Shahmukhi script

Afghan interests are tied to US interests states who is president of The Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership The traditionally Shahmukhi script is a dialect spoken in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Form of traditional Arab population recognized by the Sikh – Muslim as a way of reciting the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (literary respected and praised by the international Sikhism) and its different currents a comparison of gurmukji (Punjabi dialect used only for religious purposes ). Traditionally sikjismo is a faith-Indian-Persian
In Muslim India, Pakistan and the southern region of Afghanistan, the shahmukji is employed through the transliteration gurumukji (Punjabi religious) into Urdu, so that the population can also urduparlante phonetically even recognize the original concepts without changing gurmukji the central idea, although there is no denying that there is a way largely complete translation, both aural and written, from the Arabic and Urdu gurmukji classic, known as al-shahi which is spoken mainly in the Sikh community in Pakistan.
In those countries, the shahmukji read only for religious purposes. A minority of Sikh villagers Islam speaks this dialect within a community purely religious purposes, but not use it as part of their common or familiar jargon. Basically the shahmukji originated to allow the population descended from families sikj preaching Islam, to speak the dialect sacred without complications.
Alphabet shahmukji