Federation Coaching

Despite the fact that coaching gets in our country is increasingly popular and very often hear the question: why does he actually need? And to whom and when is it needed? Of course, such questions are usually asked by those who themselves still did not enjoy coaching. Indeed, the coaching – a relatively young phenomenon in our country and the most common, he got in big companies, especially those who have access to foreign markets. Not surprisingly, it is often confused with psychological counseling or business advice. Meanwhile, the coaching – this is a totally independent advice and direction to management. International Federation Coaching (ICF) provides the following definition of the process of coaching: "Coaching (coaching) – it's continued cooperation, which helps clients to achieve real results in their personal and professional life. Through a process coaching clients deepen their knowledge, improve their efficiency and improve quality of life.

At each meeting the client chooses the subject of conversation, the coach listens and contributes in the form of clarifying remarks, effective questions, providing feedback, etc. This interaction clarifies the situation and prompts the customer to act. Coaching accelerates the client's self, opening them wider choice. Coaching focuses on where the client wants to be, at what point he is at the moment and that he was willing to do to get to where he wants to be tomorrow. " One of the founders of the coaching Gelvey Timothy (Timothy Gallwey) so defined the essence of coaching: "Coaching – is opening a person's potential to maximize its effectiveness. Coaching does not teach, and helps to learn. " Coaching (English) – training, tutoring, training. Coach (English) – coach, mentor. The roots of coaching goes into the sport, specifically in coaching. Technique-oriented rather than on strict compliance with the instructions how to maximize the innate potential of the athlete were truly revolutionary.