Grant Requests

When we ask for grants for our company, we have to think that obtaining the grant is not the main purpose of our project investment and therefore should not expect the subsidy for the project. Grants should be regarded as aid, but not having them because of us can deny. Should always analyze in depth the subvencionesa which best suits your project. We must consider the requirements to be met by the beneficiary of subsidies, there may be grants that go perfectly with our project but it is the company that does not possess the conditions necessary to obtain these grants. We must correctly define the project for which they will apply for grants. We must complete and submit the grant application forms within the prescribed period, and the documentation required by agencies such subvencionesy summoning aid. In all calls for assistance and grants are set rules and translate them correctly in the documentation that we present is to have a better chance of achieving the grants. For assistance or subsidies, we must justify the investment or expenditure on the project.

Agencies that provide grants and aid, usually included among its requirements that the project has not started when requesting grants. Public Bodies summon different types of grants and subsidies generally aimed at improving our business. It is very difficult to ensure obtaining a subsidy or support, as influenced by various factors in the achievement of grants and some do not depend on us. Whenever we have doubts about some aid or subsidies should go to Official Bodies summoning aid, or request the services of professionals specializing in assistance and grants for management and processing.