Strategic Planning, Why, How And For What ?

The strategic planning is for all those studying administration, management, accounting, a subject of study required. What is Strategic Planning, that is, what value is what we try to show in this article. Plan is to put the ideas written and think ahead. Strategic planning is the starting point of any organization, and you can not imagine a company that does not. This document can provide criteria for decision making. Planning is setting goals and choosing the best means to achieve them. The Strategic Planning provides a framework for managers, means that you can discuss alternatives with a common language. The parties which includes strategic planning are identified by different authors and experts.

The first step is to define the identity of the company, About us The second step is to define our mission, that is what is our reason for being. Then we will have to define our vision, that is going to declare our dreams to where we hope to reach in the future. Also will establish tactical our values that will guide our actions as an organization: respect, responsibility, efficiency, honesty, industry, etc. They also point out our strengths and then the threats that could affect our business or to encourage it, direct it or damage it. Describe the main macrovariables in economic, technological, political and social demands that may impact the organization in the planning horizon. This is part of what is called build scenarios. Finally, develop a strategic plan is important for us to walk into the future, the more confident and ready to face different economic events, market variables, the best way to minimize the risk. There is the importance of strategic planning.

Years ago we see companies that ran away 12, 30, 50 years. Many have disappeared and others have emerged in the market positioning, and we saw that in the field soda, Twist, Concordia, Kola Inglesa, and no more, no Bimbo and some other more. The same applies to several industries, Moravec, Paints Fast, Lois Jeans, and we could list many more that no longer exist in the market. Maybe I miss all have a strategic plan, maybe not well defined its identity, mission, vision, SWOT analysis, etc. However that is been, keep in mind that if we are to be managers, executives, if we are, we always have to think about strategic planning.