Free Trade Agreement

While there are many factors responsible for this trend, the increase of transnational crime is due in large part to the elimination of physical, political, social, and economic barriers that were present during the Cold War. International trade agreements such as the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and multilateral agreements in Europe and Asia have open borders and trade around the world. The U.S. international trade. UU. alone is twice the volume than it was in 1994, and if current trends continue, that will double again in 2005.

Therefore, as global trade and increased international border controls decreased, there was a significant, if not exponential, increase in drug trafficking, weapons, women, children, diamonds, minerals and other commodities. In addition, advances in telecommunications, information technology and finance have facilitated the flow of information and capital across international borders. While the impact of globalization on poor states remains a subject of intense debate, there is little disagreement on how transnational criminals have prospered in the new global economy. Today, transnational criminals can operate in multiple jurisdictions, without fear of persecution and move millions of dollars to shelters around the world. Second, dynamic and adaptive nature of transnational crime is a phenomenon difficult to understand and fight effectively.

Unlike bound by conventional ground force field, transnational criminals adapt quickly to changes in the environment. If you put undue pressure on a professional enterprise, the organization often find ways to eliminate the source of pressure or prevent it. In addition, Van Duyne says that criminals are market driven and respond to the changing demands of illegal products, services and capital.

Software Management

Clearly, host graphics files, documents, video and software downloading and increases rapidly exhausted our quota transfers. As in paragraph above, if it exceeds the contracted amount, we will pay dearly. MAIL ACCOUNTS The accounts are useful if we want to have your own domain in which to offer this service (webmail, POP3, IMAP) members of the company or agency that is doing the hosting. However, it should be borne in mind that the space available for each of them depends on their number and what we have hired. Thus, if we have a service with 500 Mbytes, we could have a hundred five email accounts with maximum storage Mbytes each. Just do not universally available space for anything else.

Among the most important features of this service is the presence of embedded antivirus and antispam filters, which will minimize the effects of this type of malicious code in the accounts under our control. a Domains and subdomains A domain need not always be associated with the hosting plan from our supplier, in fact, is quite common and hire a filing with the hosting with another. Normally two independent services, so that although some include it in the same offer, it’s different concepts, since the implementation of this element involves a more complex series of operations for the supplier. Not so with the subdomains (such subominio.. Com domain) and, again, according to the plan we hire, we will have one, two, three or more.

MANAGEMENT The management of our hosting is a critical task that is simplified with a number of elements that many companies offer more or less success. FTP access accounts are the clear choice to upload content. Therefore, they are virtually mandatory in all services, some of which (the most expensive) can have different accounts to which several people have permission to ecolgaru information in the portal.