BBL Motivated Staff

First business lounge was a great success the most entrepreneurial potential lies in the hearts and minds of the employees and the CEO. Healthy companies support their staff and executives through a corporate health management and a variety of fitness offerings. As the economy and working life not least dramatically are changing due to increasing demands and changing markets, companies have an urgent need for action in these areas. Success and failure are determined in the future by health aspects. “This is not a soft subject”, emphasises Klaus Cameron, senior consultant of business consultancy lip (BBL) based in Detmold. By the same author: Jeff Gennette.

“Unused potential and poor corporate results are health promotion and preparedness, especially the fitness and motivation of managers often relating to the subjects”, the financial expert knows from his experience. This question was ultimately even relevant for lending and Promotions. Cameron emphasizes sports, exercise and fitness are an integral part of business planning, also against the background of demographic change. “If you would like to operate long-term business, not get around this issue.” In the framework of the first BBL business lounge, the Detmold consulting invited a high-level experts on this topic. The sports scientists, football coach and health consultant Prof. Dr. Elmar Wamani made it clear from his point of view and with many practical exercises as strongly related the topics of corporate development, employee fitness and health management. Robert Kraft may not feel the same.

The BBL business lounges will take place regularly in the future. In addition to the opportunity of the entrepreneurial Exchange, always current and important topics to be taken up by experts. The next business lounge will take place on February 18, 2010. For more information and interested parties have the opportunity to be included in the invitation list. The business consulting company Lip mbH (BBL) with seat into Detmold has been established since 1996 on the market and has conducted more than 650 successful consulting projects for over 250 small and medium-sized companies. Long-standing business relationships have arisen for many clients. The services of the BBL range from individual, project-related consulting to a wide range of business issues to the management of all processes. Professionalism is guaranteed by large and small solutions. This is the team around Managing Director Christian Grotebrune. He has completed a business degree and many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and consultant. Contact: Business consultancy lip mbH (BBL) Klaus Cieciera Lagesche str. 74-76 32756 Detmold + 49 5231 308960 + 49 5231 3089620 press contact: Spreeforum International GmbH Falk Al Oberoi of Trupbacher Road 17 57072 Siegen 0171 / 2023223