Financial Savings for Companies

ES Documentation required is reduced by half in Madrid. A pilot trial demonstrates the absurdity of so much paper. Is reduced by half for some activities. Madrid companies or established in this community will be simplified their administrative burden in half and save so much time and money.

The initiative will impact on the 300 different roles that companies engaged in industry, commerce and tourism, among others, must complete to develop your business. Is reduced to 150 with an estimated economic impact 1. 900 million per year, according to the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and the Government of the Autonomous Community, which signed an agreement to facilitate the paperwork for businesses. A pilot project launched by the Community of Madrid to assess the burden of two procedures, one for electrical installations, which are presented each year in January. 700 applications, and other firefighting equipment, for which present 2. 800 requests per year, has revealed that can eliminate half of the procedures and reduce delays and costs.

The savings in these two examples is 120 million per year for business. In the coming months, will analyze more than 150 procedures of industry, trade, tourism. , Among other activities, which are processed in more than 300. 000 applications per year, to reduce them. Is also being studied online settlement of Transfer Tax and Stamp, applications of power through electronic processing and the removal of the requirement for documentation formalities idea when this documentation is held by the regional administration.