Internet – is one way to build and grow your business. And one of the most powerful ways. 1.Pochemu worth exploring this technique work? I want you now, once again carefully read the epigraph to this article. What do you think Why the world's richest man says of the Internet? Let's look for the beginning is not some facts: Russia has 1.7 million people 18 and older attend the Internet at least once a week. Their average age 31 years. In Russia the maximum Internet audience (including having a single experience) is 6.6 million people 18 and older. Their average age 31 years.

The 1999 increase in the maximum Internet audience was 46% of its current composition. Not less than 14% of the audience Runet have experience acquiring goods and services over the Internet. Female population in the Internet less than men. With the increase in the activity audience the proportion of men in its composition increases from 61% to 78%. 29000000 people have a desire to use the Internet, but do not have the capacity, of which more than a million homes have a computer and phone. All schools teach the Russian work on computers and the Internet. Of those who did not use the Internet, 3 millibiona 950,000 going to start using them in the coming year. In addition, according to the service mailings SUBSCRIBE.RU (, which has the largest database of Russian-language website (polled 180 thousand people), we can the following conclusions: 78% of Internet users have either not finished higher or tertiary education.