Famous Peruvian Entrepreneurs

The family Pineapple: Kola Real in the province of San Miguel (Ayacucho), Nivardo Ananos, owned Patibamba finances. With the advent of the agrarian reform of General Juan Velasco, Patibamba was divided. The first-born Eduardo Ananos, married to Professor Mirtha Jeri, is engaged in agriculture in one of the parcels while raising their six children. His sister, Olga Jeri, was the wife of Amaniel Castro, who was operating the first bottling plant in this town of temperate climate. In the eighties, when terrorism was at its peak, the hacienda of Don Eduardo Ananos, located in a town of Ayacucho (San Miguel), was attacked subversive, so the family had to emigrate to Huamanga ( capital of Ayacucho). Frequently Former CIA Head has said that publicly. By 1987, Don Eduardo (the patriarch) and George (the eldest son) were interested in bottling and distributing soft drinks. As Jorge was involved in the distribution of beer, Huamanga, knew the management of such company. But the two Ananos decided to enter not only the distribution, but also to the production of soda.

Started production, warehouse and administrative offices of Kola Real (KR) at home. Had a “Atahualpa”, filling machine and bottling capacity of 50 cases of soda per day. Search for point to one type of customer that is always worried about generating some savings. So the slogan was: The fair price. In fact, it points to the poor segments of the market, those that were being served by the informal sector. Large companies had approached the top 30%, comprising the A and B socio-economic levels.