Outdoor Advertising In Krasnodar

City streets today are inconceivable without ads and outdoor ads are now more than just information and sales promotion. Advertising fits into the urban landscape and shape it. This is especially important for large cities, such as the Krasnodar. Outdoor advertising in Krasnodar presented in a variety of formats and technologies: a neon and led advertising light boxes, which are called "light boxes", large letters, pillars, wall panels, billboards and signboards. Outdoor advertising – that advertising on transport: trolley buses, trams and buses. Advertising on transport consistently provides a large number of customers because she is very bright and dynamic. Outdoor advertising in Krasnodar – it is also advertising on federal highways. In addition to the usual billboards company for the production of outdoor advertising offer supersayty.

This design with backlit, similar to normal shields, but much larger. Often they are located along major transportation arteries, because the background of space due to their size, they look very spectacular. Outdoor advertising is not in Krasnodar complete without a city-size – a specific form in the development of urban advertising space. City-formats is also called "street furniture" because they are placed in waiting areas of transport and calculated as drivers and pedestrians. Waiting for transport, people often pay attention to ads posted alongside.

The advantage of city-sizes in the fact that they are small and can be installed even in the historic part city, where attention to cultural monuments and harmony of the urban landscape is large enough. Outdoor advertising in Krasnodar – it has become commonplace oval and rectangular pillars with application of vinyl or full color printing. Living life of the city – a huge audience, especially if it's such a big city like Krasnodar. Modern materials and manufacturing expertise allow us to make the outer advertisement bright and durable, which becomes an integral part of the architectural and informational space of the city.