BEA – bikes electric assisted few are, that by now we are concerned that the valuable minerals are being depleted and once a fact, something not so distant, we cry. Oil and gas are barbarically used as fuels, should be used only for products of the chemical industry (manufacture of plastics, medicines, etc.), where they are truly irreplaceable. Imagine the price of oil and gas, as well as articles in the near future, the cost of the metals will be dealt with. Only then humanity to think seriously and will still move to alternative energy. Than what we can do now to ensure as much as possible to keep these resources? Although wear and merchants benefit from our natural resources shared, but are essentially in a sense common, because we are all inhabitants of this planet, global and have the same right to them, as well as on the environment, we can reduce fuel consumption and gas for our needs. Now you can: for transportation propose move to electricity-bone Electric transportation. One of them assisted electric bicycles (b-e – A) with electric bicycle has no problems with congestion and loss of time to find parking. With electric bicycle you will have same pleasure trip with a normal bicycle, and electric motor helps to overcome the slopes and wind.

Forget the noise of the engine and the smell of the exhaust pipe. The cost for the trip with an electric bike is 20-30 times less than a gasoline vehicle. Bicycles with electric motor are very easy to maintain, seeing the simplicity of its design. In fact, you only need to have the electrical outlet to recharge the battery. Therefore, nothing special. Electric bicycles the best transportation for those who really want to protect the environment and find new friends than simply worry about this problem the purity of our nature.


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