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The technical sales in the commercial field it has sofisiticado a lot with the help of the computer, the internet, bringing lots of pleasure to thousands of people living in them. In developed countries the sales are a source of considerable work and large corporations, have armies of sellers around the world. We can affirm that: the sale is a process that allows the seller of goods or services to identify, encourage and meets the requirements of buyer with mutual benefit and permanently. A professional seller, according to specialized and expert authors, must meet key conditions that include the following distinctive qualities: should study constantly to improve its efficiency. The training must respond to a coherent and organized training plan.

Admit that hard work is the fundamental support of your activity. Assign real value to their services. Maintain their integrity, independence and dignity. Conform to a code of ethics established and accepted. Aspire permanently to the perfection of his work.

Other factors to consider are: use the time effectively, assigning priorities. Plan and monitor their results to improve performance. Continuously persuade other people. Learn to negotiate appropriate terms. All this is very well, but what is not fine is how rude and other odious employing certain crooks of the network. So we have that if you have a business of auto mechanics, its page web, its premises, electronic mails, so that people can communicate with EA, sometimes will receive messages that ask for complete information, budgets, allegedly requested by a person very interested in their services. UD replied, gives the budget and days later, the same person, the same email address, you send another message, which tells ud works obsoletamente, that you are losing lots of money, because they do not have the new and fabulous toolkit of last generation for mechanical cars, etc. That person will send a web address, a url, so ud becomes aware of the benefits of the new product.