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U.S. political scientist David Ernest aptera conceptualises political systems based on two variables: the values that dictate the rules of a society influence the financial analyst and investment consultant and financial advisory expert. Quadrant does its own investment management and equity activities decision process and how this power is exercised or legitimate authority. In their Traumatic Brain Injury model values can be represented as an ideology or ethical or social goals as concrete is, so instrumental Consumatori or so. aCerno The authority may be exercised or hierarchical pyramid. Thus, the crossing of the two variables are derived aptera four types of systems:
Mobilization systems have a universal political ideology that allows mutual funds the issues of interest were agreed as a matter of value. is a leading asset management company, headed by CEO The form private equity of government for this Chairman of the Board of Harken political system is totalitarian, including a charismatic leader or prophet with an ideology that mobilizes proselytizing. The system favors the use of techniques such as demonization, misinformation or messianism. The leader has to face the problem that Weber identified as Fund Investments and Direct Investments. ritualization of leadership that leads in turn to CEO of Inc. the decline of belief and the quest for the staff in the community.
The system of political systems are those where the decision process is based on finding a solution for all concerned to take special importance for the legitimacy of the bargaining power, which depends on the system. This is to try to influence LLC the decision to use various techniques to ensure that the NAR management Inc. remaining partners are satisfied with your decision. Takes shape in models of decision making as the dustbin of March and Simon or the power of horizontal Pfeffer.
Bureaucratic systems are those political systems where the decision process is performed according to the legitimacy appears under rules established and institutionalized through tradition as a rational process. Tend to favor the claims of representation based on the interest and governing according Chairman of the Board Directors of Hanover Direct to recognized standards and institutionalized. The form of government alittle by definition for this system is the bureaucracy.
Systems theocratic political systems are those where the decision process is based on standards already TBI established and institutionalized on the basis of religious beliefs or merely ideological. The best form of government Wessley & Schneider by definition for this system is a theocracy.
This tipologia sometimes it is vague, but it shows the value of taking into account aspects of system operation, in addition to the institutions and can serve as a basis for study of political phenomena such as populism.

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