Real Estate Development

Retail space per capita in Russia is lower than in any European country. ‘Provision of shopping space per thousand population in Poland or Hungary to six times higher than in Russia, and the market there is supersaturated, – said Head of Marketing Group of Companies ‘Stroyinros’ Alexander Dudin. – Krasnoyarsk, even far from Moscow, now in the city of a thousand people representing 80 square meters. m of shopping complexes in the regions booming construction of shopping centers is yet to come ‘. It is retail segment of the Russian commercial real estate market is developing most rapidly. This trend has attracted investors a high level of profitability and short payback periods. In Krasnoyarsk, the situation is the same as in the whole country, with the only difference being that the distance from the capital city hinders the development of other segments of commercial real estate market. According to study by ‘Monolitkonsaltingom’, in Krasnoyarsk for a thousand people have only 82 square meters. m of retail space, while in developed countries this figure is 365 square meters. m modern shopping and entertainment complexes in Krasnoyarsk simply does not.

This type of commercial real estate represented by commercial centers of the Soviet era (Department Store and the shopping center “Krasnoyarsk”) and reconstructed buildings of the former factory (‘TK on the Loose’, ‘Quant’), their features – uncomfortable navigate within the complex, tedious passages that are inaccessible to the customer area, a random set of operators. The modern shopping mall has a clear vision and plan, conceived the scheme of movement of shoppers using escalators and elevators. The project should be provided for entertainment component, that it is working to create the main stream of visitors. In such complex are not only for shopping but also a movie to watch and play bowling and a restaurant for dinner. Modern shopping and entertainment complex divided into four categories. The largest – the shopping malls of urban values – work on the entire population of the city. Such complexes are usually built in one floor, have a great parking, easy access roads. It defines their location: in the city center to build a similar shopping center impossible. “Large shopping centers are located in remote areas, such as tc ‘East’ to KrasTETs, Immigrants and ‘Metro Cash & Carry’ in saline soils, – said Chief Marketing llc Monolithol-ding ‘Dmitry Tronin. – In the central part of the city is justified boutique, luxury type of trade, which does not, the mass flow of visitors. ” In addition to shopping and entertainment centers citywide scale experts allocate trading facilities district and neighborhood levels as well as ‘convenience stores’. Developers engaged in construction and development of the first three levels of shops ‘walking distance’ is rarely represent separate project, they are usually located on the first floor of residential buildings.