Royal Road

In a difficult market environment in the broad field of popular magazines, there are only a few winners. Starnberg, October 20, 2009 in a difficult market environment in the broad field of popular magazines, there are only a few winners: the so-called special-interest magazines, which handle mostly only a topic or subject area. For many years, the publishers saw the Royal Road in the general-interest titles, which was addressed to a wide audience and achieved high circulation figures. But the trend now is in the other direction. Special-interest titles are becoming increasingly important in today’s media landscape, while classic general-interest titles such as women’s magazines and periodicals with stagnant conditions to fight. A leading source for info: crowne plaza rosemont.

The circulation figures of the information community to determine the distribution of advertising media (IVW) prove this impressively. So, the sold copies of all women’s magazines has remained almost constant over the past four years. Could its circulation over the same period, however, the health and fitness magazines double the sum. Also the knowledge magazine and food magazines could set. In his extensive Web shop Lorenz reader service from Starnberg offers both General – and special-interest magazines. Lorenz reader service can confirm the latest development.

Knowledge magazine and travel magazines like world of wonders, GEO and Merian were subscribed to so far more frequently this year by up to 25 percent as last year. The reasons for this development are manifold: the number of journal titles and thus the competition has become larger in recent years, and so there is a cut-throat competition between the book titles, going at the expense of many general-interest magazines. With the Internet, publishers have gotten additional competition. For readers, this development is of course beneficial. Select your favorite magazine from an even greater range of titles. Some publishers have recognized the signs of the times and courageous step in the niche.


Trial & error @ #Neuland: A note to Springer, Merkel and her @RegSprecher (…) While in the case of the Government spokesman Steffen the medium also bumping up against appropriate message which bears approached desired audience, Seibert direct communication at direktzurkanzlerin quickly the limits of their possibilities, as soon as issues on the table, what atmosphere can answer the Chancellor out of national interest not in the four eyes, as these are often directed to them. (…) The viral YouTube video of Axel Springer AG for the extraction of media entrepreneurs playful puts it in a nutshell. Social media are not ends in themselves, but require the strategic integration in the overall communication of a company. In a sense, he extended online arm of classic and confidence-building communication through different channels and networks. Each social media channel serving specific communication purposes and audiences. While Government spokesman Steffen Seibert, for example, in addition to the classic Press release officially informed about Twitter @RegSprecher and responds Chancellor communicates among other things online via the voluntary platform for dialogue direktzurkanzlerin directly with citizens. But does social media communication so easily? Is it possible solely through the dialogue offer on the net to create confidence and to build a sustainable dialogue with specific target groups? A substantial following, also will return if necessary, to contact the respective protagonists? The Followerzahl of over 100,000 seems Steffen Seibert right to give, he served but experts over a competent network, which is used to work with the compressed information on Twitter. “” “While in the salmon case the medium” also the appropriate message “is up to the desired target group, direct communication with direktzurkanzlerin quickly reaches its limits, once get topics on the table, which the Chancellor already out of national interest not in the private atmosphere” can answer how this often be addressed them.

“So the correct media” but unfortunately no Royal content for the message transparency “, if the promised openness may just in unsatisfactory answers to the expectant citizens? Against this background, it is therefore useful to consider social media communication not isolation. Rather, it is important to understand social media, which is included in total cross-media communication network, dialogue and feedback instrument as an integrated and inclusive instrument. (New) Technology can be also only an additional Stirrup of classic (political) corporate communications, who lives by the integrated networking of all relevant actors and information flows. Now as a journalist for a specific subject area or a politician or company for its concerns communication is always a sustainable social act at the end. Possible see also the summary of the BAJ’s last podium comments and discourse on this topic Working Group press and public on 1 March 2013 in the PresseClub Munich among others to the topic of social media and responsibility: news/sporty communications competition

Reporters Without Borders

For the fifth time, Welle (DW) and reporters without borders (ROG) bloggers and blogs characterized the Germans engaged in outstanding way for freedom of expression. The start of the sixth BOBs fell on December 7,: Internet users all over the world are invited to submit proposals for the awards until February 14, 2010. “We very pleased, to be able to support this prestigious competition of the Deutsche Welle once again”, the head of the Internet Department by Reporters without borders, Lucie Morillon said. Blogs by special quality awards and are presented to the public, is illustrates the great potential of online news and information and strengthened the right of freedom of expression on the Internet “, as Mr Morillon further.” The “Bob – best of the blogs” – is an international competition for original blogs, aimed to provide the public with reliable information regularly. In addition to the “Reporters without borders Among other prizes in the categories of “Best video blog”, “Best Podcast” or under the heading “Blogwurst Award” for the weirdest and most unusual blog Award”are awarded. In addition, there is a special award for the best blog on the topic of climate change this year. Weblog fans around the world can name their favorites as candidates under until February 14.

Will be proposed to blogs in eleven languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, German, English, French, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. An international jury in each category will then make eleven nominations. In the period from March 15 to April 14, the winner in a combined process of online voting and jury’s decision be determined. The names of the winners are in the Internet-Conference “re: publica 2010” announced in Berlin on 15 April. The awards will be held on June 22, 2010, in the framework of the “global media forum” Deutsche Welle in Bonn instead. The jury is composed of journalists, weblog expert as well as a ROG representative.

Honorary Member of the jury is this time the Chinese artist and blogger Ai Weiwei. “Blogs are the most effective tool for the democratic movement in China,” said Ai Weiwei. They offer a kind of “virtual democracy” for countries where the right to freedom of expression limited was, as Ai Weiwei next. In the last year who went “Reporters without borders Award” for freedom of expression to the Chinese dissident Zeng Jinyan, as well as on the Iranian “4equality project”. Zeng Jinyan, the wife of the imprisoned human rights activist Hu Jia, describes life under continuous monitoring by the Chinese authorities in their blog. The 50 authors and authors of the 4equality blog fight against anti-women laws in the Iran. More information about the contest here: support reporters without borders. are PR pilot around on customized communication.