SEO Tips

SEO means (optimization for search engines), and is a branch of design and programming of websites that are responsible for making the web pages of the best way possible so they can appear in the highest positions possible in search engines, when users enter certain terms in the search box in the major search engines (mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing). There are over three billion sites on the World Wide Web (by the way, here comes the Internet addresses). So it stands to reason that the power to appear when consultations on Google, for example, competition is fierce because there is no longer niche without having thousands of sites competing for that same public. So sit and wait for arriving visitors, is an illogical attitude. We must do something to promote our web sites, and thus attract more visitors.

Today there are multiple editors of HTML, the language in which they are basically built message internet. You may find that CEO Caruso Affiliated can contribute to your knowledge. Even with Word, the application of Microsoft Office package, it is possible to document in this format. For this reason, anyone can create a website. In addition, there are many online resources to provide our sites all the necessary elements to make it very professional: graphics, fonts, buttons, bars, applications, etc … But once the page is built, it is essential to optimize, improve, to encourage the flow of traffic. Otherwise remain buried under millions of sites, and potential visitors and customers will never see it.

Not enough to manually upload the sites to search engines. The actions to promote a web site should be much stronger and more radical. Furthermore, no sense in reality "suggest" our site to Google, for example, because the crawlers, also called bots, or robots indexing-visit our site and is responsible for registering to appear on the site's directory. Basically, what the crawlers do is read the text of a site, and contextualizing it, include it in the sites available for consultation through the browser. The question is to give a hand to this process. There are many factors that influence the amount of visitors that a site has, and in doing SEO, what we seek is to promote or develop these factors. All these points make up what is called PageRank. The pagerank is a lagoritmo (a series of complex mathematical calculations is a formula) which is responsible for measuring the popularity of websites. The higher pagerank page has, the more visitors you have, and more popular. The pagerank is important because it is one of the factors that determine the positioning of a site in the natural results of search engines. For example, imagine that your site sells cell phones. When a user wants information or to buy a cell phone, surely you aspire to leave your site listed in the first positions where the user then type "cell phones 3G "on Google. But the first sites, which are those most likely to achieve the sale or contact pages will be occupied by only the highest PageRanks. So that is the ultimate goal of SEO: be first. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source