Asia Tata Tea Group

The group was founded to build and grow key businesses in various sectors of the economy of his country. Tata Group will now accounts for more than 3% of India's GDP and consists of one hundred companies. Until last year, the group conducted a TATA Group annual turnover of U.S. $ 17. 500 million and employed 222. 000. We can name some items of the companies belonging to the TATA Group including: textiles, chemicals, energy, air transport, metallurgist, consumer goods, food, financial, fertilizers, publishing, steel, automotive, among others. The Tata Group comprises a total of 96 companies operating in 96 countries worldwide and exports to over 120 countries.

The Tata Group comprises 98 operating companies in seven sectors: Communications and Information Systems Engineering Services Energy Materials Chemicals Consumer Products. The group annual turnover of about $ 18. 000 billion per year, equivalent to 2% of gross domestic product () of India. Among its businesses are: TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), the largest software and services in Asia Tata Tea, the largest producer of tea in the world Tata Steel, the second largest steel producer Tata Motors of India, a leader in sales heavy vehicles and vehicles in India. Indian Hotels, a division of hotel and tourism group. Currently, the Tata group has come to arena and, as stated Fernando Del Corro, now speaks of Naval Rattan Tata, head of the powerful industrial conglomerate, hotel and other, known as the Tata Group. Rattan Tata, herself born in Mumbai, India's financial capital, and that the next 28 will meet this December 71, among other things was the creator of the world's cheapest car, Nano model, the Tata brand.