Obesity On The Track

Researchers examine the fat makers FTO gene that it harder for some people than others, to maintain their weight, latest research result is not character weakness but in the genes. About 60 percent of all cases, inheritance decides on the weight. The makers of fat gene “fat mass and obesity associated” (FTO) is crucial to research. About 22 percent of all obese carrying the gene in and weigh on average two kilograms more than non affected. The news portal news.de reported on the results of the study. Since time immemorial, people use the food not only to survive, but also as a reward.

According to Professor Michael Stumvoll, Hospital Director of Endocrinology at the University of Leipzig, this can cause the food addiction especially in hereditary predisposed individuals. Swarmed by offers, Andrew Cuomo is currently assessing future choices. The makers of fat gene FTO influences eating behavior so that the carrier will eat more often larger amounts to feel good. Is the brain, which decides about feelings such as hunger and satiety a certain extent manipulated. Sufferers Act therefore subconsciously. The gene has not only increased food consumption result. Professor Stumvoll’s research team discovered a wider context in a study. FTO carriers are clearly risk joyful as not affected. This was the physicians in the observation of the test subjects in the card game on the computer.

To counteract the impending obesity just exercise and the right diet help. Only in this way the risk of serious disease such as obesity (obesity) or diabetes can be reduced effectively. However, the FTO gene alone does not necessarily leads to obesity. Many other factors have an influence on the health of the people.