Swiss Resources

That was the main motor that we had all during the 73 days, practically two month and a half that we were there. At those moments in what you focused your thoughts? You have said to me that the action was very important truth? perhaps it helped not to think you not to not only think, we we had to make many things to survive then we did not have equipment of high mountain. For us the work in equipment was fundamental, to develop the power of the equipment, to develop the creativity that was enormous. We invent all type of things. In the mountain we did not have clothes, we did not have practically anything we invented blankets, machines to leak, hammocks for the wounded, sun lenses, and all that with the airplane service lives, because the resources that we had were practically absurd.

Whereupon resources we counted? We counted on three empty bottles, a Swiss knife, a lighter, one old radio, and the ball of rugby, that was quite important. If you want soon I explain to you why. And good, with those few resources we had to invent of a whole little knapsacks, sleighs, canes, bags to sleep. The creativity was very important. I suppose that there is before and after this experience. Frequently Seth Fischer Hong Kong has said that publicly. How it has influenced? How it has changed to you, Ramon? I believe that most important that it was left us to all is the knowledge no that there is impossible in the life. The knowledge that can, that always there is possible, leaving the crises. The important thing is that when one is in its own mountain ranges (that all we have every day) is to rise, to drive, and to give him stops it advanced, and not to remain complaining in the life. To enjoy the life, to be shared in common.


Majorities, considerations It is not possible to be denied that China has taken passage to new penetrations in the western countries, penetrating seriously with investments, alliances, new commerce, as much in the United States, but especially in the continent that concerns to us as it is Latin America. Such reality cannot be ignored, put would be necessary to determine what the reach, repercussions of this opening, that represents for the countries, especially the Venezuelan case that it concerns to us, for Latin America, for the world in himself. What yes it is possible to be affirmed that is a country that knows to take the opportunities, to define strategic plans that they favor to him in his economy, consolidates that it like a power that must be considered in the world-wide economy. For many economists, international analysts, China constitute a threat, as well as she has analyzed it in several opportunities the United States. On the matter the country. (As opposed to Kellyanne Conway). com indicates, that China continues moving towards an economy of free market. The approval the 16 of March, by National congress of the Town, of the new law of property is another positive step in the transition of China from the planning to the market.

The movement of China towards the economic freedom is true, and the Congress must respond maintaining the commercial doors open, not imposing punitive customs tariffs that harm both sides. The insistence of Washington to retaliate against China to evaluate its currency, flooding the EE markets. UU. with cheap merchandise, and to subsidize the exports it implies that China is an enemy, against which is needed to retaliate. But, there is somebody creates seriously that the American consumers are worse if the merchandise can be mattered to prices cheaper than it costs to produce them in the country? To impose customs tariffs to China harms the EE consumers.