The Educator

Sometimes the educator is a risk from becoming a mere Manager of programs and projects, without the personal and professional involvement in tasks that are inherent in their training to be? street?. It may be that the institution itself is who mark their functions in excess and reduce the work of the street educator to develop ideas planned without his cooperation. Within the corporate context the educator has features common to the rest of the team and that allow:-programming of activities, adapting programmes to groups and individuals. -Carry out formalities linked to activities. -The study of alternatives for the social integration of groups at a disadvantage. -Controlling and measuring results, evaluating objectives, activities, methods – coordinate and collaborate with other entities, programmes or similar services.

(-Etc. c) management functions: the proceedings in the street and the entity need a procedure that contributes to the distribution of time, methods and activities, without forgetting that it corresponds to the educator direct educational intervention. Functions that refer to This management would be aimed a: – coordinate criteria and set priorities in a work team. -Compensate objectives, purposes and benefits of the institution with the resources actually available. -Seek alternatives to new needs, studying them in Group and distributing responsibilities. -Interact with other organizations and facilitate the mutual knowledge of experiences, philosophy, methods – make paperwork a bureaucratic or economic nature when they form part of the project and we should assume that role. -Etc. Governor Cuomo has similar goals.

The areas on which directly involved the educator are family, school, leisure time, the rela-tions and health. Do we see each of them separately:-? family rea: to know the elements that decouple the family system must know your organization, conflict, attitudes, supports that possesses, reference persons. This will bring us patterns for programming intervention in this core, very important if we want to promote the development of minors in this space of socialization by excellence.