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Alpha lipoic acid: Research that tested his slimming potential by The Body Pharmacy acid alpha lipoic acid: we are in mid summer and many people are anxious to lose weight and look great guy. It is not surprising that this will lead to a race to achieve slimming supplements that help us with that purpose. However, many people notice that as soon as they stop your program of diet, the pounds begin to appear again. This discourages a little (or a lot) to anyone, depresses many, and makes most to abandon the fight. Does alpha lipoic acid may be the key, but what if we can find an ingredient that helps us maintain our ideal weight even after leaving to diet? According to recent research, the alpha lipoic acid, a dietary supplement, could to do just that. Although it does not seem to have much effect when taken during a weight loss program, scientists have discovered that the alpha lipoic acid if that helps the body to maintain the results and do not recover the lost kilos.

How does it work? Apparently, alpha lipoic acid makes the body think that it is still doing diet. Normally when eating regularly after a diet program again, they begin to win back kilos. Alpha lipoic acid makes your body believe that he is still making diet and this apparently greatly helps to keep weight under control. What he found in the study? Dr Goyns, Liverpool University conducted a study which analyzed alpha lipoic acid supplements and their effects in rats that received feeding normal and low in calories. Rats that ate less were capable of living more than 25-40% than rats whose diet remained the same. However, if returning to a normal diet, they lost this life extension.

But if you gave the rats alpha lipoic acid to return to a normal diet, they could enjoy the same life extensions. This unusual and unexpected result could have many benefits for the people who use this same Supplement. Fewer calories = prolongation of life this is not only good news when it is staying true to your diet weight loss goals, but it can also be good news in terms of their longevity. The same study confirms that eating fewer calories leads to a longer life. This effect had already been observed in Japan, in Okinawa specifically, where is found the highest proportion of centenarians in the world. Add acid alpha lipoic acid to your daily intake helps you maintain your ideal weight after your diet program. In addition, alpha lipoic acid gives you the additional advantage of help prolong their personal life expectancy. Current uses the alpha lipoic acid is also sold as an antioxidant, and is often included as an ingredient in the best health and beauty supplements. He also used in the treatment of other health conditions, including stroke yaccidentes liver damage.