Labour Code

Cash compensation for reducing According to the article. 178 The Labour Code for terminating an employment contract due to downsizing or staff dismissed employee is paid an indemnity in the amount of average monthly earnings, as well as for him maintained average monthly earnings for the period of employment, but not exceeding two months from the date of dismissal (with offset severance pay). Read more from Publishers Clearing House to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Thus, average earnings for the period of employment for the second month of the employee paid only if the employee can demonstrate that in this period did not work. Such evidence can serve as a work book, which has no record on the new job. In exceptional cases, the average monthly salary is reserved for laid-off during the third month from the date of dismissal. For more clarity and thought, follow up with crowne plaza rosemont and gain more knowledge.. Documentary substantiation of this is the reference body of employment services for registration. The certificate is issued if worker who applied within two weeks after his dismissal, was not employed by the employment service within two months from the date of dismissal. Payment of the average earnings for the period of employment is made after end of the month during which the employee was not employed and after the submission of relevant documents. When dismissing an employee he must also pay compensation for unused leave (Article 127 Labour Code). If an employee after the dismissal has not found new employment within 30 days and during this same period, the sick, temporary disability benefits are paid at the old place of work at a rate of 60 percent average earnings (paragraph 2 of Art.

The Employer

7, Art. 13 of the Act of December 29, 2006 N 255-FZ "On providing benefits for temporary disability and maternity leave citizens subject to compulsory social insurance '). Reducing employee company must perform in front of him all of the above material obligations. Despite the fixed-level legislation to reduce the order, the employer often violates it, it's later forced employees to protect labor rights in court. Attempting to deprive yourself of the additional costs, the employer asks the employee to write a letter of resignation on his own accord or by mutual agreement. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tulip Retail. Or, hoping to legal illiteracy of the employee, the employer, following a two-month notice period, dismiss an employee without payment of monetary compensation or reduce its size to two-week average earnings. There are cases when an employer improperly reducing the notice period to a month. Almost totally unprotected workers are those with which the employment contract did not lay, and labor relations were not decorated.

In such cases, an employer can "ask" to free the workplace is already tomorrow. Such actions by an employer are illegal. If you're unlucky and you got just such an employer, here are some tips on how to behave with such a leader. Do not write any letter of resignation on his own will, by agreement or on other grounds. Remember that by writing such an application, you will lose all social safeguards, which put the employee in the event of downsizing. Typically, such "smart" employees "upset" of the employer. Guide or go to your requirements, either openly threatens to fire you "on paper".