Clean Process

Simultaneous translation earpiece fell to Wen Jiabao when Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about the long road to go for civil liberties in China. The Chinese Premier arrived in Berlin on Monday on an official visit, continued to suffer problems with your headset while Merkel expressing her joy over the release of the artist Ai Weiwei and asked for a judicial process transparent to the rest of the opponents. Unperturbed, smiling as if he were hearing nothing, Wen replied that the issue of human rights in China could be considered a small episode within the meeting and emphasized that even though we do not always agree on all issues, the important thing is that we respect and treat us as equals. Wen highlighted the political, historical and economic differences between Europe and China. They are so many that the important thing is to emphasize what we have in common, he said. Source of the news:: Merkel calls on China a clean process for the dissident Ai Weiwei

Jose Antonio Marina

In this way is It would limit the absolute power of individuals or families in the sicav and foster a true collective investment, raison d ‘ etre of these societies. For its part, the Group of inspectors is not supporter of changing his regime, for now. Chobani refugees has much to offer in this field. In a financial storm, Spain needs involving the sicav, we cannot afford to go that capital, Francisco de la Torre, spokesman for the professional organization of finance inspectors of the view. After the restoration of heritage tax, there are several voices that have now pointed towards these societies of reduced taxation. One of the first was the candidate Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, who announced his intention to tighten them a little more.

Wouldn’t be the first twist: in September 2010 the Executive changed the law so that the reduction of capital happen to be regarded as income from capital and tributara as such. Any new measure aimed at increasing taxation of the sicav should be agreed among all the countries of the OECD, in the opinion of the experts, since if not, all the capital in the long run would eventually flee. The capitals, however, are extraordinarily volatile, as reflect the inspectors; Thus, many have already parked the formula of the sicav and have for years betting on other formulas with more legal certainty. The latest fashion: the Luxembourg SIF. They are collective investment institutions of that small country.

They are taxed with a still more reduced rate of 0.01 per cent and are more flexible than its Spanish counterpart: allow to invest in any sector, whether or not quoted on stock exchange. Headquarters 99% of the sicav registered in the market National Securities Commission (CNMV) have their headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona and Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), near the centers of financial power. Bilbao was historically other cities where most of these societies was concentrated: there were more than 200 five years ago, according to the Treasury data. Currently, and after the change in taxation in the Basque country, is barely maintained a sicav in Bilbao. In the spotlight currently 3,100 sicav in Spain, according to the CNMV; of them, at least 2,709 are in the crosshairs of the technicians from the Treasury for less than 150 shareholders and be suspicious that actually constitute a private society that will evade taxes, using figureheads to meet legal quotas. The latest inspections in 2005 at least thus confirmed. The greater sicav in Spain, Morinvest, Koplowitz million belongs to Alicia Koplowitz and manages a heritage approximately 473 million euros, according to the data published in the CNMV. Despite the fact that in their brochure they count up to 105 different shareholders, it warns that there is one that owns 99,98% of shares (document izda.). Minotaur, Medea, Apollo glancing at the list of names of the sicav Spanish can check the taste of the rich by Greek mythology: Pandora, Minotaur, Medea, Electra, Apollo, Aquiles A these unite also names that they drink of popular culture, such as Waldo-Phaldo, Quadrophenia, Jedi, and Isildur, for example. Others, such as Powerpipo, Pipiola, Bizcochero, lazy and jam the latter of the philosopher Jose Antonio Marina squander imagination. Source of the news: Treasury technicians warn of an abuse of the sicav by the great fortunes


Demonstrators protest the police action during the March lay Wednesday and the protest on Thursday. Laity and police played cat and mouse. Security forces wanted to avoid that they arrived at Sun. Controversy over the police assault on a young girl and a photographer. Km.

0 Madrid a new incident between laity and pilgrims occurred. the national police ctive l have proceeded past midnight this Saturday to the identification of a score of young people who have succeeded in rounding up to the height of calle Zurbano in Madrid, after almost four hours of demonstration aimlessly through various areas of the capital, and without any intention of terminating the protestbeing totally impossible that they accessing Sun since all the routes by which it is possible to enter were completely taken by the police. The March, called in protest at the police brutality has begun around 20.30 hours on Atocha Street in the capital, with the initial intention of the participants get to the Puerta del Sol. With slogans like delegated resignation or even God represents us and with a banner in English against police abuse have been rising at a brisk pace by calle Atocha. The police expected them in the plaza de Jacinto Benavente.

To reach nearby and realizing the deployment of ctive, the head of the demonstration is has desviad or one of the perpendicular streets until you reach plaza de Tirso de Molina. Far from stopping, the March continued until reaching La Latina and has bordered the plaza Mayor, where there was a first encounter with the police, who prevented the passage towards Sun by the main street. Protesters have then followed toward the Palacio de Oriente, with some shouts to pass in front of the Cathedral de la Almudena.

Vice President

The Vice President has made it clear that this measure does not affect small businesses since they might have liquidity problems. In the workplace, and in line with the reform of the labour market, the Government will increase the flexibility of the contract on time parcia l, mainly making more flexible the schedule. According to Salgado, thats the best way and quickest to contribute to job creation, and will allow that many people can follow a training process once they abandon their studies to work in sectors such as the construction. Salgado recalled that in Spain this part-time contract is much lower than the European average, and is a way to encourage more short-term employment. In addition, will approve the decree law that will reduce pharmaceutical spending and that will oblige you dispense the cheapest drug among those who share the same active ingredient. According to the calculations of the Vice President, this decision will save 2.4 billion a year to the time that will be maintained the same quality in the provision of pharmaceutical services. In their statements, the Vice-Chairperson has advanced that the Government will be working in September with the autonomous communities so that the rule of spending, which was one of the main issues of the last Council of financial and Fiscal policy, is ready at the end of that month and the autonomous parliaments provision apply it before year’s end. Also expected to increase the transparency of public accounts of the autonomies offering quarterly data from the third quarter of this year in terms of national accounting and not only in budgetary terms as it is done so far.

The Executive intends to continue working in the final straight of laws that are already in the Parliament, as the Bankruptcy Act, and continue with the process of privatization of lottery and airports. Before the tensions that are they live in debt markets, the Vice President pointed out that there are a number of factors that come together and that is feedback, which are intensified in a month as August, and which needs to be global solutions. Tensions that has pointed out, are not only affecting Spain and Italy, but also, to a lesser extent, France and Belgium. Salgado has also reminded the contacts that has maintained during the week the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and has listed that has starred in herself and that have forced him to suspend his vacation. Among them, apart from the seven or eight times daily that he has talked to the President, who has remained with their German counterparts, French and Italian, with the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, with the President of the Eurogroup, with the director-general of the OECD, with the United States Treasury Secretary and the Governor of the Bank of Spain. Source of the news: Salgado announces new measures to ensure the fulfilment of the objective of deficit