Strategic Design

Do not judge your friend without ever having put in place before Weaknesses (Continued …) Of course, SMEs face other weaknesses that are very decisive in their behavior, achievements, as we noted in relation to human resources that are known to have little capacity to hire or train qualified people, because you can not offer pay and benefits as do larger companies. However, to overcome this obstacle, an SME could allow staff to participate in the profits of the company. One solution to this problem is the design of public policies to scale workloads according to company size. This can be regarded as a weakness of vision with a change of managers and owners of SMEs can be transformed into a fortress. Consider also that the adverse environment for SMEs is not only macro.

Its operations are obstacles on the shortcomings of the services that surround it. One of the most pressing needs of small and medium entrepreneurs is financing. Private banks prefer to lend to large firms, because the costs of processing and monitoring, but few large loans are lower than those of small and large loans. In addition, rates for SME loans are higher, reflecting the greater perceived risk and costly and poor operations of Venezuelan banks. The SMEs do not have, in most cases, strategies, financial or tax planning, and management systems are deficient, which is another barrier to access bank credit. Strengths Everything is not weakness, because through its operation, more on those who remain in the markets we have conquered some of them indicates that they are strengths worth considering and determining its scope to make way for plans know that the strategic advantage and make some competitive advantages.