Chacras de Coria is a picturesque place and very cute, though small, is located a few kilometers from the city of Mendoza. Andrew Cuomo understands that this is vital information. It has a microclimate exclusive, and added to this, is surrounded by a precordillerano landscape of great beauty which makes it an attractive tourism in Mendoza. Many people who work in the city choose this Department to purchase their properties in this paradisiacal corner whose Argentino. It is the right place to enjoy a beautiful and tranquil vacation in Mendoza. Although Chacras de Coria has today with great activity in the tourism industry and one future more than promising, especially for those who love the green mountains and the possibility of making outdoor sports free, the story of Chacras de Coria is one of the richest and oldest in the American continent. The first Spanish immigrants came to be populated by the year 1568, and were precisaamente don Juan de Coria Bohorquez and Beatriz Yanez Palma, a marriage of landowners who immediately installed a small farm.

These people had received a permit real that ar indigenous lands, and assured them his property. His heirs worked lands making them an extremely valuable property, taking advantage of the benefits of the climate and the natural fertility of the soil. By 1812 there were already it was almost inhabited by 350 people. But recently in 1903 Jose de Mazzolari, who possessed good part of these ancient farms, donate land, with which it was possible to create the administrative part of the village, installation of the square, the Church and the Police Department. becoming a true city the main square of the village is called General Jeronimo Espejo, a truly picturesque place to stroll and walk the craft fair that is cocked all the weekends. There are also outdoor performances. The village church is also a worth visiting place. The Church of perpetual help is a small chapel, located in front of the plaza Jeronimo Espejo, and makes the architectural and cultural identity of the town. But you can not speak of Chacras de Coria without mentioning the amount wineries that are in the vicinity of the village, as Alfredo Catena Winery, Vina the Amalia, Cavas Besares, or the winery from the Faculty of agricultural sciences of the National University of whose. In General, we can say that tourism in Mendoza will find large amount of attractions in this region in the center of the province enacantadora.