Seller Tax

The seller issues a special form: it is recorded information about purchasing and passport details of the buyer. In the small shops do directly at the box office, in large supermarkets – in a special department Located somewhere far away in the basement or at the very top level. Abroad should not forget our habit to carry your main document of a citizen. Without a passport may be tax free and does not issue, although in most cases will show loyalty and allowed to fill in some of the graphs ex post facto. Taking the form and the check is to grab and an information leaflet (usually abound in any of the items tax free), it almost all the world languages will be shows you where to go from the airport and some domestic banks cooperate with tax free-software. When leaving the country to ask for customs officers to put down on the blank stamp tax free to leave.

Where exactly is special office of the customs service, prompt stuck out of the store flyer. Employees can view checks, and may be asked to show them all the goods purchased. This means that purchases must be removed from the suitcase and then packed back into the middle of the terminal is not the most suitable conditions, or you have to take them in hand luggage. Those who want to get cash immediately, will have to find cash and the issuance of money – a rack or kiosk inscription cash refund or a tax refund. In a large airport you can find the bench immediately, but in a small staff of the service tend to go for lunch or disappear without explanation in an unknown direction indefinitely time. Meanwhile, other foreigners also alchushie vat has already formed a queue So come to the last moment before the end of the registration of those who hope for tax free, obviously not worth it. And finally, there will be a long-awaited moment: official, having carefully studied all the documents, convert ephemeral tax in real money or virtual, if the traveler inform your bank account (in any way they appear only in a few weeks). And for the sake of what are all these ordeals – might think unsophisticated in tax tricks the reader. Is it worth candle? However, it is necessary to issue tax free himself a few times, and numerous manipulations with checks will not seem so complicated and confused: 20-something percent does not spare!