Some fear for the stage settings, introduction and the beginning of the program, ie, for the installation, adjustment programs under the office and the absence of initially filled with reference books and data in the program, so called the fear of "starting from scratch" in an unknown program without instructions. Quite wrong to consider this important cause, because most intra-system, for example, self-TourAgent easy to install (no more than 15 minutes) with which to cope, even inexperienced computer user, the system has already completed guides to countries, operators, currency, transportation, hotels and types of food and other basic data. And learn to work in such a system is always helpful on-line help, user manual (work with the program in the pictures), and counseling support department of the developer. Despite the fact that the software system is the same for all (standard features), it easily adapts to the individual work of any office. Some of the functions in the SAMO-TourAgent specially designed so that the companies involved and the massive and individual tours, retreats and domestic tours, and travel agencies that implement, for example, only accommodation, airline / train tickets, tours and other services could lead his clients to make the templates and print any form documents, work with partners to book tours to the operative account of profits and costs – in general, to carry out valuable work even with non-standard applications, tours and services. Each year we try to add new functional in the program, so users can more flexibly adapt to rapidly changing market and be one step ahead of "non-automated" competitors.