South Westphalia

What will be if the ‘old’ customers in the majority? On August 19, 2010 Helmut is source 50 face with his talk of gold plus – older customers are precious”guest in the StrategieCentrum of South Westphalia. The population is ageing on a previously unimaginable scale. The face of the company radically changed for years. The importance of older people for the company is already outstanding. You are the only growing and wealthiest population group for some time. For the changes in the demographic landscape, there are no models and no experience.

Maybe that’s why so many companies neglect their most important target group. “” “” Net assets estimated at 3 trillion euros “, 320 billion purchasing power” or 60 percent of all consumer spending “are just some of the hard facts that show us that entrepreneurial thinking in the 50plus” group is necessary. Because older people are consumer professionals with much experience of purchase. Conventional consulting, support, marketing, sales and Communication concepts or interchangeable products no longer impress her. Many vendors and consultants are younger than the customers 50plus and often only slightly familiar with their ways of thinking and behavior. They only have a chance if they observe certain basic rules and offer outstanding solutions.

Helmut is face with his 58 years of target group and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the needs and expectations of the older generation. For 10 years, he sensitised in lectures, seminars and in-house projects for the needs of the most important target group and develops new offerings and services with all setting character. The facts speak for themselves 50plus: net assets estimated at 3 trillion euros. In each decade are inherited between 2 and 3 billion euros. 320 billion purchasing power. About 60 percent of all consumer spending. Buy 80 percent of all luxury cars and 50 percent of cosmetics. 80 per cent of customer deposits in banks and savings banks. 35 billion euro payments life insurance per year.