Overview Stretch Ceilings

Overview: The stretch ceiling is currently becoming less used in the repair of ceilings lime putty and latex paint. They were replaced by hanging constructions made of plasterboard, which is much improved design premises. But the complexity of their installation prevented to fully satisfy customer requirements. This problem was solved with the help of tensioners, or, as they are called, suspended ceilings. Their use is allowed meet the most interesting and complex of designers.

Stretch ceilings are a skeleton, performed around the perimeter of the room, which stretched polymer film. Josh Wexler has similar goals. Despite the ease of installation such a ceiling, without special equipment and certain skills to do this is quite difficult. Better and easier to resort to the assistance of specialists who will do it quickly and efficiently. But the difficulties can arise when selecting themselves suspended ceilings (PVC film), because They are on the market in a big range. The fact that the film may be of different types and styles, and the choice should definitely consider a design project or what you want to get in the final version. If you want the ceiling lights up to buy a semi-transparent film, for which the lighting will be installed. To make the ceiling of the form perfectly painted surface to buy a matte film.

Lacquered surface visually increase the amount that would be ideal for rooms with low ceilings. The so-called "Satin" will make an impression painting the ceiling with gloss paint Light reflected light glare. Still found the film imitate marble, leather, tapestry and other miscellaneous materials. Manufacturers offer a variety of ceiling murals, photo, logo or other interesting pattern. When designing, you can use multi-level suspended ceilings. They may be in the form of arches, domes, cupolas, or repeat the starry sky. Therefore, they have found a wide application. In addition to Beauty, suspended ceilings are very practical and they have no weaknesses. They absolutely are not sensitive to changes in temperature, have fire properties that do not fade from the sun and daylight. These ceilings do not need special care and have good water resistant properties. Last and most important, in my opinion, the feature is that the construction of false ceilings can change cloth, without changing the structure itself framework.

Portfolio Investment

OBJECTIVE Remodelling of old buildings for modern office requires, at times, considerable engineering and creative refinements. Thus, the creation of an aesthetic and comfortable office "Portfolio Investments" in the house, located in B. Zlotoustinskom side street in central Moscow has demanded from designer Marina Burtseva and specialists NAYADA special interior design and engineering solutions. The main difficulty faced by the authors of the project, – Performance of the building. Wooden floors and walls of a house built in the late XIX century, were not designed for weight designs selected for the formation of space. FEATURES OF THE PROJECT Therefore create a zone of negotiation with sliding glass walls of frosted glass NAYADA-Hufcor G3000 professionals the company had to develop a new way to install it. Tracks, driving on the section partitions, not fastened to the ceiling, as is usually done, but to the metal frame. For this special metal frames were initially reinforced plasterboard partitioning the room, then it is to these frames and suspended tracks.

As a result, the desired effect was achieved – thanks to the installed sliding partitions NAYADA-Hufcor negotiation of a fully insulated room into a space that can be transformed, merged with lounge. A small number of windows in the building was not designed for that number of people who are here to work. To solve the complex problems of ergonomic sponsored project has been used three-level partition NAYADA-Raumann. "Blank" the lower part of the design clearly divides the territory into separate zones. Upper made of glass allows sunlight to penetrate, removing the discomfort of feeling an enclosed space. To create the office more confidential environment in the middle of the wall mounted shutters, by which you can adjust the degree of visibility of the room.

Making the VIP-zone built on a combination of dark and light, glass and tree. Bright walls, floor and ceiling, on the one hand, visually make the room bright and airy, with another – winning set off the rack reception, African walnut veneer. The interior walls adjacent to the rack also used by African walnut. Selection of furniture for the VIP-rooms carefully designed by color and style. Classic furniture collections Century (company Ultom – Italy), made of rosewood veneer in combination with leather elements, not only successfully entered into the interior, but also highlights areas of status. Original element of decor representative of the office can be considered as all-glass frosted doors NAYADA. Glass creates the effect of transparency and matte opacity allows profitable beat inflicted on him the company logo.