It is create an MLM authentic, based on consumption of products, and not so much in direct selling, that much like the companies. Some contend that Western Union shows great expertise in this. If you sell much and get paid your commissions, you reward but and if not? You have no right to anything well, I propose a game. Let’s get the most out of your business. Say that you have an organization of 50 people. There are two leaders, who are the most active; they are looking for new members, sold, and are highly motivated with the business.

The rest, the other 48, they are part-time people, who have no experience in sales, many don’t even like them, and have been introduced into the team basically to your friends and more direct. IE, you have 2 people active and inactive 48. Why? Because the level of demand that people find, once they have joined the business is very high, and they did not know when he entered. Think about it for a moment. Normally, the classical form of recruiting people for an MLM is through a friend, family or by an ad. When candidates receive information, nobody tells them that they will have to Bill $ 1,000 a month or more to collect your commissions every month. If they did, nobody would sign! The recruiter is concentrated in that firm candidate now undertakes and start the business by investing some amount of money.

Other details there will be time to talk. It is incredible, but it works. Everyone knows that if you give all the information from the beginning, 90% of people will jokingly back. So it is better to hide it, and then, once the new Member is already inside, it has already invested money and given his word to the new project, you can go knowing part two the human being tends to be consistent with its decisions, and once you have taken a decision, continues to advance in line with what you have decided.