Portugese Origin

Old and important family, of Portuguese origin, established in So Paulo, to where she passed Ramalho Joo, of Viseu, Captain Mor of So Paulo, 1562, son of Joo Vieira Maldonado and Catherine Alfonso. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Macy’s Inc. . Married in Portugal, in 1510, with Catherine Fernandes, Vicente arrived at the S., before 1513. Founder, in 1550, of the population of Saint Andres of the Edge of the Field. The So Paulo nobility if interlaces in the descent of Ramalho Joo, who would have lived 90 years more than. Ramalho Joo was described for writers, cronistas and letters of Jesuits. Soturno banished fugitive or shipwreck Ramalho Joo had, between many concubines, the Bartyra indian, therefore without the control of documentary registers that were inexistent at the time it is difficult to define which the children of Bartyra. The pirate Ulrich Schimedel in 1553, when passing for Saint Andres, counts that she found Ramalho Joo in the hinterland, enslaving indians. By the way, the traffic of slaves who it inaugurated, made Is known Vicente as Port of the Slaves, thanks to Joo Ramalho, and So Paulo was more important cities of the south of Brazil.

In 1553 the Manoel priest of the N3obrega said that the life of Ramalho was one ' ' petra scandali' ' , therefore he has many women and it and its children walk with the sisters (of its wives) and have children of them. They go to the war with the indians and its gestures are of indians and thus they live, walking naked as the same indians. It is the patriarch of the mamelucos who generated a series of crossbred children who later would compose the So Paulo flags and would disclose inigualvel violence in the escravizao of the aboriginals of the hinterland. For history, Ramalho Joo was the first successful entrepreneur in Brazil, therefore he was so influential and powerful with its traffic of slaves and control on the indians of the interior that Martim Alfonso, in 1533, makes it Keep of the Edge of the Field. has as many children, grandsons and greats-grandson that if becomes difficult to tartar of the genealogy of its descendants, although the writings of Peter Taques. When the Inquisition initiates the persecution to the Jews in Brazil, mameluco of Saint Andres threat: ' ' I will finish with the Inquisition frechadas' '. The facts if charge to demonstrate to the descendants of Ramalho Joo who fera is not left to kill so easily, therefore Ramalho Joo were a Jew sefaradim. North-eastern, the ramalhos predominate in the Bahia, in the Paraba, the Cear, Alagoas and Pernambuco. It has prominences of this family in the artistic way, such as: Jose Ramalho, Joo Ramalho and the Elba Ramalho. In Parnamirim, he has Ramalho for association to the Freire, Sampaio, S and Costa, descendants of the first governing northeast, mainly captains of the weeds, captains of rivers, lieutenant and land majors of the interior.