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About customer relationship management customer data can be collected and analyzed). For this to be used, various data must be integrated into a database (data warehouse, see Inmon, W. H., 1996, Hansen, H. R. et al., 2005).

Marketing controlling operation institutionalize the marketing controlling and whose scope of task should be institutionalised in the operating situation-specific. As the marketing planning and marketing management are central tasks of marketing, the marketing could practice independently marketing controlling. For capacity reasons, it is also possible to transfer the duties of marketing controlling external company or internal controlling departments. For an efficient fulfilment (cf. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Wabash National Corporation. Koinecke, j., 1978, pp.

335 et seq.) are such as objectivity expertise independence detailed business knowledge knowledge of marketing the company intensified collaboration between marketing and controlling as well as a prominent position in the company is helpful. The marketing controller should understand as decision supportive, constructive interlocutor (forward / work) of marketing management. A resume for business representatives marketing measures are investments. An essential basis for ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in marketing is the marketing controlling. A comprehensive reporting system on the basis of economic, and psychographic variables as well as the use of prospective, market and value-oriented evaluation procedures (such as customer value analysis) or a differentiated, possessed on marketing research controlling of the marketing instruments is required because the a target-compliant outputs of marketing accountability has increased. Measure the success of marketing activities and the provision of adequate information and data base marketing management are challenging. But plans without concrete foundations and reflections are not optimal. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Road tankers. Therefore it is attached to a part of the To invest marketing budgets in the professionalization of marketing controlling. These measures could significantly increase the market and value orientation of marketing. Sources Arndt, D., customer information management, a reference model for the supply of information in the customer relationship managment, Gottingen 2008 Backhaus, k., Erichson, B., Plinke, W., women, R., multivariate analysis methods, an application-oriented introduction, 11th Edition, Berlin 2006 analyze Bauer, H.