Search Engines

Quite often, when building a website we are concerned over the thought of a bath of the future resource. The article is not great, but provides enough information for consideration. Guess what you can to the ban list: – The contents of Linco garbage dumps. Figuratively speaking: page site containing from a hundred or more external links to cheat 'IC'. – For a meaningless text content. Figuratively speaking: Specially optimized page or a block of text content without any meaning. – Separate resource, specially optimized for the key, competitive keywords for automatic translation to other resources.

(The people – the people involved in cheating the search engines so called – ''. – In subdirectories: or / links.html designed specifically for link exchange. Search engines clearly smell these directories. – For a misconception about the site. If a site is presented as a resource about fishing, and in contact with him is it's' online shop video technology. " (This is just an example.) Make a good site. Good luck!