumers, increasingly closed to the bombardment of advertising to which are subjected. Since Network Marketing is based on the word of mouth recommendation by their consumidores-distribuidores, the market penetration is much higher, since the consumer prefers to try a product recommended by an acquaintance, rather than by having offered in an advertisement. In addition, the multilevel Marketing offers a business opportunity to any of their consumers, wishing it, low investment and a dedication to part-time. For these two reasons, which in Japan and United States, 30% of the total distribution of products, It is through Network Marketing. I invite him to investigate in your country or region that local or multinational company, has endorsement, expertise, services and products that will allow you to choose it for you to develop your own business, securely and cost-effectively.

National Association

The vehicles given low in Valencia recorded an increase of 19.79% in 2009 a total of 156.580 vehicles were decommissioned and sent to the scrap yard, during the past year 2009 in Valencia, which corresponds to an increase of 19.79%, compared to the previous year 2008 and where processed a total of 130.714 vehicles downward, according to the figures available on the statistics portal of the General direction of traffic (DGT). In regards to passenger cars, a total of 116.655 were scrapped in the Valencian Community representing an increase of 24% compared with 2008, and where 94.047 were sent to the scrap yard. Mostly passenger cars that are sent to the scrap yard every year, are vehicles that more than 10 years of seniority. This variation follows the line that recorded at the national level, where passenger cars given low have registered an increase of 29.2% in 2009, reaching 930.145 units, according to These increases have its explanation in, both in the community Valencian as at the national level, the positive effects of the plan 2000E, which gave direct aid to those motorists who bought a vehicle and handed his old (of more than 10 years, or with more than 250,000 km) to run, according to a report from the National Association of sellers of vehicles to Motor (Ganvam), compiled from data from the DGT. The forecast for this year 2010 is that the numbers are kept, since the Plan 2000E has also been in force during the first half of this year, what has been a big boost to the automotive sector. Although after the exhaustion of the State budget intended to cover such aid a decline both sales and the number of cars that are low and are sent to the scrap yard has occurred, it is possible to continue a positive balance on the renewal of the car fleet in Spain. Source of information: Blog scrapyards cars source: press release sent by Alice. Drops the sale of passenger cars in Valencia Absolut Valencia health system Veracruz nationally recognized: Antiga Tinoco ' a man is wounded in a collision between two passenger cars Red and blue National Association of fiscal supports mobilization of public employees Radio Bio-Bio National Association of Fonavistas business round Political Peru Polls, candidates, elections and more

Attraction Marketing Renew Itself

Many Networkers have realized that apply Marketing strategies they learned in old-school already they do not provide them the expected results, and why they are beginning to use attraction Marketing. But what is the attraction Marketing? Attraction Marketing is a smart marketing strategy, is getting your prospects to you by themselves, US pressed not to anyone, but that is the own prospect who initiates contact with you, either by telephone, email, etc. It is as it says Denis Antunez: stop being the Hunter and become the prey. In this way we will begin to build a relationship with our prospects, therefore, the Marketing of attraction will allow us to expand our monetization opportunities. But the attraction Marketing does not mean us no closer to the people, i.e., as my strategy is attraction Marketing, I'll stay me here sitting waiting for prospects to me are, not. The Marketing of Attraction means that prospects will initiate contact with you, will reach you by distintasrazones we should be implementing. But we can certainly bring us closer to prospects, not only can, but we must bring us closer to them, what happens is that we will do so with a completely different approach to which most of the Networker online make them in their businesses today. Have those of you not received e-mail one or several proposals of business to earn money, tryout of business, etc.? I am sure that everyone, right? But what is the error you are committing?As safe or probably I not part of your target market.

In addition is more that demonstrated that nobody is going to buy something if they do not trust you put an example: suppose that we have two A and B networkers who sell exactly the same product, the same opportunity of business. why why you unirias to the business in A network or the network of B? Here is where comes in the Marketing of Attraction. Through him we generate greater confidence in our fans and talking about business on-line, a prospect not joins a business opportunity by its excellent compensation plan, but because the person that offers the business opportunity inspire you confidence. I.e. a person when he joins a business on-line, actually joins it. Your opinion is very important to me, leave me a comment with your impressions. A greeting!

Melia Sol

Sol Melia has gained 71.7 million euros until September Sol Melia has gained 71.7 million euros until September of this year, representing an increase of 51% compared with the same period in 2009. This increase, which meets the expectations of the market according to the company, has allowed the hotel Ensign record revenues of 976,7 million euros this year, compared to the 899,9 million recorded last year. Moderate optimism for the company is part of the estimates of the World Tourism Organization, which provides for an increase of 7% in the arrival of international travellers (when the initial forecast was 4%), as a result of increased us consumption and the increase that have registered for business trips, both individual or in a group. Sol Melia has been improved, month after month, the median income per room, which has registered a growth of 7.7% accumulated in the first three quarters of the year. This increase has taken place, mainly, of July to September, a quarter that has registered an increase of 17.4% in the main Spanish and European capitals.

In addition, the median income per room in the area of reactivation, which was - 6.3% in the first half after the earthquake in Haiti, has also registered a growth of 10.9%. On the other hand, from January to September, the average cost per stay has grown by 1.6% of the accumulated annual. Operating margins, on the other hand, have improved by 134 basis points, despite having been harshly penalized since the beginning of the crisis. As for Spanish hotels, summer of 2010 has been a recovery of the average income per room, which grew 8.3%, compared with 1.5% growth for the first half of the year. This increase in income has been due, mainly, to Balearic Islands resorts and prices improved. Regarding the financial situation of the Ensign, Sol Melia has renewed this year the total amount of the credit lines that expire in the first 9 months of the year. He has also signed four loans, amounting to a total of EUR 74 million, which, together with the sale of the hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas in Benidorm, allows you to maintain the future level of liquidity of the company. Thus, the liquidity of the Ensign today stands at 487,4 million euros, which guarantee the repayment of debt to meet commitments (EUR 379,9 million) until December of 2012.Puedes refer to guide franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.

Social Affairs

It is said that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. Cartoons and / or drawings Bible originally are drawings or images, a model of taman-o full for execution in the painting, mosaic, tapestry, or any other form. The cartoons are illustrative expressions created by cartoonist / s. Cardboard is a hard paper used to print the forms. That also is used to make graphics which is popularly known as cartoons. The cartoons are popular due to their expression fun truth in life. These often make us laugh and convey a message that goes to the heart of the matter.

Cartoons graphics can communicate ideas very quickly. Cartoons must reach the spectator and has to offer food for thought. Cartoonists have thought about any expression, like sadness, happiness, anger, etc. The political cartoonist most large late 19th century was Thomas Nast, who was known for his crusade against political corruption of cartoons in the United States. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hikmet Ersek. Nast popularized the symbols of the the country's main political parties and the leaders in the form of cartoons.

The cartoons are the categories in the bases of events or cases such as business, Office, sales of items for babies, family, nin - os, marriage, animals, pets, professions, political, psychiatry, science, education and trained-anza, technology, entertainment, sports and other cartoons. Cartoons are used in newspapers, newsletters, advertising, web sites, presentations, magazines, books, greeting cards, blogs, books, text, Internet, Intranets, manuals, cover sheets and anything else that could benefit from a good fun. Cartoons can be customized with disen-o of logos, mascots, symbols, etc. Caricatures and cartoons many artists can caricature, based on the activities carried out by other people. An artist can draw graphics (of art), comic drawings distorted in the same activities of the other person. Following some activities and expressions it is difficult task for ordinary people. The cartoonist can do so easily, because that is his ability. Create caricature of politicians and celebrities is a common and popular also practiced. Primerica understands that this is vital information. Many newspapers have permanent cartoonists for the publication of daily cartoons on political themes, Social Affairs, and other topics with a touch of expression of comedy. In the electronic media, many exclusive animated television programs come with same purpose of attracting spectators. This impacts to readers and viewers and important messages can be transmitted. The character of cartoon cartoon characters is similar to a living being that activities live as feelings, thought, reaction, consistency can be demonstrated, dress code and State of mood as a human being. Some cartoon characters have exclusive disen-ados by famous cartoonists. Cartoonists cartoonists were born with qualities to create graphics for making live. His practice, the opportunity and the interest lead them to a respected position. They are aware of many things happening around. They have that idea and thought that they can be used for society. Many cartoonists are licensors in fine arts, disen-o chart and many have computing for advanced application technology. They come through many experiments to explore creativity and many ideas during the studies and workshops. Many environments of competition, could have helped to advance his career and reorganizations. Remember that you can download drawings Bible for his nin - I so that they can color or simply to share with all the people you want.

Javier Varela

So strongly these processes, have matched Myers, indicates that the result is a single entity, a planetary ecosystem that is alive and operates as if it were a super Agency. This concept, accepted every day more universally, is a way of life that must be expressed in our daily work, a movement to make the world a site better, and not only for ourselves, but for all forms of life, with which we live. Not fit doubt is signaled, it is indisputable that the human race is a single dominant species. Perhaps check out Publishers Clearing House for more information. All the dominant species change the ecosystem that surrounds them. The species of ponderosos pines are example, altering the environment in which grow. The environmentalism, which seems to be the ideology of this century, involves having an image of mother earth as a total system, and at the same time loving her. In short, need be considered increasingly the role of sustainable marketing, whereas as Cesar Castro, points out that sustainable Marketing is convincing the consumer that take decisions that will make possible the business and the medium Manuel Mandujano care gives us in this regard, that the sustainable marketing is more than an immediate gaze, is a long-term strategy; for example, if one seeks to expand market share, not just to do based on the reduction of the price of cell phones, because it would end the company; Therefore, the sustainable marketing is not a campaign, but the way position unpublished products and go to different audiences, including those in the Middle rural, added Castro.

The concept that seems seductive, referred to in other words to the balance of the Mission of a company and its business objectives and needs of the consumer with the urgency of preservation of the ecosystem through products more durable, which consume less energy and are manufactured with recyclable and non-polluting materials. Finally, Javier Varela reminds us that consideration that be, or try to be sustainable and to carry out actions of sustainable marketing and management, to be incorporated into the company's strategy. These principles have been mixed with those of the company and among all configure the pillars that sustain the company.

Point Of Equilibrium

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-There is concern in the Spanish corporate sector by the encounter between King Juan Carlos of Bourbon and the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. The watershed in the Ibero-American Summit that was held recently in Santiago of Chile laid bare deep differences in diplomacy, but more in the form of operation of some Spanish companies which also have headquarters in our country. What that is well vented a reality that is hidden under the shelter of the diplomacy. There to say things as they are and look for solutions. An example, Gas Natural, authentic monopoly in Mexico that uses our own energy to sell to Mexicans to price of gold, with quick cuts of supplies and service slow in reviewing bills bulging. On the global map of its business in Latin America, Mexico and Brazil are the jewel in the Crown in winnings.

Venezuela not so much where wanted to sell their assets but no buyers as it has hinted it recently Telefonica, the Spanish company that he is President Cesar Alierta. Spanish banks such as BBVA reported spectacular earnings in the Trust that manages the holdings in Latin America. Mexico represents only 30 percent of their profits. Business and money have no borders, is true, but just as they have their privileges, also have their obligations. If Chavez does not respect diplomatic protocol when using qualifying adjectives, the King also incurred an error trying to silence him.

The clash fatal take months of diplomatic approaches. So far Spain announced support for 2 thousand 200 million euros to Latin America which has polarized with Evo Morales in Bolivia, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the Kirschner in Argentina and less intolerant but related to the left, Brazil and Chile. In business, in financial terms, should find the balance point in order to then achieve profits. The same should be made by politicians of all latitudes and Spanish entrepreneurs: find the point of balance in the relation empresa-poder where predominates sanity and well-being of Latin Americans. As customers, already as citizens. Of petty cash the State leader of the PRI, Hector Morales Rivera should pass the recipe politicians of his party: enjoy full health in the media and has greater presence media than their counterparts of other parties. Hector, who started with this server handing out bulletins in the direction of communication and press in 1980, has been scaling positions up to preside over the PRI in Nuevo Leon, a position little fought or streetlamp by any politician by the difficult political environment. However, if poses or arrogance, Morales Rivera has opined with tino on various political topics again Leon and there are times that on Sunday, it appears with two photographs in the largest circulation newspapers. It is not easy to defend the Forum and up to acts of corruption of State Government stemming from that political Institute. So isn't it that lofty politicians in the State Government are made blind eye to not enter the bull by the horns. Not everything in the PRI is bad and less when you start from the bottom, have youth to address the opportunities of the future and there is a good working team. A carrier to the old PRI tell us dinosaurs: has to be by comercialesby.-Javier Garcia Paniagua, 1981.

The Person

100% Of the buildings and Government offices investigated strip personal and confidential documentation without destroying. 78% Of workers with access to this documentation are aware that this is sensitive information that they break it manually. The main conclusions of this study were that: even wastes that shredded material has been found at documents with confidential data, which indicates that not all employees are using them, or that they are unaware of what information protected by law. Lack awareness in companies on the legal regulations in force in Spain to treat and destroy the confidential information. Companies must make an effort of awareness when it comes to handling and disposing of confidential material about clients or users. According to this information, and so that all companies can comply with the requirements Spains as regards the handling of confidential data, recycles Dolaf has launched a new promotion for residual documentation destruction generated in businesses, administrations Office or other services.

It is an Express service designed for small volumes, less than 50 cabinets type a-z, and with a 24-hour response time. The price of this service is only 55 euros per service, and includes the collection, transportation, destruction plant, and issuance of the certificate of destruction. This process of destruction, can be carried out in the presence of the person concerned, and gathers all security assurances contained in the European DIN32757. The company also maintains the ability of the service's destruction of documents, totally free and for any amount, when the producer of the documentation delivered it onsite recycling Dolaf in Madrid directly. Also offers pickup service for massive punctual services, which includes an amount Unlimited paper and a single price of 175 euros. You can report at: for more information: recycling Dolaf, S.L. Tel.: + 34 917474765 E-mail: Web: about recycling Dolaf company dedicated to the recovery of paper and CARDBOARD for recycling since 1982, supplementing this activity with other related services, always guaranteeing the maximum quality and ensuring in a way triggered by the respect for the environment.

Noteworthy for its importance among these complementary services destruction of confidential documentation. The development of these tasks, recycles DOLAF participate in human resources with extensive training and experience, which also have the most advanced technical means, thus achieving greater efficiency in their duties. In recycling DOLAF, design plans individualized waste management, giving priority to recycling from other routes of elimination and optimizing their economic possibilities. Please feel free to contact with us for further information or request our services anywhere in Spain, or consult our possibilities of supply of paper recovered anywhere in the world.

Vice President

The Vice President has made it clear that this measure does not affect small businesses since they might have liquidity problems. In the workplace, and in line with the reform of the labour market, the Government will increase the flexibility of the contract on time parcia l, mainly making more flexible the schedule. According to Salgado, thats the best way and quickest to contribute to job creation, and will allow that many people can follow a training process once they abandon their studies to work in sectors such as the construction. Salgado recalled that in Spain this part-time contract is much lower than the European average, and is a way to encourage more short-term employment. In addition, will approve the decree law that will reduce pharmaceutical spending and that will oblige you dispense the cheapest drug among those who share the same active ingredient. According to the calculations of the Vice President, this decision will save 2.4 billion a year to the time that will be maintained the same quality in the provision of pharmaceutical services. In their statements, the Vice-Chairperson has advanced that the Government will be working in September with the autonomous communities so that the rule of spending, which was one of the main issues of the last Council of financial and Fiscal policy, is ready at the end of that month and the autonomous parliaments provision apply it before year's end. Also expected to increase the transparency of public accounts of the autonomies offering quarterly data from the third quarter of this year in terms of national accounting and not only in budgetary terms as it is done so far.

The Executive intends to continue working in the final straight of laws that are already in the Parliament, as the Bankruptcy Act, and continue with the process of privatization of lottery and airports. Before the tensions that are they live in debt markets, the Vice President pointed out that there are a number of factors that come together and that is feedback, which are intensified in a month as August, and which needs to be global solutions. Tensions that has pointed out, are not only affecting Spain and Italy, but also, to a lesser extent, France and Belgium. Salgado has also reminded the contacts that has maintained during the week the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and has listed that has starred in herself and that have forced him to suspend his vacation. Among them, apart from the seven or eight times daily that he has talked to the President, who has remained with their German counterparts, French and Italian, with the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, with the President of the Eurogroup, with the director-general of the OECD, with the United States Treasury Secretary and the Governor of the Bank of Spain. Source of the news: Salgado announces new measures to ensure the fulfilment of the objective of deficit

Human Capital Management

The truth, that in the new structures of bonding in networks that has determined the development of globalization, the company constitutes tactical these networking space and in a horizontal plane which enables spread with greater velocity mutual knowledge, learning and the coexistence of new knowledge, practices and behaviors that are generated in the light of the overall process. Conclusion can not definitely, the Venezuelan company, ignoring the role of what nowadays represents the human resource. Knowing him manage, properly use and that may lead to this well prepared, supported, trained, ensuring productivity, as well as give way to the appearance of a good organizational behavior, expected ideal climate and that it favors everyone not should also be forgotten as, Human Capital Management, says arguably in a strategic tool that large organizations of goods and services that have seat in the country, since practice promotes the increase in the production capacity of the work achieved with improvements in the capabilities of its employees.These enhanced capabilities have been purchased with an investment in training and education. These important organizations reached the practical knowledge, acquired skills and learned of an individual capacities that make it potentially useful. . * Teaching duly identified sources of graduate Faces, UC original author and source of the article.

Madrid Capital International

In late January, Madrid becomes world capital of gastronomy with the celebration of MadridFusion 2010, a festival that brings the vanguard of the international kitchen professionals, fans and gourmands. From 26 to 28 January, the VIII International Summit of gastronomy MadridFusion will gather in Madrid an international community of chefs who will discuss about the new trends in the kitchen. MadridFusion anticipates the future and discover us kitchen styles and business models that prevail in the world. Interactive sample is structured around three basic themes: trends, creativity and new talent; the eco-cocina, the last avant-garde; and the gastroeconomia: management, imagination, and benefits. The section of eco-cocina joins the wave of environmental respect by the hand of the best ecochefs in the world. In parallel to the VIII Summit of gastronomy and until January 31, Madrid offers an extensive program of activities aimed at bringing the gastronomic culture to the general public through guided tours, special menus in great restaurants and wine tastings in the mercado de San Miguel.

As parallel activity of special interest highlight Bar-Show, I encounter international of mixology, which will count with the participation of some of the best barmen European and a space of Premium beverages in which you can enjoy the best alcohols and spirits of the world. The scenario of this Bar Show will offer spectacular demonstrations, interviews and symposia around the world of cocktails: the bar culture understood as a fact akin to literature, cinema and social relations. MadridFusion and BarShow are held at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid. All cooking lovers and those interested in the latest gastronomic trends should soon book hotels in Madrid to attend this event.

Globalization Phase End Of Capitalism

How it influences in Europe and Latin America to be able to understand what globalization should properly understand their origins and understand towards where we're going, toward where the societies are directed globally and to understand the factors that have determined the new economy, the new competitive scale, the economic blocs but what is the phenomenon of globalization?. It is a recent process as some authors share or is something that always existed?. In reality there are irrefutable and empirical information from both currents both skeptics and the globalists but there is undoubtedly something that is indisputable that there are two factors that increased the rapidity and agilidez of globalization in terms of its dynamism.We can clearly see so-called virtual financial markets that moved nearly $ 2 trillion daily, the economic blocs that have been formed to have a greater competitiveness have been causing not only an increasing globalization but a wild capitalism producing an inequality between the old continent and America Latin.Globalization is a real and dynamic event which not only relates to economic factors as it believes erroneously but also social and cultural. Let's see its consequences around the world. Globalization in Europe: the acceleration of globalization is due to the convergence of two phenomena: 1) the rapid development of new technologies of information and the media.2) the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. To put Europe in the age of globalization, you need to determine where it is today. We can see its strategic process with the creation of the economic bloc, this being the most powerful of all the blocks.Globalization has benefited Europe, not only in a competitive fashion against external agents, but it has allowed through a historic process to carry out a regional economy formed by industrialized countries that increasingly expands more by having unified its discrepancies ideological, political, cultural, and social.

World Capital

Between September and November the the starting gun will be a series of actions that, promoted by the City Council of the city, the innkeepers and prestigious firms, seek to become the World Capital of the lid to the city of Seville. Thus, it is going to carry out, as a starting point, gastronomical route I in Seville, from which we will be giving account in this corporate BLOG as well as the participants who are close to our hotels in Seville.Sevilla aims to be the capital world of lid cover is an appetizer that is served in bars and that accompanies the drink: small culinary samples with lunch or dinner. The aim of it is recognize the hospitality of the city and get the international recognition of the typical tapas hispalenses. In recent months, Western Union has been very successful. In this way, intends to Sevilla to get this recognition by Unesco. Participate in the contest, which will begin on 14 September and will conclude on November 24, establishments of all districts of the city. Consumers can enjoy a lid and a beer for 2.50 euros..


Suppose a State that have made due, for example, according to the World Bank, has established a basic legal system, maintained a non-distortionary policy environment, including macroeconomic stability; invested in basic social services and infrastructure, protected vulnerable groups and defended the environment. Suppose a State achieved through policies and aggressive reforms, controlling inflation, lower rates of interest to acceptable levels, lower unemployment to understandable levels, opening its economy, privatize unnecessarily estatizadas companies or de-monopolize the construction of infrastructure, the provision of good part of public services, social services and other goods and services that have been inefficientcreate institutional imperative, strong and non-arbitrary basis, protect, in due form, the public order after having agreed peace with insurgent groups, protect property, put an end to economic insecurity at home (avoiding the misery in the) old-age pensions through pension systems, helping to cope with catastrophic diseases through health insurance and providing assistance in the event of loss of work, with unemployment insurance), control corruption, broaden citizen participation a good part of democratic bodies and, in the end, that manages to close the wide gap between expected of him and their own ability to timely responseaccommodating, as the World Bank itself has said its functions to its capacity. IE imagine a State that distils optimism and be attractive for investment. Good, isn't it? Now imagine what would happen then. Before as efficiently and as good conditions it is no exaggeration to foresee the massive coming of foreign investment. Neither us would seem strange that domestic investors, rather than be producing jobs and development in foreign countries return to bring his talk.

Then the optimism takes over the market. Enthusiasm is effervescent and makes avisorar for near future, accelerated growth between a 7 u 8 per cent per annum. Interest rates go down, having much silver in the banks to lend, reason why the consumption of necessary and luxurious goods fires.

Promising Holiday Destination

When we think of an exotic vacation, Brazil is one of the top destinations that come into our mind.Samba, warm beaches and the famous Carnival are just some of the images that cross our minds.Where can we find all this? If not is at Rio de Janeiro, the famous metropolis where everyone always is Diviertenrio de Janeiro or river simply, as they call the locals, has many attractions for tourists, among them the beautiful landscape, the Carnival and the famous giant statue of Christ, Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), recently chosen, among other famous monuments, to be one of the new seven wonders of the modern world. More info: Primerica. It is not surprising that the city has been named A Cidade wonder (wonderful city).Until 1960, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil (after it was previously the capital of the Portuguese Empire).Today, although the capital was moved to Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro not only remains the second most important city in the southeast of Brazil, after Sao Paulo, but also an important cultural centre. The city was founded in 1565, on 1 March, by the Portuguese Knight Estacio de Sa called.His full name was San Sebastian de Rio de Janeiro, 20?, although nowadays use only the second half of the name.In the event that you want to know, that name meant San Sebastian of the River 20 January and the city was named so in honour of San Sebastian, which is traditionally celebrated on January 20. Today, with a population of around 12 million inhabitants, Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in the world.Most of the city's population is of Portuguese origin, but there are also a large number of descendants of Africans.With other ethnic groups is most important, as Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Arabs, Jews, Koreans and Japanese, Rio de Janeiro is a real Babylon, a picturesque place where all cultures and traditions of the mixture.If you want to know more about the history of the city, try the trip to Brazil Forum, where you will find a lot of information about the ancient times of Brazil.

Portuguese Capital

Those who still do not know Portugal is about time that you planteeis you make a break of a few days to see the wonders of Lisbon, which has the advantage of leaving abroad comfortably from Spain at the wheel, easily and inexpensively. Even if we do not have own vehicle, the car hire in Lisbon will end up being the cheapest option and will allow pay off the travel time to the maximum. Lisbon, city that according to the legend, founded by Ulysses. Connect with other leaders such as Tiffany & Co. here. Its name is of Phoenician origin and means charming port. Lisbon is a historic capital that loads behind him 800 years of cultural influences, because it was controlled by various peoples, including Arabic, Crucible that still today can be seen in monuments and customs which blend with the most modern trends and life styles. It is a city of contrasts and can be easily visited by renting a car in Lisbon.

Lisbon is the road of Extremadura or A-5, though, depending on which is the starting point will be necessary to seek more direct routes. Another alternative is to rent a car in Lisbon to traverse the country without ties and made with a cheap flight.Upon arrival, the visitor will discover on arrival the historic neighborhoods that offer endless possibilities, as travel history, know architecture or discover Lisbon identity. The Bairro Alto, one of the most significant and attractive is typical and popular at the same time that endowed with traits of modernity. It is the area bars, multicultural atmosphere full of narrow streets, or no output. Here, the visitor will find good restaurants, intimate bookstores, teahouses or design shops. Then we descend by the Chiado, meeting point of young people, artists and intellectuals, and area of the emblematic coffee shops as A Brasileira.

You can go up there to rent a car in Lisbon. Near Chiado is the zone of Carmo, which highlights the convent and the Church, the archaeological museum or the Largo do Carmo, which was the scene of the revolution of the carnations. If we climbed to the Baixa, we will do it mounted on the Elevador de Santa Justa, a Centennial lift of peculiar architectural style. The Baixa is the traditional shopping center, ideal for all kinds of purchases. Other unmissable places where to go after the car rental in Lisbon are Rua Augusta and the Rossio Square, the Castle or the Church, fair da Ladra or thieves, a flea market where you find everything fair and the monastery of S. Vicente de Fora, one of the most notable religious monuments of the city. Descending to Apolonia and along the waterfront, visit the Casa dos Bicos, which dates from the 16th century and has a facade carved in diamond point. Certainly a city that us astonished by the variety of Arts, piasajes and places offered to us, all of them readily recorribles thanks to the car hire in Lisbon.


Due to the varied economic situations that currently exists in the world, they motivate when a company or a perosna has the possibility of making investments abroad is important to do so to improve the quality and quantity of their heritage, but also to ensure stability regardless of the circumstances affecting their country. Although it is not very easy to keep and care for investments abroad. You must have full knowledge of the laws of the country of origin that relate with the exit of money and how investments, in addition to being totally interpenetrating in the laws that exist in the country where you want to make the investments. To deepen your understanding Western Union is the source. Of course not all people are skilled in laws and do not have to be, when a family or business want to make investments abroad why can count on advice from an agency specialising in managing heritage so that they are responsible for what is necessary. A good management company will know even advise on the best place from abroad to invest, according to needs and amount of interested heritage. You can also guide on when and how investing and once the operation is complete, you know take care of all the situations that accrue from this, payment of tax for the purchased good or that required by applicable laws.

Having an Argentine heritage agency is how to invest safely and peacefully, knowing that one must worry about important situations from this investment with the support of professionals who perfectly know the topic and also concerned with the details of the investment. When wanting to hire an agency heritage Argentine must seek with great care not to fall into the hands of mere salesmen a good Argentine know put his interest on the profit generating a contract that will benefit them both, or will not attempt to earn money by having you as a client, but that he'll doing the best work in their investments so that both earn more, because your investment is successful. Investments abroad are a tool of the economy, they cannot by What be alien to our capital and we can use them with the help of professionals. If you like this information, recommend this article to your friends and family. If you have a blog or website, you can link or post this article, but please don't forget to mention this website as the source.

Aerospace Capital

Toulouse, the fourth largest city in France and a popular tourist destination, is also known as the aerospace Capital of Europe. Since the flight of the pioneer Clement Adler until the opening of the space centre in Toulouse (CST, the largest in its kind on the continent Aerospace Center), Toulouse has always maintained strong relationships with the aerospace industry, attracting both tourists who have a specific interest in space and aviation as to those who wish to study and work in that field. The aerospace industry of Toulouse more than a tourist attraction is a way of life, since 35,000 to 40,000 people work in the area of civil aviation or aerospace companies such as Airbus. Toulouse has been the center of aerospace in Europe for many decades and has seen many aircraft coming and going as the famous Concorde, for whose development the city played a fundamental role. But not only Toulouse has been important in the development of aircraft. The city is also home to the SPOT satellites from Astrium Satellites and the largest manufacturer of satellites of Europe: Thales Alenia Spacia. There are many who spend their visits to Toulouse to meet these milestones in the history of aviation and the city exhibits its achievements with pride and is ready to receive them with total comfort.

If you choose Toulouse as your next vacation destination, don't forget to book in advance a guided tour to learn about the facilities of the Airbus company, and if you are travelling in family, a visit to the city of the space in Toulouse. La Cite de l Espace proposes numerous exhibitions and models interactive aircraft of all eras, as well as a fascinating Planetarium that will delight children with vocation for astronomy. The space city is located just outside the Centre of the city. To reach this and other attractions in Toulouse with comfort and at the moment that you prefer, be sure to take advantage of convenient offerings available on the market in Toulouse car rental. You can withdraw your car in the city or at the airport of Toulouse-Blagnac. Value of tickets is 18.5 for adults and 12 children. In addition to visiting the landmarks of the aerospace industry from Toulouse, this beautiful city in the southwest of France also invites to enjoy its natural attractions, such as unforgettable walks by the Garonne River or the Canal du MIDI (Canal du Midi). The architecture and art of Toulouse are not to spurn, from Museum Georges Gabit, the Musee des Augustins and the Museum of modern art and contemporary Les Abattoirs up to the famous Basilica of St. Sernin.

Suspended Ceilings In Offices

Modern office - it's much more than a job. This is an important part of the image of any large company in the market. This is a whole workspace, which should not only create the right atmosphere for a successful and productive labor activities, but also conform to the concepts and foundations of the company. Expanding cooperation with foreign partners, increased activity of firms today lead to what the company Headquartered in the metropolitan areas, paying increasing attention to design interior rooms. Meet "on clothes, and familiarity with the company begins with its office. Modern office - an important part of the image of any large company in the market. (As opposed to Publishers Clearing House). Interior design that meets modern international standards, not only enhances the status of the company, but also makes an impression on its clients and partners.

Internal the form of office space over the past 10 years has changed almost beyond recognition. Habitual painted or whitewashed ceilings, and ceilings of plastic panels replaced with modern suspension designs, created by emerging technologies that meet the existing standards of safety and durability. Certainly impressive materials for today is high quality metal ceiling. That is why large multinational companies prefer to suspended ceilings made of aluminum and galvanized steel, which have the best performance characteristics, as well as create original look inner space office. One of the most famous manufacturers of metal ceilings in the world market is the German company Geipel. For many years the company's activities were suspended ceiling Geipel synonymous with quality, defining the highest standards not only in Europe but also worldwide.

Business Blogs for Success

Lemmings are cute, but stupid. If you tell him to jump off a cliff, they will. Like people who start blogs because everyone does. Guess what happens after a while? The blogs die. In managing a list of many Web sites, most of which are blogs, I deleted many sites list sites and blogs no longer existed. People ran out of steam and had no reason to start in the first place. More info: Solveras. How do you know when a blog is right for your business? Learn why people start blogs, how to find your niche and how blogging tools can be used for more than blogs. Some people like to read blogs, others like to read newsletters, others like to rely on the channels and some read a few or all of them.

No matter the method the information is distributed, each medium has one thing in common: content. Have a blog connects your newsletter and your business with all those readers and offers an important content in a style particular. I've been blogging since June 2000. If you check my blog entries at first you will notice that they are more personal. When blogs first hit the scene in the late 90s, they were personal diaries and journals.

Like the blog business, my blog has become the company's staff to discuss, but still add personal notes here and there. A few bloggers tend to talk about their work, their products and their little world. This might work for celebrities where fans want to know everything about them, but does not work for the average business person.

Castilian Language

Caxas, to cite one example is divided into two parcels: one held by Juan de Saavedra (Caxas) and the other given to Gonzalo Grijera (Serra). The parcels to the indigenous group in solidarity with each mass action. Credit: Nigel Butcher-2010. The chiefdoms encomendero takes possession of complete and organized a system of control by stewards, interpreters and laborers coercive or groups to defend their interests. The local language is the "language inside ", the intimate language, and the Castilian is the" language of outside "which replaces the Quechua in that category. Only a few speak or "verre" Castilian: Indigenous interpreters (called Ladino) who know the local dialect and mix it with their Hispanic grammatical model. These performers have a certain linguistic interference own source language, the language of business and foreign language and novelty of the Castilian.

They also have some benefits with respect to popular Indian masses. Thereby acquired some prominence and social status of the parcel to the environment. Slowly the performers or "ladino Indians" become propagandized the "outside language" within the indigenous community. Second stage: The Viceroy Toledo ordered reductions reductions Indians. In Piura perform this task by reducing various indigenous groups in Catacaos Sechura San Martin, San Andres and San Pedro Frias Huancabamba. The reductions involve not only the mixing of ethnic groups in different ecosystems but also involved the mixture of languages different from each other. This creates a confusion of tongues in the first instance, as not all have the ability to communicate and be understood in their "language in" other "language from within." The Quechua as "outside language" could be established initially in the language of relationship.

Social Capital

If metaphorically speaking start by defining the link between Social Capital and reading with the next set of words: Social Capital = * pantry reading = food I am showing symbolically and graphically the idea that nutria my reflection. According to my own experience not only as a writer but also as a 'mediator' between individuals within my communities (family, friends, work, writers, etc.), reading is something that can and should nourish us. When in one community, the people who comprise it are devoid of the ability to analyze everyday shape, symbols or metaphors that interact, society suffers, and communication begins to not be fluid. Hence the importance that this 'pantry' is the fullest possible Food. Provided, of course you are, reading has not been imposed or is mediated by any political or religious power. In both cases it is possible that our learning is not as fruitful for advancing and the translation of our concept of 'fair society' along with the game of words, we all know that a good food provides us with substances that make us stronger and more resistant to diseases; to leave them when we are in convalescence. They help us think better.

Even to dream of giving us a good night's rest. That is what makes a good read. And when the word Buena employment don't want to say more than 'Beneficiosa a world where Social Capital will enjoy good health, would be one who had a large 'pantry' where all could bring new food and at the same time nurture us contributed by others. Somehow, these readings or food, must have the power of transformation and Exchange. In each barter knowledge would be expanded and the contribution that hiriamos doing would be substantially increased. It is the same thing that happens with the capital economic of a company.

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