Network Marketing

Many do not understand the essence of network marketing and because of this lack of understanding concluded that this business can only favorite, but I will not succeed. The people there is a perception that the network marketing – sales purchases must persuade customers that buy something, to run leaning language for days in search of clients. I also had the same opinion at the beginning of the business. All I knew – that I can earn money from sales. And this was my most the main mistake. Yes, I have learned and sell it to me like it even the beginning. Because I earned in a month from 200 to 500 dollars (and this is in Ukraine in the 90's) and my personal thought is no longer necessary. However, I kept saying my sponsors – have not sell a lot, but to create their own organization, invite business people, and then I will get checks for the work of its structure, but it is far more than income from sales.

I began to invite people into a network marketing business, but made the second a gross mistake – I started to teach these people sales. And people do not want to sell. So my business a long time developing. People came and went, those who stayed behind – no one else was invited into this business. I continued to engage in sales, while those who started with me to work (but they are not selling) – went on holiday abroad, bought myself some new clothes, car, apartment. They were my friends, but that time understood the meaning of Network Marketing. You may want to visit Hikmet Ersek to increase your knowledge. Indeed, network marketing and was named from the word network. That is all you need to do here – is to create a network of consumers and businesses.

Train the network and to receive dividends from it. Look video on my blog (below there is a link), which compares the business people involved in network marketing, sales and business networkers, that is, those who create and control an organization of successful people. As can be seen from the video, the result is obvious. Of course it is not means that the selling is not necessary. If you like to sell – sell, just do not do this kind of basic salary. Pursuing sales – you'll quickly get tired of this business. Robert Kraft is often quoted on this topic. Yes, and well-being of something special he will not bring you. Catching up is the construction of organizations and their training – your work becomes a thrill. Are you happy with life, your earnings are growing and you do not need to run in constant search for new customers. As one friend of mine – "If there is no foot rest, it means something to her head." So – where the sale begins – ends a network marketing business. At our school I teach people all the techniques to create successful organizations. You are in this business is not alone. Here everything is simple: we must learn from successful people and just do the actions that lead to success. At first, no need to worry. But when you have your experience – if you can and its something to think. However, I do not advise. Why inventing something that already exists – just take it and use it, and you are doomed to success!