Now is the time to worry about skiing. Especially because now is the time to buy them, because in the middle of the winter season will be in stores and worse choices, and prices will rise slightly. A buy-skiing – it, believe me difficult. Skiing is adjusted depending on height, weight, and even sex skier. But above all, the purchase of a pair depends on where and how they were going to ride them, because there are ski downhill and cross-. To the winter develop in the near ski park, you will need cross-country skiing – are relatively soft, with long toes and sharp and they are called "classical." But supporters of so-called "ridge" of a course – a particular style of riding reminiscent of slipping on the ice – prefer a bit shorter and more rigid skis. But in any case, for those who are not planning a trip to the mountains, suitable usual classical skiing.

Modifications to the mountain ski, there are many – a classical model for the usual ride down the slope, and there are for carving – the descent from the "turn", there is a freestyle, is for extreme, etc. In addition, there are several types of skis, for example, fishing, travel, baby, so before you go to the store, it is best to consult a specialist, or if you are just starting to learn this kind of entertainment, buy a classic model. And the mountain, and cross-country skiing made of two materials – wood and plastic. Today in great demand the plastic and wooden skis have little where you can buy. The fact that plastic skis have many advantages over wood.

For example, they are much stronger and more durable – one pair will last for many seasons. When purchasing skis you need to carefully inspect the sliding surface: there should be no external defects, cracks, scratches. Another is to draw attention to their length. Thus, the length of the cross-country skiing should be 10-15 cm higher growth skier, a mountain – in less than 20 cm of growth for new and equitable growth – for those who feel confident on the slopes. The cost of skis varies on average between 100 up to $ 700 for imported models and from 1500 rubles – for the domestic. By the way, skiing in the world is entertaining high society audience, but because many companies manufacture skis, poles and boots to the spirit fashion. So last year's model often sells ski brand with significant discounts, which can reach up to 50%! Honestly, vendors and say, "They went out of fashion …." The kit for each model makers Ski offer. They must be properly installed and adjusted to fit the shoe, the growth of the skier and his weight. The cost of good shoes is often equated to the cost of the ski, yet save this part of the equipment should not – depend on it not only easy to slip, but the security skier. No accident that some fans are buying branded shoes, skis and take the rent. Shoes must be seated at feet firmly, but do not reap. It remains to buy ski poles (150-450 rubles from the Russian-made and imported $ 15) and can say that the minimum set of equipment for skiing you have and can start site selection of skating.