Induction Cooking

How induction hobs work The induction term derives from the Latin “inducere” = “lead / lead” from. James Woolsey Jr. oftentimes addresses this issue. He referred to the electromagnetic phenomenon in the physical sense, that a moving magnetic field in conductive material causes a current to flow, and that conversely flowing electric current produces a magnetic field. Some will remember maybe the experiments of physics teaching, whereby Hufeisenmagneten took a volt meter to the rash or a bicycle Dynamo lit a bulb made. But induction can do even more. The magnetic field that surrounds an active bestromte line, induces a measurable current in a passive, parallel laid wire.

This effect, which is very annoying for example in audio technology (“mains hum”), deliberately used elsewhere. Batteries from small appliances or toys are to load so it must be only on the charging station without direct electrical contact. And we are already very close to the induction hotplate. The heart of this technology is a flat, Copper coil installed below the cooktop. It is supplied with high-frequency alternating current from 25000 to 30000 Hz. So-called “eddy currents” due to the known effect of induction in the bottom of the pot. A vivid image for this is the water in a hot tub, moving in many small vertebrae and not in a wide stream. The relatively high electrical resistance of ferromagnetic material transforms the kinetic energy of the electrons in heat.

That is scientifically sure not quite correct, but as the rotors warm up at the car, it says here: the stronger the braking, the greater the heat. Therefore, pots and pans made of copper or aluminium not for induction cookers are suitable. The low electrical resistance of these materials hardly slows down the electrons so that enough heat energy is given off. Thus becomes clear, by the way, that the “Pan recognition”, with manufacturers like to advertise their herd, is corollary to the laws of physics.

Who Has A Choice… Should Consciously Decide When Food Shopping!

Swabian pasta manufacturer puts on empowered consumers Swabian pasta manufacturer opts for empowered consumers who the choice should consciously decide when food shopping! The Swabian Alb offers not only attractive and partly fresh landscape, it is also a region with numerous specialities in delicious Baden-Wurttemberg. Spatzle, potato noodles or dumplings, the Swabian favourites in many variations in almost every hotel on the ALB you get. The people on the ALB are regarded as resourceful and hard-working. From the tradition, they lived always somewhat secluded and had to master hard everyday life in the harsh climate of the Highlands with their ingenuity. You talk not much, you do something it is the motto: et schwatza, classical.

ALB-gold CEO Klaus Freidler faithfully these properties, the Swabian Alb-gold from Trochtelfingen producer of pasta takes on the ALB, the things into their own hands. Owner Klaus Freidler produced in his company not far from Reutlingen located, since more than 30 years best egg pasta and pasta. In the meantime the range has grown to more than 100 varieties, and he refers to with pride as Germany’s richest variety manufacturer. From the outset it was clear for the contractor that best noodle quality can be achieved only through the highest quality of raw materials. Since the beginning of the year, he once again goes its own way in the pasta industry. After already in 2002 the operation in the glass production as first was made available to the industry for everyone, he changed completely in the production of its brand-name products GMO-free raw materials and Barn eggs.

The naturalness of the products is Freidler to the heart. What is special about his noodles should not be however closer consumers about big advertising campaigns. Freidler opts for the majority of consumers and interest in the information. Again, people invest more time and money in their diet. You understand, that life balance not only by the degree of saturation depends, but above all varied diet and exercise”, says the producer of pasta. People appreciate the variety at work, at leisure, and especially in the diet. Variety and selection is therefore a basic need of the people. Because only the diversity creates the freedom of choice between different offerings. So that the consumer can select, the company chose sales packaging conscious offering of the special characteristics at all. Nowadays anyone with advertising is filled in. For individuals, it is extremely difficult to filter out which now hard facts “are, and which only soft advertising”, “explains Freidler. Producer of pasta, for example, nowhere specify on the packaging, whether the eggs used in the pasta come from chicken barn, or whether the animals that were fed with genetically modified feed. The chickens of our egg suppliers are exclusively with GMO-free feed fed. We vouch for this security with the information printed on the packaging. Traceability and transparency build trust between customers and food producer, and exactly this trust we want to build up and get”underpinned the ALB-gold head his statements further. The theme of hidden genetic engineering is very serious for the noodle manufacturers of the Swabian Alb, and he hopes that the legislature soon realizes the gaps and closes. Its premium products modified organisms or artificial additives, anyway, have lost nothing, finally, he put on natural enjoyment without genetic engineering. Swabian diligence, innovation and the right idea he created its own noodle world in his noodle Center, about the one like contrary to the nature of the Swabian schwatza to. Contact: ALB-GOLD pasta GmbH Marketing & PR, Matthias Klumpp FON 07124.9291-113 fax 07124.9291-913 E-mail