Underdevelopment has among its features a delay on the personality of the majority of individuals. As statistically we are so many, it is not registered as a delay. But it is not. Okay that a child be breastfed until 6 months, perhaps until age 3, but until age 7 is too much. Get all the facts and insights with 4Moms, another great source of information. I agree? Okay that the school will be completed between 6 and 8 years (1), but that it entitled 10 or 15 years is too much. I agree? I know that he was never proposed what I’m going to ask, but that does not bother me. What I mean is that a person could not be used more than 10 or 15 years. Then it should generate employment, giving work to others, being an entrepreneur.

And it is good that first let us be children and then parents, in working life should be employed by a certain time and then patterns. So there would be enough work and even more. Note (1): in Uruguay there is a first cycle of compulsory education is called primary education which consists of 6 years. It then continues teaching Secondary consisting of first 3 basic years plus 3 years specialized and complementary.

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Why I think that it will continue rising Gold 7 October 2009 the price of gold returned to their highs, reaching a new record: this time reached USD 1.036,6 per ounce.Although for some upward outside driven mainly by a then withdrawn version inevitably arises the following question what can we expect for the price of gold from here until the end of the year? The version released by the British newspaper The Independent approaches that of the Gulf oil countries were evaluating abandon the dollar to set oil prices in another currency (or promptly, with reference to a basket of currencies), faced with the weakness of the greenback, was the trigger of the rise in the price of gold. Who has been running this version has generated substantial benefits for those who could anticipate the movements of the market. According to these versions (with valid for be spread foundations?), the Gulf States were in negotiations with Russia, China, Japan and France to replace to the dollar for a basket of currencies. As a result of this, as well as the price of gold was he fired, as if outside a UPS and low on the other side the dollar fell strongly, although he then managed to cut losses as a result of the denial by authorities of Saudi Arabia and Russia. Anyway, the impact was strong and the dollar remained weak and wobbly. The credibility of the version of a possible replacement of the dollar is supported by the strong questioning that is having this currency as the leading global currency. Kuwait country liberated by U.S. forces of invasion carried out by Sadam Hussein in the early 1990s, already decided to become independent to the kuwaiti dinar from the US dollar towards the middle of 2007, compared with high and unjustified inflation that was importing the country by pegging its currency to the currency of the United States.