Outsourcing: Business As

Crisis forces, more than ever the SME and SOHO tend to evolve and diversify their business strategy. To do so they increasingly resort to commercial agents or Multi VRP to outsource their sales force. The number of outsourced services in the business increases from year to year. Until recently little practiced, outsourcing of functions considered as strategic marketing or business they are now also on the agenda thus proving the quality of services provided by commercial agents, sales reps and other Multi vendor independent and the financial benefits of hiring a commercial type. Speaking at a peak of activity or engaged in a market in depth, independent trade effectively allows the company to Vary costs. The figures in France, 86% of companies use outsourcing in general and 46% outsource more specifically their strengthsale. Among these companies, three quarters said to focus on careers in animation. But 40% also focus on the business of the sales force and recruiting business that generates 30% on foreign visits and mystery out of five on merchandising. 60% of businesses use all year. 20% only when there are product launches, 20% during seasonal activities, 15% during periods of year-end and 15% even during a promotional special. The main reasons put forward above all emphasize the benefits of flexibility, flexibility (75%), even before the financial benefit (50%), simplicity (50%) or quality (40%). The obstacles related to outsourcing are focused on the loss of control that may result (53%), long before the concept of cost (35%), quality (30%) or dependence (23%). We hopethat this release has enabled you to better know our company and our activities. Find us also on our website. Thank MKT for its referencing and Internet communication that makes each day with care. About the author: Agent & Co