Universal Life Energy

Online magazine commits Reiki-land.de anniversary (other sources speak of approximately two million) have at least 500,000 German, after the late of 1980s Japanese Reiki technique made its way to Germany, until today learned the alternative healing art of Reiki. This – “The Usui system of natural healing” called a Japanese health care system enables the universal life energy. Reiki spread here in Europe with great speed and was “re-exported” even later after Japan. In Europe, in particular Germany and the Netherlands considered countries with special Habitat. The advantages of the Usui system are quickly referred to as: the first degree – which is enough for most people – can be learned already in one weekend. The cost usually amounted to 170 to 200 euros and be taken over by some health insurance companies.

Reiki is considered very simple method, in order to achieve a State of relaxation. Relaxation in turn is – as other techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation – elemental to the Activation of self-healing. The online community Reikiland sees itself as a catalyst of the discipline, which is been rediscovered in 1922 by the Buddhist monk Usui. The offer of the largest German-speaking community of Reiki is aimed both at newcomers as well as on many years already Reiki practitioners. The drive springs of the online community, whose website comes a day visitor numbers in the four-digit range are common experience or experience together to Exchange. For this purpose is the interactive part of the online presence heart piece by Reikiland. The community also personally meets on a regular basis. The number of friendships and partnerships that have already emerged within the Reikiland community shows that Reiki can contribute not only to health but also happy. This year’s special Reiki meeting is of the place from the 28.08.-30.08 in Gersfeld/Rhon. Various activities are planned: common exchange of Reiki, a hike to the “mountain of wishes”, music-making and much more. Frank Doerr editor-in-Chief

English Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance & Fortune telling: Century old methods for predicting the future most of us look for solutions to problems or want to know more about the future. Follow others, such as Tiffany & Co., and add to your knowledge base. If are you still always looking for answers and solutions for your problems, then you should consider perhaps clairvoyance and divination considering clairvoyance is a century-old tradition which took place for the first time in the 3rd century before Christ, application. The priests who in the middle ages clairvoyance practiced, were considered evil and either killed or persecuted mercilessly. But the attitude of the people about the psychic has evolved mightily centuries and some see it as a science. What is clairvoyance? Clairvoyance means to see the esoteric method in the future or to predict this. But how does that the Prophet or the psychic? The Prophet considered above all the past and current events of seeking advice and tried thereby establishing correlations that allow him to predict the future or to detect trends. An important Difference between a prophet and other future soul is the fact that the clairvoyant needs no help from other esoteric tools such as cards (how they are used in the Tarot), a crystal ball, or a pendulum. Clairvoyance and divination, clairvoyance is allocated the fortune-telling; It tries to predict the future by information is processed through space and time.

In English, also under the term clairvoyance clairvoyance is known (“clair” comes from the French and means so much as clearly refers during “voyance” vision). Frequently Western Union has said that publicly. But to be able to predict the future using clairvoyance, and thereby the prophets who interpret images correctly, many years of practical experience required. Although many psychics have the necessary talent to predict the future, it is possible to interpret the future, because it is not easy on some days for the Prophet to connect properly with the medium actually not always at all times. Clairvoyance requires in addition to a quiet and stress-free atmosphere accurate results to achieve. Because the clairvoyance presents a glimpse into the future, it can be used to find solutions to current problems versatile.

There are many cultures that rely on the clairvoyance, among the Chinese, Greeks and Persians (this is only an excerpt). Nostradamus: A well-known psychic clairvoyance is practiced for centuries and a very important Prophet was Nostradamus. During the 16th century, in the year 1550, Nostradamus began his prophecies, which were published in the next calendar year, to predict using clairvoyance. Often, a psychic is a person with a special gift (or talent). Clairvoyance is often considered very spiritual and positive, because it can help many people. Clairvoyance free some psychics free psychic consultations offered. This fortune teller, who have the necessary psychic skills, help you to find solutions to your problems and make your life stress-free. In some cases clairvoyance will give you free also help get your doubts about difficult decisions. So if you are looking for a professional psychic to solve a look into the future to throw and your problems, then you can visit also an online Astroportal where you have a free clairvoyance without tools.

Customer Satisfaction

Questico AG: customer satisfaction at Questico always Berlin September 2010 capitalized. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction is not one without the other. In this area, Questico, the portal for telephone counseling, now occupies a leading role among all advice portals. High customer satisfaction is the basis for a healthy company, and to ensure these high customer satisfaction, Questico has in the area of quality assurance in recent years made maximum efforts and invested a lot of time and money. Questico customers should can finally always rely on the quality of the advice. “To this end, Questico offers in the context of quality assurance the quality offensive Q m, Q spoken square”, at. This means that Questico wants to improve the quality of the talks as possible at any point of the consultation process.

To do this, Questico offers now regular consultant training, where consultants learn to structure a conversation and losungsbezogen to do. Consultants will be shown how to better understand customer needs and specific questions. At the same time the customers are prompted by Questico AG actively expressing their satisfaction: each customer can online in writing to review his conversation and for other customers a note leaving, whether he was satisfied with the conversation or consultation. In this way, it is ensured that Questico is as transparent as possible for all customers. Of course, come all reviews by Questico customers and are absolutely real. Some examples of customer satisfaction can be found in the following reviews (extract): I had earlier so a wonderful, motivating and helpful conversation with you (…). You deserve for your great support 5 star”Hello dear Cornelia, thank you for the super nice conversation. I liked that very well.

You’re a very dear and nice consultant and give valuable tips”Cornelia Love, as always you proven right. You can only fully recommend you. You will meet the thing always to the point.”the conversation with helped me alot more. I knew some things about me, but it did well, to learn a different perspective from someone outside the”Andreas speaks with great experience in this field. He has shown me very new insightful perspectives and explains. You give me very valuable tips thank you very much for the good work!”. Your statements are consistent to 100% and everything past has arrived. Down to Earth, to the point, patient and always very gracious! “.” Customer satisfaction through quality assurance at Questico AG not hollow words, but to a real incentive for the entire team. Company profile Questico AG the Questico AG was born out of a simple idea: seeking advice and bringing together advice givers. Within a very short time developed this idea to what today is loving Questico and competent Life advice. Around 2,500 consultants are currently around 1.2 million users of questico.de by phone, chat and email at Questico AG 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist.