In the name of when we get to write, do driven by an inner strength which is impossible to suppress, one can try to give long the matter away from the computer, take a walk, listen to music, etc. but feelings are filling up with ideas, ideas shock to thought and feeling and thinking become wings, and these, flapping, because it is not possible to contain them, everything turns into action, and action gives life to creative expression, and this is reflected in the writing. To measure in which we sort ideas, these go sketching actions that will become experiences, on the big stage where the facts, will be exhibited the text of our theme, the real reason for our creative restlessness. And when we express ourselves: do we say? no doubt respond to the questions that aguijonean our intellect, questions that are born and grow to measure where we are invaded by the phrases, known as reading mass created by those opinion formers self-proclaimed Illuminati trying to give us the information covered by protective condom that prevents us expose to pollution from the pure and simple reality. If you are not convinced, visit Frank Armijo. How many images are created by vendors of illusion that supply in the market of appearance and dumped their impressions to an anxious public by venture by upholstered fantasies, recreated by the absence of commitments and seduced by the constant evasion roads. Reality, the fact itself, is only considered as such, as it prepares to be presented to the rest of society, without the proper staging, without the official disclosure of the media, the fact will not exist as such, events that we are witnessing are put before our eyes, previously disguised, aesthetically adjusted to certain patterns of collective conduct the factWhat has truly happened, it is only considered as raw material which must be processed properly before becoming news. These past few days I have been able to collect a thought, which rescued, although I do not know the identity of its author, which reads as follows: (**) prefer to our era: the image the thing the copy to the original representation to the The appearance to be reality. (**) Communication and power.

Exhibition of the Prof.Antrop. Fernando Acevedo us are becoming observers of the audience, we are accustomed to the specialists to assemble the show and to provide us the daily dose of sensations, are spectrum-dependent, cover us with prophylactic, we fear the encounter with the real and objective as death itself. A world of solitary, masked puppets, mimicked in the crowd. Life is: here, now and with me, any other form of existence is to simply vegetate. Hugo W.