New Windows Live Messenger

The new Windows Live Messenger 2011, called by much MSN Messenger 2011 and popularly known as 2011 MSN or Windows Live Messenger 2011 is the new company Microsoft IM client. MSN 2010 is currently designed to work on computers with Microsoft Windows Mobile devices with Windows Mobile/Windows Phone, iOS among others. Windows Live Messenger 2011 is part of the set of services online called Windows Live that exists since 2005. Connects to network .NET Messenger Service service. This new package includes updates to previous versions of:-Windows Live Messenger, hotmail and live mail chat client.

Windows Live Mail program to organize and store e-mails locally. Windows Live Writer, an excellent application to create and edit entries or posts from blogs. Windows Live Photo Gallery, lets sort the photos on your PC. Windows Live Family Safety, which provides child protection Web pages. Windows Live Movie Maker, a simple but functional editor videos.

Download MSN Messenger 2011 Spanish recalls that, to download this new Messenger and/or Windows Live Essentials Pack (beta version) you will need to have Windows 7 or Windows Vista, XP has been out of this and future updates. Steps to download msn 2011: 1.-the first thing is to go to the Live Essentials website, at the following link: 2.-If you want to download the entire package of programs we give to the download now button. Although it is advisable to go to the option on the right choose the programs you want and give it to our preferred language. 3. If we choose the option of selecting the programs you want to install, we will find this. 4. Be sure to close all previous applications to avoid conflicts at the time of installation. Ready! We already have the newest MSN Messenger 2011 in Spanish and the pack of Windows Live Essentials.